D-24 is also known as ‘Sidhhamsa‘ or ‘Chaturvimshamsha‘, and in this divisional chart, every sign (rashi) is divided in to 24 equal parts. D-24 covers issues related with different forms of education and training.

  • Nov 05, 2016 As per Indian astrology, Jupiter in 10th or 11th and Sun or Mercury in 4th or 5th or vice versa indicates that the native becomes rich by Good administrative skills. It is believed that if the.
  • 11th house in Vedic Astrology is considered an auspicious house, also called the Labha house. Labha means gains, and 11th house is a strong indicator of income and gains. It represents prosperity, sudden profits, wealth, abundance, and income.

The planet Mercury or Budh is a presence of intellect and sharp mindedness besides which it is a well perceived positive celestial presence for which, it also provides pleasant impacts here in the 8th house and would bestow unique attributes to the natives of this placement.

8th house is to be seen for knowledge of astrology. Lordship, nature, strength and aspects of the planets associated with the 8th house are seen to be able to come to a conclusion. Ashtakvarga points of the house are also to be noted and before giving out the final verdict, associative findings of D-24 are seen with D-1 and D-9.

Vedic astrology astrovinayaka mercury in 8th house meaning

Lets take an example:

In the above chart, following are the benefic points associated with learning of astrology.

(1) 8th house occupied by Ketu (Ketu is the karaka of renunciation and it gives highest degree of spiritual knowledge and intuitive power)

(2) Lord of 8th house, Mars, is with Jupiter (Jupiter stands for knowledge; combination of Jupiter + Ketu is supposed to be the best for learning astrology and in this chart near similar picture is created).

(3) Jupiter is in its own house (Sagittarius) and in Kendra (4th house). This position of Jupiter is extremely good and the effect of Jupiter over ruler of 8th house is extremely benefic, and in support of deep learning of astrology.

(4) Jupiter has direct aspect over 8th house, further strengthening the 8th house with the presence of Ketu in it.

(5) Mercury has rashi aspect over 8th house. Strength and placement of mercury is extremely important in establishing and enhancing astrology education and practice. In this chart, mercury is very well placed by casting its aspect over 8th house.

Additional Notes:

Presence of A10 (Arudha Lagna of 10th house) in 8th house mean the learning of Astrology would eventually blossom in to professional practice of astrology for this person.

Presence of Gulika + Rahu in 8th house would mean materialistic, and ego related obstructions threatening to slow down the pace of learning astrology. However, Rahu would help out the native getting in to deeper researches associated with learning of astrology. Propitiation of Rahu should be done so that Ketu (8th house placement) + Mercury (aspect over 8th house) + Jupiter (aspect over 8th house + conjoined with 8th house Lord + placed in own house + placed in kendra) cast their combined effect over 8th house and learning of astrology without any hindrances.

Placement of 8th Lord, Mars is with A6 (Arudha lagna of 6th house) and this is a good placement as A-6 having one aggressive planet would indicate that victories would be attain over critics and people presenting obstacles.

Ashtakvarga chart (for D-24) shows 31 points for 8th house: Very good score for learning astrology. In BAV, Mercury gives 6 benefic points and Jupiter gives 4 benefic points. From the Ashtakvarga point of view also, ability to attain thorough learning of astrology is very much clear in this chart.

Eighth House in Astrology is also known as “House of Longevity” or “Ayu Bhava” It represents the one’s longevity or span of life in this world. This house is also considered as the house of death. The first house or lagna indicates the “incarnation” whereas the eighth house shows the “disincarnation”. HIndus consider this house as the end of man’s life in this everlasting world. The Eighth House can be described in various ways:-

Mangalya Sthana; Ashta (Eight); Ayus (Life, Longevity); Adhi (Mental Pain); Parabhav (Defeat or Insult); Klesha (Sorrow); Apavada (scandal); Marana (Death); Asuchi (Impurity); Vinga (Obstacle, Impediment)

Eighth House indicates longevity, secret organs, death legacies, gifts and unearned wealth, cause of death, wills, disgrace and degradation, place and surroundings of death, defeat or insult, sorrow, blame, servants, impediments.

It represents inheritance, i.e. if someone dies in your family and you receive sudden heritage or wealth from that. Research, occult science, hidden treasure, mine, coals, discontinuity, disruption, taking risk, speculation (sudden rise and fall in speculative business), lottery, secrecy, mysterious house, conspiracy, healing, knowledge of yantra, mantra, tantra and different type of spirituality etc. are all seen through the Eighth House in Astrology.

Being the death-afflicting house, it relates to the medium of death, which means how you will die, whether you will die through accident, drowning or any kind of natural death and whether it is a slow, sudden or violent death. It should be judged through the horoscope upon whether the native will live a short, medium or long life. The native’s death can be due to illness as well. If Eighth House is afflicted during transit of planets, the native may become sick during his young age. Although it is not necessary that he will surely die in teen or young age. He may recover from illness as well. Native may experience other disturbing events due to Eighth House.

