The seven vedic astrology. Vedic Astrology: Degrees of the Zodiac, Tropical and Sidereal Zodiac, Seven Cardinal Virtues. Introduction to Vedic Astrology By G. The real path of the earth around the Sun is called the Ecliptic. 9 degrees to either side of the Ecliptic is a belt of the Heavens known as the Zodiac. (Dante called it the Oblique Line that beareth all.

12 Houses and Their Lords. Acharya Pawan Chandra. 12th Lord in Different Houses results as the nature of the planet and the nature of influence on that planet will decide whether the results accruing out of this house will be to the liking of the native or not. For example, whether expenditure will be to native’s liking can be determined in this manner. 11th House in Vedic astrology relates to Aquarius and Sun is the natural significator of this House. Body parts that this house governs include ankle, right leg, shin bone, left ear, and left arm. A native with weak 11th house in their native chart may have to face problems of low productivity of blood, pain in legs, fracture in the lower part. The houses occupied and aspected by benefic planets or their own lords, or planets owning auspicious houses produce completely beneficiary results provided. Upachaya houses are the 3rd, the 6th, the 10th and the 11th houses. When properly activated these promote growth. The Apoklima houses are the 3rd, the 6th, the 9th and the 12th houses.

Houses in astrology and their lords in Kundli. Know the Lords of all 12 Houses; Lords of Houses in birth chart as per Vedic astrology. Below is the list of 12 houses in astrology and their lords.

12 House in Janam Kundli

Vedic astrology house lords

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There are 12 houses in Janam Kundli. Meaning of respective houses in Hindu Kundli and their importance:

  1. House 1 in Kundli – House of the Self – Tanu Bhava
  2. House 2 in Kundli – House of Wealth – Dhan Bhava
  3. House 3 in Kundli – The House of the Siblings – Sahai Bhava
  4. House 4 in Kundli – House of the Home/Mother – Bandhu Bhava
  5. House 5 in Kundli – The House of Children – Putra Bhava
  6. House 6 in Kundli – The House of Enemies – Ari Bhava
  7. House 7 in Kundli – The House of the Spouse – Yuvati Bhava
  8. House 8 in Kundli – The House of Death – Randhr Bhava
  9. House 9 in Kundli – The House of Fortune – Dharma Bhava
  10. House 10 in Kundli – House of the Career – Karma Bhava
  11. House 11 in Kundli – The House of Large Sums, Gains and Friends – Labh Bhava
  12. House 12 in Kundli – The House of Enlightenment – Vyaya Bhava

Vedic Astrology Houses And Their Lords Images

Rashi & Their Swami (Zodiac & Their Ruling Planets)

Vedic Astrology Houses And Their Lords Meaning

  1. Maish (Aries) – Mangal (Mars)
  2. Vrish (Taurus) – Shukra (Venus)
  3. Mithun (Gemini) – Budh (Mercury)
  4. Kark (Cancer) – Chandra (Moon)
  5. Singh (Leo) – Surya (Sun)
  6. Kanya (Virgo) – Budh (Mercury)
  7. Tula (Libra) – Shukra(Venus)
  8. Vrishchik (Scorpio) – Mangal (Mars)
  9. Dhanu (Sagittarius) – Guru (Jupiter)
  10. Makar (Capricorn) – Shani (Saturn)
  11. Kumbh (Aquarius) – Shani (Saturn)
  12. Meen (Pisces) – Guru (Jupiter)

Vedic Astrology Houses Meaning

Please note that while calculating the house-lord we carefully observe the planets in the each house. For example if Aries is in the first house, Mars is the first house ruler (see chart above).

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