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In Vedic (Jyotish) astrology there are 16 Vargas that are akin to the Harmonics of a nativity. Remember to think sidereally when considering these branches of the Vargas. The Rasi Varga is the undivided zodiac in its normal form, creating the 12 signs of the zodiac. The other 15 Vargas reveal the subtleties of the nativity, and are described below in this chart:

I haven’t yet found a translation of Jyotish texts that give the different planetary rulerships of these harmonic charts, but all Vedic software “Parashara’s Light” as an example, does. This merely illustrates the breakdown of these Vargas and what their general indications will point towards.

*Note: The ‘parts’ here mean how many sections each zodiacal sign has been divided into, hence only the Rasi Varga is not divided at all.

What is the Vedic Astrology Birth Chart? Firstly Vedic chart is a unique karmic map that holds the key to understanding yourself on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. Your Vedic birth chart tells above all the position of the planets in the zodiac at a point in time, for a place on Earth, on a certain date. We talk about how Vedic Astrology is so helpful in guiding entrepreneurs and how readings have helped Dr Katy through significant moments in her life, including the breakdown of her marriage and business. In Vedic astrology, each house is assigned an equal 30°. Generally, Vedic astrologers use what is known as the Whole Sign method of determining houses. This means that if Cancer is the predominating sign in the third house, then a planet that falls anywhere within Cancer’s thirty degree range will be considered a tenant of the third house. Vedic astrology uses a fixed map and detailed mathematical equation to account for the difference in the axis.

1. Rasi Varga – Not Divided (12 x 30˚)

  • Physique, behavior, all basic indications (1st house matters)

2. Hora Varga – 2 parts of 15˚ (24 x 15˚)

  • Wealth (liquid assets), masculine/feminine tendencies (2nd house matters)

3. Drekkana Varga – 3 parts of 10˚ (36 x 10˚)

  • Happiness through brothers and sisters (3rd house matters)

4. Chaturthamsa Varga – 4 parts of 7˚20’ (48 x 7˚20’)

  • Wealth (fixed assets), happiness, emotions (4th house matters)

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5. Saptamamsa Varga – 7 parts of 4˚17’8.57” (84 x 4˚17’8.57”)

  • Family Dynasty, children and grandchildren, creative energy (5th house matters)

6. Navamsa Varga – 9 parts of 3˚20’ (108 x 3˚20’)

  • Overall strengths and weaknesses, partner, subtle characteristics (7th house matters)

7. Dasamsa Varga – 10 parts of 3˚ (120 x 3˚)

  • Career, status, professional accomplishments, income from individual effort (10th house matters)

8. Dwadasamsa Varga – 12 parts of 2˚30’ (144 x 2˚30’)

  • Parents, (Look to Sun & 9th for father, and Moon and 4th for Mother

9. Shodasamsa Varga(also called Kalamsa Varga) – 16 parts of 1˚52’30” (192 x 1˚52’30”)Sun astrology compatibility.

  • Benefits and adversaries from conveyance (eg. car accidents)

10. Vimsamsa Varga – 20 parts of 1˚30’ (240 x 1˚30’)

  • Progress to be gained from spiritual practices

11. Chaturvimsamsa Varga(also called Siddhamsa Varga) – 24 parts of 1˚15’ (288 x 1˚15’)

  • Learning, education, achievements gained through studies

12. Saptimvimsamsa Varga(also called Bhamsa or Nakshatrasamsa Varga) – 27 parts of 1˚6’40” (346 x 1˚6’40”)

  • Physical strengths and weaknesses, endurance

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13. Trimsamsa Varga – 30 parts of 1˚ (360 x 1˚)

  • Arishtas or the advent of unfavorable effects in life, integrity of the individual

14. Khavedamsa Varga(also called Chatvarimsshamsa Varga) – 40 parts of 0˚45’ (480 x 0˚45’)

Vedic Astrology 2020 Predictions

  • Auspicious and inauspicious effects in general

15. Akshavedamsa Varga – 45 parts of 0˚40’ (540 x 0˚40’)

  • Quality of character, integrity

16. Shashtiamsa Varga – 60 parts of 0˚30’ (720 x 0˚30’)

Vedic Astrology Breakdown Characteristics

  • All general indications, very fine tuning
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