Eighth House as per Astrology

The author of “Sanketanidhi” depicts Eighth House as the House of Mystery and Misery. It relates to the misfortune, mental anxiety, sorrow and strife, worries and privations, delay and dejection, disappointment and defeat, loss and obstruction, blame and ill-repute, accident, danger from enemies, danger due to diseases and fear, impediment and imprisonment, quarrels and fights, wrong actions etc.

Vedic Astrology Astrovinayaka Mercury In 8th House Meaning

According to “Ramadayalu”, crossing a river, theft robbery, siege of a fort, fighting, etc., are all seen through the Eighth House of the horoscope.

Eighth House represents the person with whom you transact any business or gain through legal partnership. Second house represents native’s wealth and family whereas Eighth House represents the wealth of your in- laws or other person’s wealth or family. The unearned wealth and share of profit is indicated by this house of the horoscope.

According to Astrology books, this house tells more about surgeons, medical officers, health inspectors, slaughter houses, butchers, coroners and so on. It is said by “Mahadeva” in “Jataka Tatva” that the native may get benefited by linking his fortune with another.

Vedic Astrology Astrovinayaka Mercury In 8th House Mean

According to “R. Lakshaman”, if the lord of eighth becomes stronger than the lords of first and tenth houses, then the native will receive insult and criticism from the world.

Uranus In 8th House

Satyacharya says that this house also indicates enemies of the native.

In Horary Astrology, this house refers to the information related to crossing of rivers, difficulties in journey, impenetrable tracts, suffering caused through enemies, death, corruption, fight, disease and vulnerable or weak points.

In Mundane Astrology, this house rules with the beliefs of the masses, red-tapism, speed in execution of any work, delays and obstacles, accidents, fatal accidents, gold and precious stone, legacies, capital gains, natural disasters like flood, earthquake, cyclone, fire, storms etc.

It represents foreign exchange, stock markets, bonds, taxes, national debt, inheritance, capital gains taxes, insurance companies, claims settlement of damaged property, securities, public income, frozen assets, hidden things and discoveries etc. It also represents the relation with the other nations whether monetary or any kind of treaties.

Vedic Astrology Astrovinayaka Mercury In 8th House Meaning

Eighth house represents the death of national rulers like presidents, prime minister, kings, dictators etc., and end of government. This house represents the Ministry of Health- Mortality death rate, suicides, death of national rulers etc. and also the matters related with such deaths.

Inter-Connectivity of Eighth House with Other Houses

Being the death house in the horoscope, Eighth House represents death and rebirth of native, complete transformation, other people’s money and anything which you get from someone’s death in your family. Natives will face death-like experiences if Eighth House is not strong. It also represents sudden happenings, debt, money (Given to you), scandals, mysticism, occult, tantra, mantra, enlightenment, scandals, sex, conspiracy, hidden things in the world and sudden exposure and kundalini awakening.

No marriage in vedic astrology horoscope. Eighth house represents the base of your spine. You need to recycle your energy in order to awaken your kundalini. Eighth house represents the darker side of the world. Your secrets, which you do not share with anyone, psychologist, or psychiatrist as they will dig deep within you, astrology, psychological issues etc. are all indicated by the Eighth House of horoscope.

It represents debt, enemies, obstacles of your elder siblings, lineage, religious beliefs of your paternal grandmother, moksha, leaving body, accident, leaving the new place, ghost, paranormal activities or events, hopes, wishes and desires of your bosses, image of your elder siblings in the society, gain in career, career and work of friends, antecedents of conspirators and foes, in-laws and their family and wealth, your spouse income and speech, wealth of spouse, possession and jewelry of spouse, feet of your father, efforts made by your enemies, what type of children your mother have (that means “You”).

According to Astrology, Eighth House represents the happiness of your own children, what will make them happy, what type of vehicle children will have, getting rid of your enemies, death of your enemies, what efforts your enemy are putting behind the screen and what plan you have to pay your debt off. It also shows the happiness/unhappiness from past life’s deeds.

Mars In 9th House

Seventh house is considered as more dangerous than the Eighth House as it is the gain from the seventh house. So if Seventh House is not strong then automatically it will affect the Eighth House badly.

Sun In 8th House

Eighth House as per Lal Kitab


According to Lal Kitab, Eighth House represents death, illness, enemy, sewage water, cemetery, slaughterhouse, diseases and enemies. It is considered as the house of death.

Saturn In 1st House

Eighth House’s planet will remain inactive if there is no planet in second house. Natives will possess the ability to look and move forward if the planets in Eighth and First House are cooperative. If they are inimical to each other then it is considered that the native will wander throughout his life without any goal.

Venus In 8th House

Hence Eighth House becomes the prominent house of the horoscope as it deals with death-like experiences into one’s life. It creates sudden good and bad events for which you are not prepared. It can transform your mind or soul as per the experiences which has already happened into your daily life.

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