1. Vedic Astrology Good Time To File For Divorce 2020
  2. Vedic Astrology Good Time To File For Divorce Calendar
  3. Vedic Astrology Good Time To File For Divorce Calendar
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Court cases are physically demanding and mentally exhausting. Especially in a democracy where human rights are valued. When there is a need to analyze the outcome of a court case at that time study of two houses is suggested.

Vedic Astrology Good Time To File For Divorce 2020

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  1. Seventh House deals with contracts, agreements, negotiations and marriage.
  2. Eight House which deals with despair, divorce and court-cases.

Courts are generally the last resort for natives when all other options have failed and all chances of reaching an agreement vanish. The trouble with courts cases are many times the culprits go free due to lack of evidence or some other reason while the innocents suffer. Sometimes the courts may take their own sweet time to punish those who are guilty. Astrology can help decipher the possibility of court case in a native's life and whether verdict can come in native's favor or not.

Saturn is slow and methodological, It does everything by the rules and is more concerned with the impact on society. If you have Saturn in Eight House then you would see the court case drag for quite a few years. If Saturn is in good condition and if there are no bad planets influencing the Eight House then result would come in native's favor. But if Saturn is in bad condition and influenced by malefics then result would be against native and cause extreme stress and misery in life of the native. Whatever the case quick judgement is less likely if Saturn is involved.

Ketu in Eight House

Ketu gives nothing but misery and hopelessness. Ketu in Eight House means native suffers via court cases and legal settlements. Court case is a very bad experience and native generally loses a lot of money via alimony or fine. There can be chances of death sentence being handed down if there is criminal case pending on native. Normally though court case is related to divorce and divorce is a very painful experience. Sagittarius daily horoscope 2021. If there is Ketu then chances are one would lose the court case and suffer physically, mentally and financially.

Rahu is mysterious and alluring. Its the strangest planet to judge in a horoscope. Rahu placed in Eight House is equally tough for astrologers. Rahu may give good results but majority of the time the court cases go against native. One thing is certain that after long, exhausting legal route the judgement is quick and gives instant rewards or punishment. Whether its in favor or against native is decided by Rahu and Karma.

Vedic Astrology Good Time To File For Divorce
Mars in Eight House

Not the best placement for Mars. If there is a court case its generally a Kangaroo Court where no legal frameworks and guidelines are followed. Judgement is instantaneous and normally against the native. Those who see death sentence handed down to them without a proper hearing should have Mars influencing the Eight House. Mars like quick thoughts and actions without care or concern for legal guidelines.


Vedic Astrology Good Time To File For Divorce Calendar


Sun normally resists court cases. Sun destroys or burns down everthing related to the house. Court cases and divorce are normally not possible if Sun is involved. But if there are other malefics then native would definitely lose the case and have punishment handed down to him by royalty or masters of the land. There could be heavy fine imposed on native and native could be stripped of all his inheritance and parental property by rulers of the land.

Jupiter/Venus in Eight House

Jupiter and Venus are good planets. Jupiter and Venus in Eight House would ensure there are no legal case which harass the native. If at all there are legal cases then native is protected and court verdict is generally in his/her favor. Those who receive good alimony or can extract a fortune from opposite party should have a good Jupiter or Venus influencing the Eight House.

Mercury is an influential planet. If there are good planets associated with Mercury then native is able to argue and win the case in his/her favor. If there are bad planets involved with Mercury in Eight House then native loses case via weak arguments.

Eight House: Authority in court cases

Vedic Astrology Good Time To File For Divorce Calendar

Eight House has the authority over court cases. If you have a good Eight House then you could win the court case and get alimony or fortune from legal case. Otherwise you could ruin many years of your life, get dejected, lose a fortune and still lose the case when the final judgement comes. If you do see a court case in your life then do pray that you have a good Eight House to see you through the difficult period of your life.

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Vedic Astrology Good Time To File For Divorce 2019

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Vedic Astrology Good Time To File For Divorce Meaning

The divorce can take place in the following periods.
a) In the sub-period of the planet giving marriages particularly if such planet is having characteristics of a separatist planet also by owning or occupying 6th or 12th house or being joined aspected by a separatist planet i.e. Saturn, Rahu, Sun 6th or 12th lords.
b) In Major or sub-periods of the separatist planets.
c) In Major or sub periods of lords of 6th, 8th or 12th house, and of those afflicting 4th or 7th house or their lords.
d) In the sub or major periods of Sun, Saturn or Rahu if these are either occupying or influencing 4th house, or 7th house.
e) 6th lord may bring it in its period if placed in 6th, 8th or 12th house.
f) If marriage takes place in period of afflicted 2nd house lord, divorce or separation may occur in its Dasa or Bhukti.
1) The Divorce was filed in Feb. 2006 in U.S.A. by his wife. It was Saturn's sub period running in Major period of Rahu. Both separatists and placed in adverse house i.e. 6th and 12th.
2) Divorce granted in March 2007 in sub period of Mercury in Major period of Rahu. Mercury is in 10th showing seat of authority on one hand, on the other, it is lord of 6th house from Moon and its dispositer, Venus, the Karka for marriage though in sign of exaltion is under influence of separatist Saturn and Rahu.
This young lady married twice, but had to seek divorce. Both times as discussed here.
Ist Marriage
Got married Ist time in M March 1996 with an Army Officer, but the relation survived only a few mmonths and she had to seek divorce. The marriage was ceremonised in £ Sun's Sub period of Saturn's Major period. Sun is joined by Venus, the Kaiarka for marriage and aspected by 7th lord Jupiter from 5th house. Saturn-n is lord of 8th and 9th houses, occupying 11th house aspected by 7th lord Jupiter. The same situation is there from Moon as it is placed in Ascendedant itself.
Ist Divorce
a) Uranus and Pluto are in 4th house aspected by 6th lord Mars and 4th lord placed in 8th aspecteced by 8th lord (S.No. 7) Sun with Venus is never welcome in marriagge equations, made worse by Rahu joining them.
b) 6th lord Mars influencing 4th house as well as 7th lord Jupiter in 5th house and so also the Ascscendant. Mars as lord of 6th is a strong separatist.
c) 5th lord Venus is in betweeren Rahu and the Sun and Sun is in Rahu's Nakshatra, Satbhisaj and lord Saturn is aspecting Jupiter. (S.No. 7) These placements and inflifluences create condition for separation.
The Ist divorce took place in n Jan. 2001 in Rahu Sub Period of Saturn's Major period. Both these are kncnown separatists and Rahu is influencing 7th lord Jupiter, Karka Venus anand also the Ascendant. The Saturn also aspects 7th lord Jupiter. It was m major period of 8th lord Saturn.
2nd Marriage
Ceremonised in Dec. 2004 ir in Mercury Sub Period of Mercury period. Mercury is Ascendant and 4th lordrd can give marriage as Asc. Lord though having occupied 8th house is not Dt very benefic for the chart.
2nd Divorce
She left in- laws house in Feb. 2005 in the very same sub period i.e. that of Mercury. It gave marriagcge being Asc. lord and created problem having occupied 8th house where-e it is aspected by 8th lord Saturn.
Thus astrological principles amply justify such events in her life. This lady is staying with her parents and is heavily spending in meeting domestic expenses for them, particularly her younger brother. 12th is the house of expenses and 12th lord Venus placed in 9th showing spending for father and it is joined by 3rd lord Sun, means she is spending for brother also.
Another very important indication is that 7th lord Jupiter is placed or rather debilited in Capricorn in Navamsa Chart whose lord Saturn is also debilited, so she was destined to marry a widower and a wicked person and the second husband is said to be true picture.
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