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People often ask - what's my moon sign? Get the accurate answer of this question with our Moon Sign Calculator.In simple language, moon sign is a zodiac sign where Moon is placed in your Birth Chart. Fill in yourdetails and find your moon sign now:

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Moon represents the mind of a person in Vedic astrology. The action and reaction of a person is determinedthrough the planet 'Moon' and its placement in the Kundali.It is a very crucial planet in Vedic Astrology. The Birth Nakshatra is also analysed through the Moon Sign as it signifies the mental stability of a person.To better understanding of Moon Sign, you need to first understand about the planet moon in Astrology.

Planet Moon and its significance in Vedic Astrology

Moon is the second most important planet in Astrology.It deals with the emotions and feelings of an individual. Sun represents your soul and Moon represents your Mind. These two luminaries are very importantto illuminate the world and the reason being, life exists on the planet Earth. Moon is not a planetAstronomically, however, it has been included as a planet in Astrology. Our Moon Sign Calculator helpsyou find your moon sign and understand its effect on you, your emotions, and your personality.

Thus, for this horoscope too, only two planets are to be considered for application of Srinath Yoga. Both Mercury and Venus are occupying friendly zodiac sign of Saturn in fifth house of his Lagna Chart; and, also receiving aspect from Saturn joined by Jupiter in third house of his Lagna Chart. Understanding Srinath Yoga in Vedic Astrology. This yoga occurs when 7th house lord is in 10th house and 10th house lord is in exalted form and with 9th house lord then sreenath yoga forms. As 7th house stands for partnership business, marital life, kind of spouse, travelling. 10th house stands for professional life, career, work place, income from profession, fame from profession. Srinath yoga in astrology vedic. Shrinath Yoga According to prevalent definition of Shrinath Yoga in Vedic astrology; if in a horoscope, the lord of 7th house is placed in the 10th house and at the same time, the lord of 10th house is placed in conjunction with the lord of the 9th house, Srinath. Sreenatha Yoga is one of the wealth yogas described in B. Raman's 300 Important Combination. If the lord of seventh house is exaltion in tenth house and if the lord of tenth house is with lord of ninth house then the yoga formed is known as Sreenatha Yoga. This yoga can only occur in Sagittarius Ascendant as it is the only ascendant where the lord of seventh house is exalted in tenth house. Apr 22, 2017 Srinath Yoga: this yoga is considered as a very auspicious in astrology and can form for Sagittarius ascendant only. Manmohan Sign who was Prime Minister of India for two consecutive terms has this yoga in his Horoscope.

Moon is very important to maintain every relation in humans lives. It denotes the mental and emotionalpower to tackle any situation and also maintain the balance between each other. It rules over 'Cancer'sign and gets exalted in 'Taurus:'

Moon is the 'Queen' of the celestial cabinet. It is considered as a female planet. It is functionalbenefic in nature. The strength of Moon can be analyzed through the Planet Jupiter as combined effect of these two planets indicate wealth, wisdom and prosperity. Thesetwo benefic planets are natural friends to each other and cause the happiness in one's life in any era.

It is a smallest planet among all the other planets but it gives huge impact on earth due to its closenesswith the Earth. It is very nearer object to the Earth so it affects us a lot especially to the womendue to its feminine nature. Our ancient sages have given much importance to the planet Moon, even morethan Sun at times. Though, it doesn't have its own light. It illuminates itself with the Sunlight.

It represents Water, it represents the fluid in our body. If Moon is placed positively in your horoscope, then it will bless you with the metal peace and happiness. On the other hand, ifit is afflicted by malefics, then it may cause depression, mental stress in one's life. You may notget proper nourishment from your mother if Moon is afflicted in your horoscope, in fact you may loseyour mother at an early age in such case.

Moon sign horoscope plays very prominent role while analysing the Natal Chart of an individual. Moon represents the emotions, psychological baggage etc in one'slife. It also represents the 'Mother'. Moon is all about Nourishment and nourishing the things, to takecare of everyone in the environment, like a mother does for her child.

Moon sign chart enables you to get a clear picture of your emotions. The special preference has beengiven to Moon Horoscope at the time of marriage.


Importance of Moon Sign


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Some questions may often arise into your mind. For example: What is my Moon sign? What is that mean?Why do we calculate Moon sign? Moon Calculator cangive you the brief idea about your Moon sign. You can easily find your Moon Sign through Moon sign Calculator.It can also provide you some information related to your Moon sign. Let's have a look about Importanceof Moon Sign in order to understand it better:

  • It can reveal many information related to personality, character, nature, behaviour, likes and dislikesand your inherent attributes.
  • It helps you to determine your fate in order to drive yourself towards the right path.
  • It plays pivotal role in finding your compatibility with other people, especially with your partner.It may be your mother, brother, friends, father, lover, wives or anyone running into your life.
  • It helps you to sustain the long lasting and harmonical relation with everyone.
  • It determines your life path, luck, mental compatibility with the second person born under certain Moonsign.
  • You can't proceed through Indian Vedic Astrology without knowing your Moon Sign. Indian Astrologer predicts the day to day life scenariosbased on the Moon Sign.
  • Indian Astrologer consider Moon sign as first house and then provide the prediction based on the Gocheror Transit of this planet into various houses.

