Jyotish is also known as Vedic astrology or Indian astrology

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Vedas were developed with the intention of helping humanity in search of happiness, peace and contentment. They were developed by ancient rishies. These are the old sages who lived in northern India over 2000 years ago. Vedic astrology thus comes from ancient India. The name “jyotish” literally means the “light”. The knowledge of Vedic astrology was preserved as part of the Vedic traditions. It is the foundation of all modern sciences.

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Vedic rishies were very practical people. Their answers to human suffering were: yoga, meditation, Ayurveda and Jyotish. The purpose of all of these remedies was to improve the state of human consciousness and direct people to their path of bliss, happiness, peace, and freedom.

Mastering jyotish is much more than a technical understanding of the birth chart. It is about a deep personality study and the unconscious interactions within the personality.

So jyotish can illuminate our way of life in such a way that we gain insight into our spiritual side. With concrete advice, we can understand repetitive cycles and understand life as it is. In order to gain the same knowledge in a different way, we would have to work on ourselves (e.g. in psychological sense) for a very long time.

Old rishies were astronomers and enlightened wise men


In Vedic times, the jyotish consultants were the astronomers and the enlightened sages who have watched the sky and the stars for thousands of years. During the deep meditations, they got messages from outer space. They have documented the shapes and symbols they have seen in the sky and linked the planets, the constellations and the gods.

Mastering jyotish is much more than a technical understanding of the birth chart. Vedic astrology predictions. It is about a deep personality study and the unconscious interactions within the personality.

Vedic astrology – the understanding of life

Vedic astrology as a means of predicting and understanding life events can not give us any solution or enlightenment. For this one has to have a deep understanding of the rules and laws on which astrology is based. You have to change your mindset. Time is not linear but cyclic. The whole concept of Jyotish is based on the spiritual progress, so that the person can be shown the reasons of their suffering and how to eliminate these reasons. Karma is the consequence of our past. Usually described with the words: “You reap what you sow.”

Karma is not the same as fate, because we can influence karma. We can choose our own response as we experience, experience or give something.

It is important to understand that besides the physical body, a subtle karmic Our karmic impressions were created through previous personalities and soul experiences. People identify with the body, the personality, the thoughts, the roles, and the experiences they experience. But there is only one “our being – pure consciousness,” which is an unlimited and unmanifested energy. Because we are unaware of it, we are shaped by physical, mental, spiritual and emotional factors. These are a consequence of our past thoughts, words and deeds.

Every karmic impression has a life cycle and lasts until it leaves our karmic body. The moment he leaves our body, our body will vibrate with the same quality of conscience as before writing. When a person identifies with this – personally engages with the thoughts or actions in those feelings – then he unconsciously creates the repeating circle and karma builds up again.

Vedic Astrology Enlightenment

Here comes Jyotish talking about which vibration is activating and how we will react to it.

Even if we choose to think and act positively, there will still be karmic attachments. The solution we have to look elsewhere. To break the effect of the karma knots, we need inner peace.


Vedic Astrology Enlightenment Meaning

It comes when we silence our thoughts (inner monologues) and consciously let pure thoughts flourish. When the mind calms down, the karma can dissolve more easily … without the new karma building up.

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The state of inner peace or inner silence and pure conscience can be achieved with yoga or meditation. In a material world, this means that we release ourselves completely from the fruits of our work (success or failure). Only then can the karma be undisturbed and if our personality does not respond, we are on the path to enlightenment.

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