• Gemini Boss

    Your Gemini boss has many personalities, or at the least two. He constantly shifts from one to another, much to your surprise. more

  • Gemini Man

    Commitment to one person for the entire life is not typical of a Gemini man, because he loves his freedom and free-spiritedness a little.. more

    November 19 Zodiac Sign - Scorpio As a Scorpio born on November 19th, you may be most well known for your caring, yet determined nature. Your friends and family have always witnessed your dedication to their well-being and they are sometimes shocked to notice that you put their interests in. Nov 19 astrology. The zodiac sign for November 19 is Scorpio. Astrological symbol: Scorpion. The sign of the Scorpion influences people born between October 23 and November 21, when in tropical astrology the Sun is considered to be in Scorpio. It refers to tenacity, numerous desires and power and brains combined. November 19 Zodiac Power Thought: “My choices are based on thoughtfulness, humility, love and compassion” November 19 Zodiac. November 19 Zodiac Signs & symbols: Zodiac sign: Scorpio. Ruling planet: Mars, the warrior. Symbol: The Scorpion. Birth date ruler: Sun, the individual. Tarot card: The Sun (enthusiasm) Favorable numbers: 1, 3.

  • Gemini Woman

    Your Gemini wife is a very complex woman, whose interests and passions change within fraction of a second. Her very lively, fun-loving a.. more

  • Gemini Love

    Love and romance with a Gemini man or a Gemini woman can be intellectually stimulating and interesting, and rarely dull. Your Gemini lo.. more

  • Relationship Compatibility of Gemini with other signs

    Cheerful, kind, free-spirited, and youthful, Gemini is quite childlike. Their way of love is a breath of fresh air. more

  • Gemini - The Person

    Gemini is ruled by Mercury - the planet of communication. No wonder that Gemini possesses great gift of gab and does well in the profess.. more

  • Gemini Dislikes

    Those of Gemini Moon Sign possess a persona of high voltage electricity. The flow of emotional, mental and physical energy is rarely smoo.. more

  • Gemini Hobbies

    Gemini find it hard to relax, are always in the ever-active mode. Even when you unwind in the evening after a hard day, you usually spend.. more

  • Gemini Health

    As Gemini, you are always ‘on the go’, doing many things at once (although you may end up completing none). You are very inte.. more

In the horoscope of filmstar Dilip Kumar his lagnalord Saturn, who is also his 2nd lord of speech and wealth, is in the bhagyasthana 9th house, his 11th ord of gains Mars is in the 2nd house, Jupiter is great in the 10th house, 9th lord Mercury and 10th lord of profession Venus who is also his 5th hord of creativity is in the 11th house along with Sun forming a great Rajayoga. Among the Great by Dilip Kumar Roy. This book brings together the author's records of his conversations and correspondence with: Romain Rolland Mahatma Gandhi Bertrand Russell Rabindranath Tagore Sri Aurobindo. His aim was to elicit the views of eminent personalities on various aspects of life, from the role of art and science to social equality and moving on to spirituality.

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