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Aspects of planets form an integral and highly important part of Jyotish. The reader would be aware of the 1 st and 7 th aspects of the planets and the special ‘full’ aspects of Mars on 4 th, 8 th houses, Saturn on 3 rd and 10 th houses and Jupiter on 5 th and 9 th houses. I consider Rahu & Ketu to have a 5 th and 9 th aspect but ONLY on the trinal Nakshatra in which they reside in. Directional strength is the strength that a planet attains due to its unique positioning in a birth chart. Directional strength is most popularly called as “Dishabala” in Vedic astrology. Because of this strength, a planet’s ability to affect positively or negatively is enhanced drastically.

Vedic astrology, Directional Strength, south, north, east, west, Exaltation Strength, shadbala vedic astrology, The point of Directional Strength is similar to that of Exaltation Strength. Just as planets have one sign position in which they are exalted, they have one house position in which they gain Directional Strength. Shad Bala - Sixfold Assesment of Strength 1. STHANA BALA - This is the positional strength of a planet. DIG BALA - Directional strength based on residence in an angle. KALA BALA - It is strength of time. It consists of different factors: 4. CHESTA BALA - Planets which are relat. Vedic astrology, Directional Strength, south, north, east, west, Exaltation Strength, shadbala vedic astrology, The point of Directional Strength is similar to that of Exaltation Strength. Just as planets have one sign position in which they are exalted, they have one house position in which they gain Directional Strength.

What is directional strength? Directional strength of planets is a special force gained by a considered planet in a specific house, The force also adds score to overall planetary power score in the birth chart.

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The Definition DigBala consists of two Hindu words, which are Dig and Bala – whereas Dig translates to direction and Bala means point. Hence, Directional Strength of planets is called Digbala in Vedic Astrology and belongs to Shadbala strength assessment system. Shadbala or Six-Fold Strength in Vedic Sidereal Astrology is a system for assessing the strength of the planets using six different types of forces whereas Digbala is one of the six strengths in the considered system.

The Importance of Directional Strength

Digbala or Directional Strength is one of many important factors for determining the strength and dignity of a planet as a whole. If a planet is in a favorable direction, it gains a lot of momentum which assists in boosting the effects of its deployment in the birth chart. That is to say, whenever the considered planet is favorably placed in the birth chart, the help from directional strength will amplify the results to a great extent. Similarly, when some significations of a planet are damaged because of the positioning in the sign of its enemy, its power can be recovered through the help of directional strength. Alternatively, if the planet loses its directional strength, it results in loss of momentum, directionlessness, and inability to direct its significations efficiently.

The Directional Strength of the planet is determined by its positioning in a specific house of astrology. The table below indicates in which house each planet gains directional strength from:

Jupiter & MercuryFirst House or AscendantEast
Moon & VenusFourth HouseNorth
SaturnSeventh HouseWest
Sun & MarsTenth HouseSouth

In another point of view, the house where a planet gains directional strength is where its energies can flow smoothly which boosts the natural strength and significations of the considered planet.

Brief results of Directional Strength for various planets:

Sun – When Sun gains Directional Strength it is capable of blessing people with a tremendous amount of recognition, fame, and respect. It also helps in achieving a powerful and authoritative position. In addition to that, Sun with Directional Strength promotes good health, vitality, and attractive appearance. People with this combination will be noble, wealthy, and blessed with intelligent children.

Moon – The Directional Strength of the Moon strengthens the mind and ensures emotional stability. It also promotes emotional intelligence. People with this combination maintain clear thinking even during the most intense situations. In addition to that, they are blessed with an abundant amount of childhood happiness and blissful marriage.

Mars – Mars in 10th house with Directional Strength indicates a lot of courage and will-power. These traits promote achieving big goals and a powerful position in life. People with this combination will be prosperous, victorious, and wealthy. They will acquire landed property and various conveyances in life. They are undefeatable with immense strength.

Mercury – People with strong Mercury in Ascendant are blessed with ingenuity, wisdom, and subconscious knowledge for many sciences. In addition to that, their speech is one of a kind and beautiful. They are also talented in poetry.

Jupiter – Jupiter with Directional Strength promotes higher wisdom and spirituality. Hence, people with this combination are well learned and kindhearted. They are inclined towards performing good deeds in society and will be respected for that. Additionally, Jupiter in ascendant blesses with a happy life and saves from various troubles and miseries.

Venus – Venus in the 4th house bestows luxurious home and top-class vehicles. In addition to that, it indicates an incredibly beautiful and charming appeal of the body. Strong Venus also blesses with a beautiful life partner and great marital bliss.

Saturn – Saturn with Directional Strength indicates fruits of good karma and protection from misfortune. If Saturn is well placed in the 7th house, it indicates a stable relationship and a long-lasting marriage. People with this combination are righteous, rule-abiding, and mature. Their partners are also wealthy, mature, righteous, and hard working.

