Wondering which god should I worship according to horoscope and according to date of birth. Here are the respective Hindu gods and their rashi. Know the zodiac signs for Hindu gods and goddesses.

The Images of the Planetary Deities were drawn by my wife Srishti for the original artwork in my book 'Graha Sutras.' She later painted the Navagraha series in beautiful & whimsical watercolors; now these images are available to you in the form of Prints for your alter for Graha Shanti or as a box of Cards to spread the blessings of the planets to your friends and family.

  • A Comprehensive Look at VEDIC Astrology Lunar Signs and the 27 NAKSHATRAS.
  • The 9 Planets In Vedic Astrology In every ancient civilization heavenly bodies were looked upon as gods and there are hundreds of mythological stories concerning planets. The Vedic Astrology recognizes nine heavenly bodies as planets, Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu.

Isht Dev according to Birth Month

  • Born in January or November they should worship Shiva or Ganesh.
  • Born in February to worship Shiva.
  • Born in March and December they should worship to Vishnu.
  • Born in April, September, and October should worship Lord Ganesh.
  • Born in May and June, they should worship the goddess Bhagwati.
  • Born in month of July and august, they should worship Vishnu and Ganesh.

Isht Dev according to Birth Date

Your Isht Dev According to Birth Day: Those who know the day but do not know the time, according to the day their deity would be:

  • Sunday – Vishnu
  • Monday – Shiva
  • Tuesday – Hanuman
  • Wednesday – Ganesh
  • Thursday – Shiva
  • Friday – The goddess
  • Saturday – Bhairvji

Isht Dev according to Zodiac Sign

  • Aries: Vishnu or Sun
  • Taurus: Ganesh
  • Gemini: Sarswati, Tara, Lakshmi
  • Cancer: Hanuman
  • Leo: Shiva
  • Virgo: Bhairvji, Hanuman, Kali
  • Libra: Bhairvji, Hanuman, Kali
  • Scorpio: Shiva
  • Sagittarius: Hanuman
  • Capricorn: Sarswati, Tara, Lakshmi
  • Aquarius: Ganesh
  • Pisces: Durga, Radha, Sita or other goddess

Rashi and Their Hindu Gods

  1. Maish (Aries) – Mangal (Mars)
  2. Vrish (Taurus) – Shukra (Venus)
  3. Mithun (Gemini) – Budh (Mercury)
  4. Kark (Cancer) – Chandra (Moon)
  5. Singh (Leo) – Surya (Sun)
  6. Kanya (Virgo) – Budh (Mercury)
  7. Tula (Libra) – Shukra(Venus)
  8. Vrishchik (Scorpio) – Mangal (Mars)
  9. Dhanu (Sagittarius) – Guru (Jupiter)
  10. Makar (Capricorn) – Shani (Saturn)
  11. Kumbh (Aquarius) – Shani (Saturn)
  12. Meen (Pisces) – Guru (Jupiter)

Please Note – While calculating the house-lord we carefully observe the planets in the each house. For example if Aries is in the first house, Mars is the first house ruler .

Mesha Rashi – Aries

The Lord planet or Swami Graha of Mesha Rashi is Mars or Mangal. Hence, Sun or Surya Dev is considered as high-ranking or uchcha on Mesha Rashi. Surya Dev must be worshipped every day so as to have a good effect on all sides our life. Prayer and Jal Arpan are considered a fruitful method of worshipping Surya Dev. Along with Surya dev, Hanuman, Rudra, Kartikeya (Subrahmanya) and Narasimha are also their ruling Gods.

Vrisha Rashi – Taurus

The lord planet or Swami Graha of Vrisha Rashi is Venus or Shukra. God and goddess of this Rashi are Ganesha, Laxmi, Tara and Saraswati.

Mithun Rashi – Gemini

Vedic Indian Astrology Chart

The lord planet or Swami Graha of Mithuna Rashi is Mercury or Budh. People must worship Lord Sri Venkateswara, Vishnu, Narayana, and Buddha.

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Vedic Astrology Decans

Karkata – Cancer

The lord planet or Swami Graha of Karkata Rashi is Moon or Chandra. God and Goddess to be worshipped are Krishna, Gauri, Lalita and Saraswati.


Simha – Leo

The lord planet or Swami Graha of Shima Rashi is Sun or Surya. Lord Shiva and Rama should be worshipped and prayed every Monday and Saturday. Also note that Lord Rama should be worshipped every Sunday.

Kanya – Virgo

The lord planet or Swami Graha of Kanya Rashi is Mercury or Budh. One must worship Vishnu, Narayana, and Buddha.

Tula – Libra

The lord planet or Swami Graha of Tula Rashi is Venus or Shukra. The ruling Goddesses to be worshipped are Sri Mahalakshmi, Parvati and Maa Kali.

Vrischika – Scorpio

The lord planet or Swami Graha of Vrischika is Mars or Mangal. One must worship Lord Hanuman, Rudra, Kartikeya (Subrahmanya), Narasimha and Ganesha.

Dhanush – Sagittarius

The lord planet or Swami Graha of Dhanus Rashi is Jupiter or Guru. Ruling Gods to be worshipped are Sri Dakshina Murthy, Hayagreeva, Vishnu, Parameswara and Dattatreya .

Makara – Capricorn

The lord planet or Swami Graha of Makara Rashi is Saturn or Shani. Worship Vishnu and Brahma to gain prosperity in the life.

Kumbha – Aquarius

The lord planet or Swami Graha of Kumbha Rashi is Saturn or Shani. One must worship and fast on Saturday in the name of Shani Dev.

Meena – Pisces

The lord planet or Swami Graha of Meena Rashi is Jupiter or Guru. The Goddesses to be worshipped are Durga, Radha, and Sita.

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