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Welcome to the Spiritual Spirit! This is a place for everyone interested in sidereal vedic astrology and spirituality.I provide you with blogposts, podcast episodes and Instagram posts that will help you unterstand yourself, your life and your purpose! Vedic Astrology and Spirituality. 576 likes 1 talking about this. Welcome to astrology & spirituality resources page. 'Astrology is like gravity. You don't have to believe in it for it to be.

Today marks the beginning of the next series on my blog. I would like to bring you closer to the twelve astrological houses, or the bhavas, of a birth chart. This series will be split into four parts, every part representing one aim of life according to vedic philosophy. These are dharma, artha, kama and moksha. The first part will cover the dharma houses 1, 5 and 9. Dharma is our sense of purpose basically and doing that what we were born for. Dharma is connected to the fire element, as are the natural houses 1, 5 and 9 of the zodiac. The first house is Aries, the fifth house is Leo and the ninth house is Sagittarius. These three from the fire triplicity.


1st House

It holds our ascendant and sets our whole natal chart. Depending on the time of your birth, the focus on different aspects of your life can have a different outcome. This is why it is crucial to know the exact birth time. A few minutes could change your ascendant and the focus will shift. The moment you drew your first breath is your official birth time. It is the house of name and fame. If you have many planets in the first house, it is likely that you are or will become famous in one form or another.

The first house is the beginning of life and how we came into this world. It shows whether your birth was difficult or easy. It is the house of the self in contrast to the 7th house of others. This house shows your physical appearance and your constitution as well as your physical health. The planets involved with this house show your ayurvedic constitution (Vata, Pitta, Kapha). When it comes to the parts of a body, the first house represents the head and the brain. The first house is one of the pillar houses. If the pillars are strong, you are a strong personality.

Its reference is found in the old Vedic sacred texts. April 2021 sagittarius horoscope. According to the Hindu folklore, all the twenty-seven Nakshatras are the little girls of ruler Daksha and the Moon is hitched to every one of them and the Moon goes through around one day each in one-star grouping and consequently, the lunar month is of roughly 27 days equivalent to the.

5th House

Spiritual Daily Astrology

It is the house of creativity and creation and therefor the house of children. It represents all forms of creativity, such as art, dancing and writing. Talent for authorship can therefor be seen from this house. It is also the house of love that we feel towards our family and friends and it represents romance and dating. The fifth house stand for knowledge and our intelligence. Ancient scriptures are also represented by this house. It is the house of advisers and the ability to give good advise, therefor it is the house of astrologers. If your fifth house is strong, you give good advise to other people.

Gambling and lotteries are associated with the fifth house as well. It is the house of entertainment, fun and performance. Due to its connection to the ninth house (it is the ninth from the ninth), the fifth house shows your good past life deeds and karma. It shows the talents that you have brought from past life into this life because of your good karma. This is why it has a connection to spirituality and is therefor one of the dharma houses. Being the second house from the fourth house, it shows the wealth of your mother or the money you receive from real estate. The part of the body that is represented by the fifth house is the heart, the spine and the abdomen.

9th House

The ninth house it the most evolved of the three dharma houses, because it represents spirituality at its purest form. It represents higher education, luck and fortune and how you feel about spirituality. Whether you follow a spiritual belief or not is seen from this house. It represents your father, long distance travel (in contrast to the third house of short distance travel), temples and monasteries. The ninth house stands not only for written spiritual teachings, but also the spiritual teachings through the spoken word.

It is not only our spiritual beliefs, but also our beliefs in general and what we are devoted to. Our father is seen through this house, because the ninth house represents guidance, and normally our father is the first person in our life, who teaches and guides us. Higher learning is associated with this house as well and therefor represents colleges and universities. Long distance travel is seen here as well, because long distance travel often times teaches us about different aspects of life and when we decide to travel long-distance, it usually has a higher purpose. When it comes to the body parts, the ninth house represents your hips and thighs.

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Here is the second part of the ‚houses‘ series, where I break down all twelve houses and explain their meaning to you. This series is split into four parts, every part representing one aim of life according to vedic philosophy. These are dharma, artha, kama and moksha. The first part covered the dharma houses 1, 5 and 9. I hope that you enjoy this series and that it helps you on your astrological/spritual path.
Today’s post will cover the artha houses 2, 6 and 10. The artha houses deal with our resources and our wealth. This can either be money related or refer to knowledge as a source of wealth. The dharma houses referred to the fire triplicity, because they represented the natural zodiac placements of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. The artha houses now represent the earth triplicity: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

2nd House

The second house represents the next stage in our life, namely our (early) childhood which is a transition from the first house of birth. It is the family before marriage and basically represents our parents. Why is that? Our parents are (in the best-case scenario) the people closest to us and the second house is close to the first house of self. If we want to see how the individual’s upbringing and childhood was, we look at this house. When there is a strong influence of malefics, the childhood may have been turbulent with lots of anger involved. With benefics it is the opposite.

Vedic Astrology Spirituality

This house forms the character of the individual and shows their values. Why is that? Well, most of the time our values are shaped by our surroundings and the family we grew up in. Another area which is associated with this house is our finances – the money that we receive as income. It is a source of stability (earth element) for us, because with money we can afford shelter. It correlates with the sign of Taurus, because money is a material thing and Taurus is a materialistic sign.

The second house represents our mouth, our ability to speak. Depending on the state of this house, we can see whether you are being heard in this world. This house also shows the food that you consume and your preferences in food. Malefics in this house can show drug addictions from drugs which are taken through the mouth such as alcohol. Since the mouth is involved with this house, your teeth and their health are seen from here as well.

6th House

Vedic Astrology And Spirituality Free

The sixth house represents our daily routines and our self-improvement connected to these routines. It also deals with your overall health. When we talk about health, we have to include sickness as well, because those go hand-in-hand. This house shows whether you have a chronic illness and your ability to fight this illness. The sixth house shows the service we provide for other people and therefor represents our work as well.

It correlates to the sign Virgo because Virgo is a service-oriented sign. This includes the co-workers as well as the workplace itself. Because the sixth house represents our health and the intestines, your diet can be seen from this house. Depending on the planets involved in this house, your digestion can be poor or you could have a good digestion. This house doesn’t have a good reputation because it represents many difficult things that we can encounter in life. This includes our enemies and lawsuits. It also represents people that steal from us, such as thieves. Th sixth house also deals with your finances, but related to the money you owe others.

10th House

The tenth house represents our career and our social status that we aspire. It is the highest point in heaven and therefor represents the highest point we can reach in life. It represents the peak of all the artha houses and shows through which we receive the highest amounts of money. The tenth house correlates to the sign Capricorn because Capricorn is an ambitious and powerful sign. This is the house of power and represents those, who are in a CEO or elite position.

If you have many benefic planets in this house or aspecting this house, you are probably a very successful person. The tenth house is also the government and authority. It not only shows your success, but also the success of your father. Why is that? Well, the 10th house is the 2nd (finances) from the 9th (father). It shows your capability to achieve your goals but it also shows whether you have difficulties to find your purpose career-wise. The tenth house shows the property and the mother of your spouse because it is the 4th (property & mother) from the 7th (spouse).

Thank you for reading this post and if you would like to learn more on vedic astrology, I encourage you to check out my Instagram and listen to my podcast.

Vedic Astrology And Spirituality Worksheets

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