In a general reading we attempt to find the duration of life for the practical reason of knowing when we should end the reading. We simply try to estimate the longevity for this practical reason. If somebody wishes to have a much more exact determination of the longevity it can be done. For this purpose we go to a lot more trouble and try to get the time to within a few months depending how far into the future we have to look. In past case we have been accurate to within a few weeks predicting from about 3 years before the event took place.

I want to have a Longevity reading.

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  1. Standard life span of longevity is considered for 108 years, based on life span divides as below: Initially Balarista dosha to checked in natal chart effective till 12 years. Short life or Alpayu will be 0 to 36 years. Middle life or Madhyayu will be 36 to 72 years. Long life or Purnayu will be 72 to 108 years.
  2. . According to Vedic astrology Saturn is the responsible for life span and in a kundli the 8th house decides a person’s longevity. A native may have a long life if his kundli has the auspicious arrangement of the 8th house, Saturn, Ascendant and the lord of the Ascendant.

Read What is Vedic Astrology? to find out more about Vedic Astrology the super-science and what it can do for you.

Astrology birth chart calculator based on Vedic (Indian) rasi astrological calculations. 100% accurate free software to get your planetary nakshatras and zodiac signs. Full Life-span: (a) The following are the lengths of life in years for some living beings. Human being 120, elephant 120, horse 32, donkey 25, camel 25,goat, buffalo, cow, swine and monkey 21 each, dog 24, tiger, lion and wolf 12 each, and jackal 63. The snake and eagle live for one thousand years each. Most Vedic Astrologers in the West practice the Traditional Vedic Astrology. The Traditional Vedic Astrology was developed 5000 years ago, so most of the rules and techniques in Traditional Vedic Astrology are obsolete, outdated, and fail when put to an application in our daily practical life.

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Get Your Detailed & In Depth Longevity & Life Span Horoscope Predictions Report- Covering All aspects of Longevity & Life Span , based on Tested Principles of Classical vedic Astrology!
• This is a hand written Longevity Report based on classical Vedic Astrology & Jyotisha Principles, which helps you take complete control of your Life, and plan it much better and lead a much happier & relaxed life style!
• Using this Longevity Basic Report or Life Basic Span Report, that uses the proven methods of Classical vedic astrology to find out expected span of anyone’s life.
• That is it tells in which category the life span or longevity of any person is- like a) Balarishtha(Early death) or less than 8 years.b) Alpaayu(short Life) or 8 to 32 years c) madhyaayu (medium Life) or 32 to 75 years d)Purnayu(Full life) 75 years to 120 years! All evaluated based on a detailed set of Classical Vedic astrological combinations and considerations.
• The report tells you exactly which set of planets could be the primary/Secondary or Tertiary determinants for your longevity.So that you could take preventive measures and be careful in malefic dashas or transits of the primary or Secondary Determinants- to avoid sudden illness, mishaps,accidents and other problems.
• Your D1(Lagna), d9(Navamsa) and Moon Chart is studied for greater completeness and accuracy.
• The report also tells you in detail about coming 2(two) dashas or major planetary periods, on what precautions you could take along with powerful, almost zero cost remedies to help you.
• We also have a Longevity ADVANCED Report-that has ALL what is in the Longevity Basic Report Above PLUS that is based on PINDAYU Method to do Objective & more Accurate calculations of your Longevity due to each planet in your Horoscope or Kundli and accounting for your Longevity Arc, Chakrapathi Harana, Shatru Kshetra harana,Ashtanga Harana and Krurodaya Harana adjustments for your Longevity.
• You get a complete set of FREE Remedies to ward off evils due to primary,secondary determinants of longevity or life span and your Over All Health & vitality matters- that are so important for us all.
• It is a over 12 PLUS Page report, handwritten by and expert vedic astrologer spending from 60 to 120 minutes to give you much better control on your life and people whom you love.An Invaluable guide of life for anyone.
• Good Quality & Reliable Astrology Report, Assured by IIT Alumnus(World Class Experts in Vedic Astrology & Numerology)!
Full confidentiality maintained about you and the safety of your data.
• Get All the above mentioned features & gains for you in around a 12 page in-depth Longevity & Lifespan Report Personalized for your Birth Horoscope Covering every aspect of your Longevity & Life span related matters , Prepared by a World Class Vedic Astrologer.
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Vedic Natal Chart Calculator

Vedic astrology longevity calculation susan millerVedic astrology longevity calculation formula

Vedic Astrology Longevity Calculation Coefficient

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Vedic Astrology Longevity Calculation Chart

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Vedic Astrology Longevity Calculation Formula

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