I have taken a consultation from Naveen Bhagat sir. His past, present and future predictions will blow your mind. He told me during consultation that in your drawing hall there must be a flower vase and the flower color must be mix of white and green. He even predicted the color of flower pot. He asked me immediately remove it. I removed it and suddenly my life became peaceful. My mental health started improving when he said that the water bottle near head while you are asleep must be kept away from you. I kept it away and my mental health started improving. I never cared about in which direction of my house I have a washroom. In a mobile phone consultation he predicted that your washroom in a particular direction and that was correct. The predictions were as if he was watching you and your life like a movie by sitting thousands of miles away from you. And the best part is he is very friendly and humble. He is one of the greatest soul on this planet that you could ever imagine.

At the Vedic Astrology Academy, we research on multitude of topics using simple Excel sheets to complex Machine Learning algorithms. Both, Quantitative and Qualitative Research methodologies are focussed on understanding Vedic Astrology from a Scientific Perspective, where data plays the key role. Mahabote Excel Workbook Mahabote Calculation Program Mahabote Permanent Calendar Mahabote Tables. Vedic Index Blank Chart Templates Profection & Solar Return Research Index Blind Charts Blind Chart Answers. East Style Indian Chart. 2021 astrology predictions. Western Wheel Chart.

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Ankit Agarwal
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