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  4. Astrology Yoga Calculator
  • Free astrology yoga calculator. Yogas in vedic astrology. The 1st house known as lagna the birth of the ascendant when joins with the above houses give better results. Moonastro calculates all of them for free as a part of free horoscope. A yoga is a special disposition of a planet or planets in a vedic astrology chart which can produce very.
  • Free Vedic astrology report covers every aspect of your life such as health, family, profession, love, lucky factor and many more. Vedic horoscope or Kundali tells the exact position of stars and planet at the time of childbirth. To prepare the kundli after the child's birth, is very old trend of India. Vedic astrology horoscope always shows.
  • Planetary combinations ( YOGA) Some Planetary combinations can take you any highs. There are 1000 of yoga s like 'gaja kerari yoga ',Our online software will find even very extraordinary planetary combinations, find by yourself which Yoga is going change your life.

Vedic astrology based calculators, charts and readings. Know about your Planetary positions, sun sign etc based on ancient Indian vedic astrology.

What is a Vedic sidereal birth chart?

A birth chart in simplest words is a map of the soul that gives deep insights about the purpose of the birth. It also gives indications of general past life deeds and themes which brought you to the current incarnation.

By learning your birth chart, you take a glimpse inside your soul. As a result, you become more aware of your inner energies which helps you to become in tune with your true life purpose.

In other words, your birth chart helps you to understand yourself at a deeper level and you will definitely learn more aspects about yourself that you never knew was there. Unleash your hidden characteristics by learning your birth chart and looking into your soul.

With that being said, the birth chart also hides your weaknesses as well as strengths which helps you to understand yourself in a better way. By knowing your strengths, you are able to apply them more efficiently and therefore become happier, valorous, righteous, and prosperous.


On the other hand, by knowing your weaknesses, you are able to avoid doing the same mistakes and break free from negative patterns which will bring you closer to your success and prosperity.

Vedic Sidereal Birth Chart Calculator

Calculate your free Vedic sidereal birth chart with interpretation using the chart generator below. The chart is based on Vedic astrology which uses a sidereal zodiac and timing system and therefore calculates your planets with respect to the actual star or nakshatra positions in the sky.

Vedic Astrology Free Yoga Calculator

After having calculated your free sidereal horoscope and planetary positions using the Vedic birth chart calculator, you are able to read the general interpretation and predictions of your planetary placements.

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Vedic Yoga Calculator

Vedic Astrology Free Yoga Calculator

The free Vedic birth chart analysis includes a basic interpretation of planets in signs and houses as well as planetary aspects. The interpretation of the placement of different house lords in various houses can be read here.

Vedic Astrology Free Yoga Calculator 2020

All the interpretations and predictions are written in English.

Vedic Astrology Free Yoga Calculator Today

The data you insert to the calculator (name, birth date & time, location) is not stored in our database.

Astrology Yoga Calculator

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