May 30, 2019 Houses in Vedic Astrology defines and divides the exact areas of a person’s life depending on his horoscope which is found out on the basis of a person’ accurate time and location and date of birth. Different houses govern different areas of life which you will find out about further in the next section. Vedic astrology can predict about any sphere of your life on the basis of the position of planet in your birth chart. Vedic astrology horoscopes are decided on the basis of the time and place of your birth. Free Vedic astrology report covers every aspect of your life such as health, family, profession, love, lucky factor and many more. Vedic horoscope or Kundali tells the exact position of stars and planet at the.

Face Reading

A person’s face is the mirror of his or her personality. Deducing and analysing the personality by reading one’s face is called the science of Face reading.

Face reading is part of traditional Vedic science known as Samudrik Shastra. Samudrik Shastra is science of body features and parts. Palm Reading, Face reading, Aura reading, Body language which includes reading of gestures, postures, gait and facial expressions are part of Samudrik Shastra.

In Vedic language Face reading is known as Mukh-Samudrik Shastra. Ancient sages in India discovered this science through their research. They observed and identified the relation between personality, traits, behaviour of different human beings and the features of their faces. Some of the main facial features are eyes, eye-brows, nose, ears, mouth, cheeks, chin, forehead, hair etc. and their location, positioning with respect each other, colour, shape, texture and size and various other such aspects.


Different parts of face represent the 12 Rashis, 9 Grahas and 5 Tatvas (Houses, Planets and Elements).

Everyone’s face is a psycological map of one’s past, present and future and the person himself like:

Vedic Astrology Face Reading
  • Personality / Character - Who the person is, what are his strengths, weaknesses, overall character, likes, dislikes, motivators
  • Past and Present - What he has been doing in his personal and professional life, his dealing with other, how he perceives the others and how he feels others perceives him
  • Future - Where is he going

Face reading helps understand one’s true nature, events in one’s life and their subsequent short-term and long-term effects and the concerns and apprehensions that one has in life. Based on which a better and wise decision can be made regarding personal and professional life which can lead to more fulfilling and successful living.

Advanced form of Face reading is where one’s Past, Present and Future can be seen as an open book. This is often obtained through Siddhi. It was not uncommon in ancient mythological stories where a sage foretells the future of someone just by looking at him or her.
Guruji practices advanced form of Face reading and he has obtained this knowledge of Muk-Samudik Shastra through siddhi when he was 9 years of age.

When someone approaches an Astrologer he needs to be sure that the Astrologer can understand and solve his concerns. An expert Astrologer can tell about his subject in many details just by looking at him or his photo (without make-up). As a test one should make sure while approaching an Astrologer if the Astrologer is able to study his subject well (if he doesn’t then there are very less chances that he would be able to solve his problems).

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Marriage Problems


Marriage, a special bond between two individuals, It is a promise that will involve them loving, supporting and respecting each other for a lifetime.

Health Problems

Vedic Astrology Face Reading Comprehension

When health is your health is bad, even large sums of riches nor a high position in the society will matter to one.

Divorce Problems

A divorce in many cases is a point in life that two individuals arrive at when they feel they no longer can share a life together.

Job and Business

Every individual in this world words very hard to provide himself and his family with at least the basic needs in life, such as food, shelter and clothing.

Sexual Problems

Just like every one of us have individuality in our appearance, our sexual desires, wants and needs differ too.

Palm reading

Your palms play a very important part in the development of your life, in fact a lot more than you realize yourself. They contain facts about your life.


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Indian Astrologer Umashankarji

Furthermore Umashankarji is very straight forward and always help people to meet their reality. Above all no matter how harsh it is, he tells the truth. Certainly he uses the best of his knowledge moreover to guide people on how to walk on the right track. Meanwhile Umashankarji area of specialization are so many. For example Numerology, Gemology, Palmistry, Love Psychic Readings. Likewise for instance Lal Kitab Remedies, Black Magic Removal, Negative Energy Removal and Evil Spirit Removal Solutions.

Leading Indian Astrologer in South Africa


Umashankarji has a long list of his followers and so the database is continuously increasing. Leading Indian Astrologer in South Africa Umashankarji treats everyone on priority after that addresses their problems in a simple way. Similarly Umashankarji uses his Vedic Astrology knowledge for the benefit of mankind. In other words best astrologer, inshort he has vast knowledge of astrology that not only helps people to fight back with tough times. Subsequently shows a path of happy and prosperous life. To sum up Umashankarji is always ready to help everyone going through the bad phase of life. In conclusion if you or someone you know needs the help of a Professional Astrologer. Umashankarji is here as a result live chat or call him on 0790732082.


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