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The Vedas are the oldest spiritual texts known to man. They have existed since the beginning of creation, passed down from one generation to the next by great saints and sages. At that time people had good memories and were able to accurately hear and remember all the details.

Vedic astrology has deep analysis of a person's fortune and offers a number of different systems and points that should be judged to check what is the destiny of the person. This page offers a number of vedic astrology tools that you can use to find more about yourself. The Janma Kundali or Horoscope maps the geocentric position of the. In geocentric astrology the zodiac is viewed from the perspective of the Earth, whereas in heliocentric astrology it's from the perspective of the Sun. Most astrological software is geocentric, but astro-tradng programs often use a heliocentric zodiac. Some of our programs are purely geocentric, one is purely heliocentric, and the others.

About five thousand years ago the sage Srila Vyasadeva understood that due to the commencement of the current age of Kali, the age of quarrel and fighting, memory would decrease and these ancient spiritual texts could no longer be preserved by being passed down through oral tradition only. So Srila Vyasadeva recorded the Vedas in written form around five thousand years ago. His literary works form an immense library of knowledge, both material and spiritual, and among everything else he has given descriptions of the creation, the universe, our solar system, the planets, the stars. He has given us a description of the mechanical system underlying the working of the universe which is radically different from the way we have come to presume the universe works.

Prior to five thousand years ago the Vedic culture was spread all over the world and that accounts for the similar descriptions of the universe found in many countries.

Srila Vyasadeva describes the whole creation including the spiritual and material worlds, and he describes the creator also, Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. There are many universes, not just one, and each universe is enclosed within a globe, like an egg. There are many such globe like universes clustered together and floating in an ocean in a small corner of the spiritual sky.

Everything we perceive in our universe is contained within one of those egg like globes. Each globe is covered by layers of earth, water, fire, air and ether, so it is impossible for us to see from one globe to another. Different universes are different sizes but our particular universe is four billion miles across.

Free vedic astrology report. Because the description of the universe given in the Vedas is so dramatically different from what we have come to believe it is quite difficult for us to comprehend what Srila Vyasadeva is describing, however, here on, we will attempt to try to understand the workings of the Vedic universe and try to produce a predictive model, based on the descriptions of Srila Vyasadeva, that works at least as well as the globe earth model.


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What is Vedic Astrology?
Vedic Astrology, Jyotish, (the science of Light) is the astrology of India. This is known as the 'eyes' of the Vedas and a sister science to Yoga and Ayurveda. This Light is meant to illuminate the path of the individual, providing insight into one's karma, strengths and weaknesses, personality, career, health, family and relationships. With this light we can see clearly and realize our Higher self therefore aligning with our true nature. At the time of your birth, when you took your first breath here on Earth the planets and stars were aligned in a unique composition that imprinted your soul. This is an incredibly designed map of your life; past, present and future.
This 5,000-year-old ancient science conveys Eastern mysticism, philosophies and understanding of the human spirit through the language of the stars. It weaves together psychology, astronomy, mathematics, science, spirituality, astrology, physics, geometry, numerology as well as the art of interpretation and skill of useful communication to the client.
Vedic Astrology uses the sidereal zodiac, is geocentric based and places great importance on the Moon. The Moon is our mind, consciousness and reflects our perception of the world. Because the sidereal system is used, and the precession of equinoxes is calculated, Vedic Astrology uses the literal and actual position of the planets relative to our place on Earth.
The Nakshatras, the lunar mansions, are the backdrop of the stars and have great symbolism. The nakshatras are the oldest known form of any astrology in the world. They are rich in meaning and steeped heavily in the ancient mythology of India.
The natal chart, which is the exact positions of the planets and stars at your moment of birth, is your unique blueprint. This shows the karmas imprinted on your soul. Of course, we always have free will, and Vedic Astrology can help shine a light, guiding your path for the choices you make that can serve to better align you. By studying in depth, the natal chart, current transits and the dasha cycle, profound insights can be gained and predictions made. Vedic Astrology can be a great life tool for everyone!
In a Natal chart analysis and consultation you will gain insight into your Vedic Rising sign, your birth star, your ruling planet and how the transits and great planetary cycles affect you!
Nancy began her fascination and in depth studies of Vedic Astrology in 2005, during her Ayurvedic Practictioner training. She has met Jyotish masters in India and her main teachers are Dennis Flaherty of Northwest Vedic Sciences. and world renowned Joni Patry of the Galactic Center.
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