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The World has passed Mother Earth day, where much attention and planning for the future of our Earth is at hand. International meets consider the need for adaptation to climate change; there is the pandemic multiplying in some places, and there are alarums and exceptions about the vaccines available, giving some hesitancy. This Full Moon offers some drive, much security, yet tells there are elephants in the room, important matters re the welfare of humanity are being sidelined by some nations, some groups, and most of all, those who seek profit motive. The planets present attention to these matters.
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The conjunction of Saturn and Mars during transit also yield an inauspicious results. It is considered to be inauspicious if these planets are in association with their enemies. This may be an indication of accidents and problems. Saturn and Mars aspecting each other or the formation of Shadashtak Yoga may be an indication of problems. Mars and Saturn in conjunction with Virgo sign may be a cause for. The conjunction of Saturn and Mars is not considered positive in Vedic Astrology. Natives with this combination are often inclined towards bad habits such as dishonesty, fraudulence and theft. They may have a tendency to conspire and find faults in others. Mars Saturn Conjunction Vedic Astrology Posted on August 26, 2014 by astroguru Harmful and destructive energy, inhibited vitality and tendency to get hurt or injured are the key notes of this conjunction. In this conjunction the energy of Mars is restrained. Mars and saturn conjunction vedic astrology.

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FullFullVedic Astrology Full Moon August 2021

Vedic Astrology Full Moon August 2021 Astrology

Moon (Chandra Graha) causes excess social media activism, drug abuse, corruption, psychological diseases, silver price increase during Vedic New Year Plava Nama Samvatsara (2021-22). Moon (Chandra Graha) is the is the Rasadhipati (controls beverages, defence etc) for Vedic New Year Plava Nama Samvatsara (2022-22). How do I know my Vedic sign? How To Find Your Sun Sign In Vedic Astrology. Why the dates are different in Vedic astrology. Aries: Mesha, April 13 to May 14. Taurus: Vrishaba, May 15 to June 14. Gemini: Mithuna, June 15 to July 14. Cancer: Karkata, July 15 to August 14. Leo: Simha, August 15 to September 15. Virgo: Kanya, September 16 to October 15.

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