For each ascendant there are certain positions for planets where the effects from Directional Strength manifests strongest:

Aries – Mars in 10th house (Capricorn) – Exalted with Directional Strength

Gemini – Mercury in Ascendant – Directional Strength in its own sign.

Cancer – Mars in 10th house (Aries) – Directional Strength in its Own (Moolatrikona) Sign. Jupiter in Ascendant – Exalted with Directional Strength. Venus in 4th house (Libra) – Directional Strength in its Own (Moolatrikona) Sign. Saturn in 7th house (Capricorn) – Directional Strength in its Own Sign.

Leo – Saturn in the 7th house (Capricorn) – Directional Strength in its Own (Moolatrikona) Sign.

Virgo – Mercury in Ascendant – Exalted with Directional Strength.

Scorpio – Sun in 10th house (Leo) – Directional Strength in its Own (Moolatrikona) Sign.

Sagittarius – Jupiter in Ascendant – Directional Strength in its Own (Moolatrikona) Sign. Venus in 4th house (Pisces) – Exalted with Directional Strength.

Aquarius – Venus in 4th house (Taurus) – Directional Strength in its Own Sign. Mars in 10th house (Scorpio) – Directional Strength in its Own Sign.

Pisces – Jupiter in Ascendant – Directional Strength in its Own Sign.

The placement of planets in sweet spots mentioned above results in a tremendous boost of strength and positive effects regarding the significations of the considered planet.

Additional rules:

Vedic Astrology Directional Strenght

When a planet is placed inauspiciously, that is to say, in the sign of debilitation, or in a malefic or Dushtana house, the directional strength may promote negative energies depending on the holistic chart.

When a planet is placed in the opposite house from its house of Directional Strength, it loses power to operate efficiently in the areas and directions indicated by the zodiac sign.

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Shad means six. Bala means strength. Hence Shadbala means six fold strength.

Why it is important?

Consider that you have a friend or relative who has no power. Will he be good for you? He is still your friend or relative. So Shadbala is very important to know who your favourable friends are and how strong they are.
If you have a Mahadasha and an Anthardasha the resultant effect will be the effect of the strong planet amongst the two.

The Bhava result will also be influenced by

  1. The grahas in the Bhava
  2. The grahas viewing the Bhava
  3. The lordship of the Bhava
  4. The significators or Karakas of the Bhava

Here also the strength of the planet will influence.

“Thath Sthana Dhik Kaala Nisarga Cheshta
Dhrig Bhedhabhinnam Kadhayamya Sesham”

– (Manasaagari 21-18)

Sthana Bala -Positional Strength

“Socha Suhrud Swa Dhrugaana Navaamsyai
Sthanabalam Swa Grahopa Gathaischa”

This is the strength which a planet get as a result of occupying a particular sign in a horoscope. A planet gets its positional strength in its exaltation. Moola Thrikona, own house, friendly house, Swa Shadvargas, etc. in debility the sthanabalam is zero.

We all know that we get respect and power in our own house or positions. There will no bala in an enemies house. Positional strength is the most important. It is further divided into 5 items namely.

They are,

  • Ucha Bala
  • Saptha vargaja Bala
  • Ojayugma Bala
  • Kendra Bala
  • Drekkana Bala
  • Uchabala

This is obtained through the exaltation of planets.

“Neechonam Khacharam Bhaardhathikam Chakraa Dwishodhayath
Bhaageekruthya Thribhirbhaktham Labdha Uchabalam Bhaveth”

Deduct Neecha from Grahasphudam. Divide it by 3, you get Uchabal. The maximum is 60 shashtyamsa or 1 rupa.

Maharishi Parashara supported for mathematical calculation of different strength.

Saptha vargaja Bala

“Kshethram Chas Hora Drekkanam
Navamsa Dwadashaamshakam
Thrishamsham Cha Sapthaamsam”

The above 7 vargas or classifications are called Saptavargaja bala.
If a planet is in Moolathrikona, it gets 45 shashtyamsa, Swakshethra – 30 shashtyamsa and friendly house – 15

  • Shashtyamsa .
  • Ojayugmabala

Swagrahopagathaischa Varaha Acharya tells us that female planet get strength in female rasi, while male planet get strength in male signs.

Hence Venus and Moon get 15 shashtyamsa strength in female rasi and navamsa.

Kendradhi bala

The first, fourth, seventh and tenth signs are called Kendras.

“Kendraathaparam Panaparam
Parathascha Thadwatha Apokleemam”

Vedic Astrology Directional Strength Calculator

Very important among positional strength. If in the centre, the planet gets 60 value while in panaparam meaning 2, 5, 8 and 11, they get 30. In 3, 6, 9 and 12 they get only 15 points.
Ojayugma bala(sthana bala -positional strength)

“Madhya Aadyanthaga
Shanda Marthya Vanitha Kheda
Balishta Kramaath”
– (Phaladeepika)

Mercury and Saturn the Shanda Graham, get strength in the Madhya Drekkana, Moon and Venus get strength in last Drekkana while others get strength in first Drekkana. Points are 15 only. A total of all the above Socha Suhrud Swa Drigaana Navamsair is the sthana bala.

