LEO MOTTO - 'I WILL, THEREFORE, I AM' This is your motto for this particular house. If Leo is your 'Rising Sign' aka 'Ascendant'. Your Rising Sign is the sign that rules your 1st House cusp. If I wrote your chart, there is a graphic at the beginning of this Natal Chart that will show you whe. Get lagna predictions (ascendant predictions) from Vedic astrology. Find out what your lagna says about you. Lagna is one of the most important points in Vedic astrology, it is the 1st house of the Vedic jyotish kundli. My website: to my astrology school: consultation- http://www.astrologykrs.com/Sh. Vedic astrology, Vedic astrologer, Horoscope Judgement - Ascendant - Strong and Weak Ascendant, We must discriminate between strong and weak Ascendant types. A strong type Aries Ascendant would be willful, forceful, outgoing, outspoken, headstrong with much drive and initiative.

Rising sign or Ascendant is the term used inKundli or Birth Chart of a person. When a person takes birthin this everlasting world, the role of rising sign comes into play. Rising sign is the sign which riseson the eastern horizon in the sky at the time of an individual’s birth. It plays a very prominent rolein the whole lifespan of a person. The degree to which extent favourable and unfavourable events affectyour life can be determined through the strength of the Rising Sign or Ascendant.

Rising Sign Calculator: This tool is also known as the ascendant calculator. It is a calculator whichanalyses and enables you to know about the degree of your “rising sign or ascendant”. You would be ableto know how your life is being operated by “The Almighty” through Rising Sign Calculator.

What is Rising Sign or Ascendant?

It is one of the signs of Zodiac Belt. As we all know that Zodiac Belt contains 12 Zodiac Signs. One of them will always arise on the eastern horizon at the time of birth.All the zodiac signs are measured 30 degree each. Hence Rising Sign or Ascendant is also of 30 degree.We also call it “Lagna” in Hindi and Sanskrit. According to Vedic Astrology, the whole lifespan of an individual is based on the principle known as “AsAbove As Below”, that means ascendant or rising sign depicts about the formats of human activities.Ascendant indicates celestial position of the environment in which one is born. It signifies the conditionswhich a person faces after his birth. It also represents how a person learns the parameters and exhibitsthem to the outer world.

Vedic Astrology Ascendant Leo

Importance of Rising Sign

  • It signifies the general appearance, character and temperament of an individual.
  • It helps you to know about the physical stature, color, fame and physical constitution of the native.
  • It can reveal the important facts about your health, whether you are physically fit & fine or not.
  • It shows the struggle of life and also represents the success and failure attempts of one’s life.
  • It tells about the fortunes and misfortunes of life and native’s station in life.
  • It determines upto which extent native will be successful in his life.
  • It reveals the folded story of one’s life related to his birth residence or far off place from native’sbirth place. Whether the native will get fame or success in foreign places or not, that can be determinedthrough the Ascendant.
  • It also depicts about the profits, gains and advantages to your younger siblings.

Degree of Rising Sign or Ascendant

When you are born, a certain degree is assigned to your Ascendant, that can be calculated easily throughthe Rising Sign Calculator. A question may arise in your mind, what is that degree of Ascendant? Let’sunderstand with an example, when we opt for any exam and prepare for the same, few are unable to clearthe exam, few of them only clear the exam and only few of them clear with good marks. If we compareexam with ascendant and degree with marks, then it can be understood how degree of Rising Sign affectsone’s life. Those who got lesser degree will be less influenced whereas those with the good degree ofascendant will gain maximum influenced in the concerned areas of Lagna.

Name of Twelve Rising Signs

  • Aries: Aries is the most active sign of Zodiac,one born with this sign is a very quick learner, aggressive and passionate.

  • Taurus: Taurus is most stable sign of Zodiac,that is the reason it is also included in the earthy sign of the Zodiac Belt. One born with this MoonSign (Not a Rising Sign) is very stable and balanced through their mind.

  • Gemini: Gemini is a dual sign of ZodiacBelt. One born with this rising sign is very dual and creative in nature with lots of verbosity. Theyare the most expressive people as they love talking.

  • Cancer: Cancer is a watery sign. They arevery friendly and show motherly love to everyone. According to ascendant calculator, an important traitof these natives is their sensitive nature.

  • Leo: As sign in itself indicates “Lion” or “King”, hence people born under Leo sign are considered to be leaders in every aspects of life. They are royal in nature.

  • Virgo: Virgo is an earthy sign of ZodiacBelt. People born under this Rising Sign are practical in nature. They believe in reality and representsthemselves as a strong person.

  • Libra: Libra sign depicts that it is allabout “Balance”. It seems that their life is very balanced, however, things are way opposite as theyalways face unstable situations in order to balance it further.

  • Scorpio: Scorpio is a watery sign. Thesepeople are very intense in their thoughts. They always learn from the transformatory phase of theirlife.

  • Sagittarius: Sagittarius is a Fierysign of Zodiac Belt. These people are highly learned and love to gain knowledge throughout their life.

  • Capricorn: These people are stable in nature. As the sign lord is “Saturn”, the person will be judgementalin his approach.

  • Aquarius:Aquarius is an Airy sign. Theyare smart thinkers, social, communicative, independent and intelligent people.

  • Pisces: Pisces is a Watery Sign. They arevery intuitive people. They are empathic, emotional and highly spiritual in nature.

Vedic Astrology Ascendant Leo Compatibility

Hence in conclusion, Rising Sign acts like a blood for all other 12 Zodiac Signs. If the Ascendant oroneself is not there, then there won’t be a life. In short, Rising Sign signifies changes in one’s life.Any short changes can be measured through the strength of the Lagna or Ascendant. We hope this risingsign calculator would prove to be helpful for you.

Get Your Ascendant or Rising Sign Analysis as per Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology ascendant leo compatibilityGet Your Free Ascendant Report NowLeoVedic Astrology Ascendant Leo

What is Ascendant?

Vedic Astrology Ascendant Leo Susan Miller

Ascendant, also known as the rising sign is a sign which is rising on the eastern horizon when you were born. This is also the first house in the astrological natal birth chart.Ascendant (Lagna) represents the presence of a person in a physical form.


The Ascendant symbolizes the personality; appearance; body-type; mask; environment; surrounding and birth circumstances. It is the part of ourselves that is most readily shown to (and seen by) the outside world.

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