The free astrology eBooks posted here are classic, vintage, antique, old, and therefore very SPECIAL. Most are about 100 years old or more. They reveal hidden truths about astrology that our overly-commercialized society has watered down during the last 100 years. Our antique astrology eBooks contain glimpses of the splendor that the study of the heavens possessed in days gone by.

And lucky for you..these eBooks also contain astrology chart interpretation secrets that cannot be found anywhere else (not in any modern astrology books). You have the choice to read the eBook online right now (click on the title), or download the PDF version into your tech device of choice.

(Complete Vedic Astrology Software) This Jyotish software was designed and written entirely by P.V.R. In terms of the range of calculations available, technical depth and breadth, level of customizability of calculations and ease of use, Jagannatha Hora is unsurpassed by any contemporary Vedic astrology software package. Promise of marriage vedic astrology. I taught weekly Vedic astrology classes in greater Boston during p.v.d.narasimha There were classes of about 2 hours each. Summary book lessons Summary book lessons Health and Career Analysis Part 2: Career Analysis Part 2: Marriage advice analysis; part Health Analysis Part 2: Career and Chaturthamsa Analysis.

  1. Lessons On Vedic Astrology By P.V.R. Narasimha Rao Volume I – Lessons 1 to 45 Compiled by The Students of Sri Jagannath Center-Boston.
  2. View Essay - LearnVedicAstrology1.pdf from PPE ME2403 at Anna University, Chennai. Lessons On Vedic Astrology By P.V.R. Narasimha Rao Volume I Lessons 1 to 45 Compiled by The Students of Sri.

How To Read The Ebooks

Click on the title to read online. Most of the book titles link to the full text (HTML). The PDF downloadable file is available if you see the PDF icon. Some books have both an HTML and PDF version.


Shewing, How to finde out the cause and Nature of a Disease, according to the secret rules of the Art of ASTROLOGY.

Vedic Astrology Lessons Pvr Narasimha Rao Vedic Astrology

By William Andrews (1656)

A Treatise on Astrology - Liber 536

By Aleister Crowley (1917-1918, he didn't publish it!)

An Introduction to Astrology by William Lilly


Edited by Zadkiel (1835)

Anima Astrologiae, Or A GUIDE for ASTROLOGERS

By William Lilly (1676)

Download PDF eBook

Astral Worship

By J.H. Hill, M.D. (1895)

VedicDownload PDF eBook

Everybody's Astrology

By Magnus Jensen (1922)

The Light of Egypt: Science of the Soul and the Stars, Volume II

By Thomas H. Burgoyne (1903)

Download PDF eBook

Opus Astrologicum, An Astrological WORK Left to POSTERITY

By Nicholas Culpeper (1654)


By Claudius Ptolemy
Year: about 1900 years ago (Ancient astrology text)


1. Note: the original book, as published in 1656, used the spelling, 'Physitian.' Here, we changed the word to use the modern spelling, 'physician.'

Grass valley, ca introduction to jyotish (vedic astrology) with komilla sutton. Download free beginners guide to vedic birth chart houses pdf.

Astrology houses - google search. Here are free vedic astrology lessons to help you. Moon at birth - vedic astrology. Lesson free vedic astrology course meaning of the houses (bhavas) printer version. The planets in vedic astrology (jyotish). Star school lesson mercury in the natal chart.

Zodiac signs in detriment - google search. Lesson 6 - vedic astrology by pvr narasimha rao.

A flowchart of dasa bhukti analysis. Effects of venus through houses. Vedic the third house personal happiness - vedic art and science. Free vedic astrology lesson planets moon - vedic art and science. Vedic astrology is the ancient astrology of india.

Shri Pvr Narasimha Rao

Different aspects of life signified by each of the 12 houses in the horoscope. Vedic astrology lessons vedic astrology lessons. Astrology courses in delhi vedic.

Vedic astrology, avatar aang, spiritual awakening, magick, zodiac, planets, imagination, symbols, empire. Learn vedic video lessons). The spiritual dimensions of vedic astrology. Significance of houses in horoscopes reading - google search · horoscope. Vedic astrology article list. Professions by signs in vedic astrology. Fundamentals of vedic v.

Vedic astrology planets effects by houses. Gems and vedic astrology - google search.

Learning astrology - astrology houses vedic art and science. Basic vedic astrology - lesson 6. Exaation and debilitation of planets in vedic astrology. Learn about uranus through the zodiac signs. Esoteric principles of vedic a treatise on advanced predictive tec. Empower yourself with gemstones, the vedic astrology way. Vedic eighth house - emotional liberation - vedic art and science.

Free vedic astrology lesson - planets - mars - vedic art and science. The art and science of vedic astrology vol. Find this pin and more on astrology by abkisis. What is astrology - introduction to vedic astrology course - youtube. The astrology of the golden dawn by jw brodie-innes and sl mathers. Planetary combinations for becoming a doctor.

Vedic Astrology Lessons Pvr Narasimha Rao Youtube

Lesson free vedic astrology course meaning of the.

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