Digbala -Directional strength

This is the directional strength.

“Digshu Budhangira Sau
Ravi Bhoumo Soorya Sutha
Sithasheetha Karau Cha”
– (Varaha Hora 2-19)

In Lagna, the ascendant(East), Mercury and Jupiter are powerful. In 10th Bhava (North) Sun and Mars are powerful. In 7th Bhava (west) the Saturn is powerful. In 4th Bhava (south) Moon and Venus are powerful.
Sage Parashara has detailed mathematical calculation of Digbala. Systems approach in vedic astrology. Deduct Balasoonya Dig Sthana sphudam from the graham and divide by 3.You get directional strength in points. Maximum is 60.

Cheshtabala- Motional strength

From Makara (Capricorn) up to Midhuna is Uttarayana (Sun’s Northenly course). Sun and Moon are powerful in this period. Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn in retrogression or in conjunction with full Moon get Cheshta bala.

“Udagayane Ravi Seetha Mayookhau
Vakra Samagamaga Parishesha
Vipula Karaayudhi Chothara Samstha
Cheshtitha Veeryayutha Parikalpya”
– (Varaha Hora 2-20)

In order to find out Cheshtabala mathematically, we have to find a result namely Cheshta Kendra and divide it by 3.

  • Kalabala
  • Dina Rathri Bala

It means temporal strength. the Moon, Mars, and Saturn are powerful during the night. Sun, Jupiter and Venus are powerful in the day. Mercury is powerful in day and night it is called Dina Rathri Bala

“Nishi Sashi Kuja Saura
Sarvadha Njo Ahni Chaadhye”
(Varaha Hora 2-21)

The maximum bala is 60 shashtyamsa. For Moon, in midnight bala will be 60, so is for Sun in mid-noon.

“Bahula Sita Gathasyu
Kroora Soumya kramena”

It means for benefic planets, the end of Sukla Paksha is powerful. But for malefic end of Krishnapaksha is powerful.

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Thribhag bala

“Dina Thryamsheshta Soumaarka Shaneenam”
– (Parashara)

If we divide day time into 3, Mercury is the lord of the first part, Sun the lord of the second part and Saturn is the lord of 3rd part. Similarly, night time is given to Moon, Venus, and Mars. Guru is always powerful. A maximum of 60 is given.

Abda bala, Masa bala, vara bala, and hora bala

There are Abdabala for the starting day of the year, similarly, Masa bala for the month starting vara lord, Vara bala for the Vara lord and Horabala for Kaala Hora lord.

“Arka, Shukra Budhaschandra
Manda Jeeva Dharasudha”
– (Prasna Margam)

Hora bala is the maximum in Kalabala and is with 60 points

Naisargik Bala

This means natural strength. each planet is supposed to produce a particular measure of strength permanently irrespective of its position. Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars and Saturn are strong in order. Sun is the most powerful and Saturn the least.

The strength of the planet is numerically calculated as follows.

  • Sun – 60
  • Moon – 51
  • Venus – 43
  • Jupiter – 34
  • Mercury – 26
  • Mars – 17
  • Saturn – 9

There will not be any change for these values in any horoscope.

Drig Bala

Drigbala is calculated as a result of the aspect to which each planet is subjected to by the other. The aspected planet is called Drishya Graham. The aspecting planet is called Dreshta Graham. The angle between the two is called Dhrushti Kendra.

The aspect of benefics give full Drigbala or strengthen the aspect of malefic take away the Drigbala.

“Poornam Pashyathi Bhanuja Thri Dashame
Cheth Pada Drishtye Itharah
Jeevo Dhee Navame Arthayaa Thadhithareh
Bhoumas Chathurtha Ashtame
Sarve Paadha Viheenayaa
Akila Drusha Pasyanthi
Sarve Asthabham
Vithaya vyaya vairino
Na Dha Drishu”

It means that all planets view their 7th position. Saturn views 3rd and 10th have. Other planets have a quarter aspect to 3rd and 10th. Guru has an aspect of 5th and 9th. Other planets have a half aspect to 5th and 9th, Mars has an aspect to 4th and 8th. Other planets have 75% aspect to 4th and 8th.


Sage Parashara has found out the total numerical value of all strengths. He has identified individual optimal strength also. Yavanacharya has instructed optimum strength of 360 points for each. Jyotish is knowledge mixed with sadhana. Then we can identify the strength without numerical support. Albert Einstein was having mercury in debility. Einstein was one of the best knowledgable people. Seeing the debility, we cannot tell, mercury is powerless. Hence knowledge, as well as sadhana, is required to assess the strength of planets.

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