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  • In the Vedic tradition, the world is divided into five elements; fire, water, earth, air and ether. The Rashis or signs in Vedic astrology are classified by the four elements; Agni (fire), Jal (water), Prithvi (earth) and Vayu (air).
  • Aquarius is a fixed air sign, ruled by Saturn, which again is an enemy of Mars. This is however, a positive position as compared to Mars in Capricorn because Aquarius is a humanitarian and accommodating sign while Capricorn natives tend to be reserved, stubborn and aloof already, and Saturn intensifies this tendency of Capricorn.
  • A step-by-step Astrology Tutorial This page is based on Vedic Astrology. Horoscopes based on Vedic & Western Astrology have a difference of about 24 degrees in the planetary positions.
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Moon in Aquarius - Kumbha Rashi – The Water Bearer

This indicates that your moon is in Aquarius

Aquarius is a masculine, fixed air sign governed by Saturn


Lucky Color: Blue sapphire embedded in silver

Gemstone: Blue and black

Lucky Days: Friday, Saturday

Lucky Number: 8

Vedic Astrology Kumbha Rashi

Lucky Materials: Inventions, water

Body Part: Calves

Kumbha is a sign of renunciation and sacrifice, at the same time humanitarian and governed by Saturn. It is fixed and airy. Aquarius has this keen ability to see through the core of the matter beyond the false pretence and masquerade. They are soft spoken and have a loving temperament. As the masculine and positive aspect of its ruler, Saturn, Aquarius is deeply interested in social reform. This is why they become socialists and reformers. The pensive side of the Aquarian personality is coupled with a solitary nature necessitated by inner meditation and introspection.

Aquarius is the most individualistic and single minded sign of the zodiac and this is why if you have to alter Kumbha, you have to do so with sound reason and fair justification. This rashi is not too keen on speculation but they are not without imagination. Kumbha is dismissive of flighty meditation unless they can be practically implied for social change. Aquarius considers himself to be above average and this is why they enjoy honor. They rise to eminence through sheer endeavor and perseverance and many have made it to the top from apparently nowehere.

Vedic Astrology Kumbha Rashi 2020

Aquarius is a dedicated, honest and trustworthy sign which expects the same of others. There may be extremes demonstrated in this sign, depending on the placements in their natal chart. Like the nature of water, Kumbha may be temperamental like water which evaporates to become air. They need to guard against being too temperamental which may result in a loss of self-control. Kumbha has an impressive appearance with a long neck and average height. They are always engaged in some activity or the other, like taking long strolls with a defective gait.

Failure to counter moodiness may lead to sentimentalism, nervous ailments, rheumatism, and sexual adventures in times of despair. Their fixed nature is such that if the mind is set on a particular goal, it is more often than not achieved. Energy and endurance is complemented with interpretation and exploration. Their worth cannot be fathomed by ordinary folks. They enjoy painting of verdant landscapes with rainfall, and writers can induce bizarre twists in the plot. May month horoscope for taurus. Venus is beneficial to Aquarius in terms of marriage and they often are well off financially.

Kumbha Man

The natives of Aquarius dedicate themselves to the service of society, is humanitarian, altruistic in science and pensive in nature. They are quite systematic and organized when it comes to formulating their thought processes. Their conclusions are tried and tested with logic, since conventional and dogmatic beliefs find no ground in the Kumbha soil. The Aquarian who resorts to science often prefers doing investigative research. The man is lanky and tall with thin limbs. His receding hairline makes him appear pensive in the olden years. Aquarius men are thoughtful, physically well-structured, brave, peace loving, religious and at the same time a born challenger.

Kumbha Woman

The Kumbha lady is known to be of a quiet and demurring nature, despite having qualities like intrigue and mystery. The latter is a quality brought on by the tendency of the 11th sign towards unnatural behavior. There is a mysterious aura that surrounds this woman and a large part of this is due to bizarre behavior and good looks. A large reason for this can be also because all her moves reflect an inherent inner and profound knowledge. In fact, no other moon sign can keep their friends guessing and charisma-struck than Aquarius.

Kumbha Rashi 2020

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Kumbha rasi horoscope
This 'Water Bearer' sign in which the birth of an individual is condemned as the birth lord becomes the lord of the house of loss, has to its credit some of the greatest philosophers and seers. Those born under Aquarius or Kumbha sign will be tall, lean, fairly handsome, manners winning, appearance attractive, disposition elegant. Lips of Aquarius are Flash cheeks broad with prominent temples and buttocks. They are highly intelligent and make friends of others very soon. They are peevish and when provoked, rise like a bulldog but their anger is very soon subsided. They are pure in heart and always inclined to help others. They shine very well as writers and good spokesman. They are at times timid. Aquarius feel shy to exhibit their talents but their conversation will be most interesting and highly instructive. They will specialize in subjects like astrology, psychology and healing arts, etc. Literacy greatness of Aquarius will come before the world when they are quite young and they themselves will not be able to estimate their capacities well, while others find in them something remarkable and extraordinary. They are intuitive and good judges of character. Aquarius have no organizing capacity and are devoted to their husbands or wives and never betray the interests of even their enemies, when trust is placed in them. Aquarius are liable to suffer from colic troubles and must take special precautions to safeguard themselves against diseases incidental to exposure to cold weather. On the whole Aquarius people have something subtle in them which endears them to all they come in contact with.
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