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In Vedic Astrology, the concept of Kundali Matching or kundali Milan is very significant. Marriage is the bonding between two separate bodies, bringing them together for a long and healthy marital life.

There are different names for kundli matching, Kundli Milan by name, Gun Milan, kundali matching with name and Compatibility matching, etc. In India, Janam Kundli birth chart and natal chart is taken into consideration for Kundali Matching. kundli matching by name is based on the location of Moon in the kundali of bride and groom.

The Clickastro kundli matching follows the authentic Vedic Astrology way of matchmaking. On providing the birth details of the boy & girl, it generates their Janam Kundali and studies them. The analysis of kundli reveals the individuals’ character and attitudes influencing the married life.

Kundali Milan by name:

Vedic Astrology Kundali Matching

Kundali Milan by Name by our Tabij Astrologer, the notable name in soothsaying world. The subtleties will assist you with taking appropriate choice forever.

Gun Milan by name:

Vedic Astrology Kundali Matching
  • Kundli also known as horoscope, represents the position of the planets at the time of your birth. Kundli is used to interpret celestial influence in your life. Accurate birth date, time and place are an important factor in Vedic Astrology as it helps to generate accurate Kundli. Kundli generation is the building block of predictive astrology.
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  • Kundali Matching Process During Kundli matching, the horoscopes of the bride and groom are matched to ascertain whether their married life will be happy and successful. If 18 or more points (guns) match, it makes a good marriage and if the matches are below 18 points, then the marriage is not approved by astrology.

Janma Kundali Astrology

With the end goal of Gun Milan by Name, what is considered in Indian soothsaying is Janam Kundali, In man of the hour and lady's natal graphs, Moon position is one on which guna Milan by name is based. Gunas have 8 perspectives connoted by Ashtakoot Milan. Here 'eight' is implied by Ashta while 'aspects' is addressed by Koota.

Online Kundali Matching:


Vedic Astrology Kundali Matching Chart

Kundali Matching by name and date of birth is the Vedic Astrology likeness marriage matching by name, a typical practice in Hindu marriages where the decision of marriage is administered by a solid Gun Milan score. In Hindu social orders, particularly in India, where organized marriages are normal, kundli matching is the main factor that is thought about while pushing forward with a marriage proposition. Matching kundalis of forthcoming lady of the hour and lucky man will tell them how stars impact their marriage and what healing estimates should be taken to guarantee endless conjugal joy.

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Vedic Astrology Kundli Matching Free

Astrology has been proven to be the special aspect of human life. The simple reason behind that is technology or science is mostly focusing towards the materialistic completion. On the other hand, astrology science is designed exclusively to talk about cosmic effects, spirits, and planetary effects and similar such objects, designed to understand the current balancing of mind and body. Astrology natal chart calculator. Make yourself aware of the present as well as the future by availing the services like Kundli matching, Marriage prediction, Horoscope prediction, palm reading, numerology etc. at

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