12 Moon Signs based on Zodiac

Moon sign can be of 12 types as we have only 12 Rashis or Zodiacsdefined in Vedic Astrology. Let's understand how your mind and emotions will behave if Moon is placedin various listed below signs:

  • Aries: You will be very impulsive, impatient and active learner.
  • Taurus: It is a favourite position of moon. Person will be mentally stable.
  • Gemini: Your mind will be very dual in nature.
  • Cancer: You will be very motherly kind of figure who takes care of everyone like a Mother.
  • Leo: You want to roar like a Lion. You will be born leader and royal minded person.
  • Virgo: You will be very practical in your approach.
  • Libra: You will have balanced mind. However, you need to balance things in order to get satisfaction.
  • Scorpio: Moon doesn't feel good in this sign. It creates lots of fluctuations in human mind dependingon the other aspects and planetary alignment present in one's horoscope.
  • Sagittarius: You will be inclined towards religion as it is dharma house.
  • Capricorn: You will be very stable with your thoughts and also very rigid in your approach.
  • Aquarius: You will be social, communicative and want to be the part of many different societiesor communities.
  • Pisces: You will be inclined towards spirituality and your mind will be indulged into some differentworlds.

Therefore, Moon Sign is very important with regards to every aspect of your life. If your mind is happy,then everything out in the world makes you more happy. If you are happy then you can spread the samehappiness to the world around you. So it keeps on encouraging like a cycle of happiness.

We hope you would like our moon sign calculator and find out your moon sign accurately as per VedicAstrology.

Free Janmakundali/ Janamkundli full life report

Get your Vedic Horoscope with life predictions online instantly for free.

Get your Janmakundali with predictions, yogas, doshas and dasha predictions

Astrology helps human to have a better life and future. To know the future of a person and his life, we need to check his Horoscope. This Vedic Horoscope or Indian or Hindu Horoscope tells about our future and guides us to achieve a better future and successful life. To check our Horoscope, we need the date of birth, time of birth and place of birth details. There are so many methods in Astrology like Western Astrology, Vedic Astrology, Chinese Astrology etc.

Free Janma kundali, Jatakam with complete Predictions

Our online Vedic Horoscope Software gives a detailed analysis of your life based on your birth chart instantly. You can get your complete Vedic Astrology report with precise predictions about your life, including future predictions based on Vimshottari dasha. You can get your Rashi (Moon Sign), Nakshatra (Birth Star) details along with Lucky Points including Lucky numbers based on Vedic Astrology, Avakahada Chakra (useful for marriage matching), Ghata Chakra (Inauspicious days, months etc.), Lagna (Ascendant), Navamsha (D-9) and Bhava Kundali, House strength, Planetary Strength, lifetime Vimshottari dasha, bhukti and Pratyantar dasha details and predictions based on your birth chart, Ascendant, planetary positions and Vishottari Dasha predictions. You can choose the North Indian style or South Indian style Kundalis while filling the birth data form.
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Now you can get your detailed Janam Kundli in Hindi Language also.
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తెలుగులో ఫలితాలతో కూడిన మీ పూర్తి జాతక చక్రము కావాలంటే ఇక్కడ క్లిక్ చేయండి.
With this Hindu or Vedic Horoscope service, you can take a printout of your Janmakundali, or you can take a printout of it to PDF using Google Chrome's inbuilt print to PDF option. Please fill below give birth data form to get your Vedic Horoscope instantly.

If you want to check about your newborn, we have a special online, free service for that. In this service, you can get Astrological details of your newborn. In this report, you will get Newborn Rashi, Nakshatra, Janmakshar, Nakshatra, Tithi dosha vivaran, a suggestion of suitable naming letters and basic birth chart. Please click here to check your newborn Kundali in English. This free online service is also available in Hindi and Telugu Languages.

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What is Horoscope or Birth Chart or Natal Report?

Horoscope is a snap shot of the sky and planetary positions at the birth time of a person. It tells about ones life past, present and future with the help of the placement of planets in various signs and stars.

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What is the use of Horoscope?

By reading a Horoscope, one can predict so many life events and details from birth to death. In Vedic Astrology, we analyze Lagna Kundli (birth chart), Navamsha kundali (D-9 chart), other divisional charts and Dasha system.Horoscope tells about one’s past and future. Placement of planets at the birth time indicates various life events. It also tells about one’s nature, behavior, physical features, life style, education, health, career, love, marriage, children etc. it also helps in solving problems we face in our life. Like health issues, delay in marriage, child birth, career problems etc.

What details do we need to know about our Horoscope?

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To know Horoscope, one should have an accurate date of birth, time of birth and place of birth details. Date of birth helps to find planetary positions for the day. Time of birth and place of birth helps to find Ascendant and other house positions. These two things, planetary positions, and house positions help to erect horoscope and predict about life.

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Do we get solutions for our problems with the help of Vedic Astrology?

Yes, the main benefit of Astrology is not knowing future but making future and solving our problems. Our horoscope indicates about problems which we may face in our life. Indian Astrology has a feature that is called remedial methods. There are so many remedies for every problem we face in our life. Remedies life chanting of planetary mantras, Yagya, donations etc. will solve our problems caused by past karma and helps us to build better future.

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