• Gohonzon (Japanese: 御本尊) is a generic term for a venerated religious object in Japanese Buddhism.It may take the form of a scroll or statuary. In Nichiren Buddhism, it refers to the hanging calligraphic paper mandala inscribed by Nichiren to which devotional chanting is directed.
  • This article related to astrology and how 9 Planets in Vedic Astrology control different types of energies and minerals in our body. But since it deals with herbal treatment, its placed in Ayurveda section. For example, Saturn controls Iron and if someone has a malefic or weak saturn, he/she will suffer from calcium and Iron deficiency in body.

Here a list of Different 108 names of lord shiva in Sanskrit with meaning on Rudraksha Ratna. He is known as the Destroyer. He destroys the Universe and recreates.


Vedic astrology is more accurate and reliable than western astrology. Because, vedic astrology is based on the fixed zodiac concept, and western astrology based on moving zodiac concept. The background of vedic astrology is more than 8000 years old. Astrological traditions are visible in the 'Atharva-Veda'. Astrologers, chief of vedic (Indian) astrology and special texts written by him. Parashar Muni (Vrihad Parashar, Haura Shastra). Varah Mihir (Vrihad Sanhita, Vrihat jatak, Laghu jatak). Bhaskaracharya (Sidhhant Shiromani). Shridhar (Jatak Tilak). Vedic Astrological Signs: Mesh (aries), Brishbh (tauras), Mithun (gemini), Kark (cancer), Sinh (lio), Kanya (virgo), Tula (libra), Vrishchik (scorpio), Dhanu (sagittaries), Makar (capricorn), Kumbh (aquarius), Meen (pisces).

Vedic Astrology And Camphor Reading

SYMPTOMS OF SUN DEFECT: Problems caused by incurable diseases, headaches, fever, eye related problems, trouble from the tax department of the government, obstacles in the job, it means Sun planet is in bad position.
WHAT TO DO WHEN THE SUN: PLANET GET WORSE: In such a situation, donate the objects related to the Sun Planet and daily paath (reading) the 'Aditya Hriday Strotam'.
SYMPTOMS OF MOON DEFECT: Difficulty from colds, stomach disorders, fear of the death of unhealthy milch animals in the house, rising of enemies, loss of wealth, lung disease, no reason to feel mental stress, it means Moon planet is in bad position.
WHAT TO DO WHEN THE MOON GET SPOILED: Donate the moon's goods, worship Shiva, and see the presence of a Jyotirlinga. Post gazette horoscope pittsburgh ohio.
SYMPTOMS OF MARS DEFECT: Fear of being stolen at home, fight in home and family, feuding in relations, tension in relationship with brother, tension in married life, fear of premature death, land dispute, it means Mars is bad.
WHAT TO DO WHEN MARS GET SPOILED: Serve the Hanumman ji, daily paath (reading) the Hanumaan chalisa and Bajrangbaan. Donate goods to Mars, keep fast on Tuesdays and eat satvic food.
SYMPTOMS OF MERCURY DEFECT: Irritability in nature, loss of wealth due to gambling, due to diseases related to tooth, trouble due to headache, condition of tension increases, skin disease increases. It means Mercury planet is in bad position.
WHAT TO DO WHEN THE MERCURY GET BAD: In this situation, donate the mercury's goods, daily paath (reading) the goddess, serve the green trees, serve Tulsi in the house.
SYMPTOMS OF JUPITER DEFECT: Loss of gold, fear of theft, obstacles in the path of higher education, lack of honor in the face of false accusations, fear of loss to the father, problem in girl's marriage, it means the Jupiter planet is in bad position.
WHAT TO DO WHEN THE JUPITER GET SPOILED: Such a condition would be donated to the Jupiter goods. Elders, Brahmins and saints, take blessings by touching the feet of them. Do worship of banana.
SYMPTOMS OF VENUS DEFECT: Thumb without any illness, trouble with skin diseases, loss in the field of politics, separation between love and bondage, the tension about the health of the spouse, it means Venus is poor.
WHAT OT DO WHEN VENUS GET POOR: Daily paath (reading) of Sri Sukta, feed the cow to the jaw. Donate ghee, camphor, cotton, and Ittar in temple.
SYMPTOMS SATURN DEFECT: Loss of ancestral property, always troubles from illness, trouble due to litigation, worsening of work, pain under knees, it means Shani Dev is unhappy.
WHAT TO DO WHEN THE SATURN WORSENS: Every Saturday evening, offer oil, urad, black mole to shani dev. Serve the Disableds, give the bread to black Cow.
SYMPTOMS OF RAHU DEFECT: Being addictive, anti-God, becoming gas problems due to obesity, sudden accidents, feudal feud, loss of business in all kinds, mischief, it means 'Rahu Dasha' is bad.
WHAT TO DO WHEN RAHU WORSE IN ZODIAC: Raise (Jup) one garland of 'Om ein Sarasvantya Namah' Mantra, flutter in jaggery and wheat flour in water, keep the relationship warm with mother.
SYMPTOMS OF KETU DEFECT: The loss of money due to bad associations, problems with joint pain, non-degeneration of the child, tension due to health, dog's biting, it means Ketu is bad.
WHAT TO DO WHEN THE KETU GET DAMAGED: Worship of Lord Ganesha, daily paath (reading) of 'Ganesh Atharv sheersh', give breads to two color's dog and donate blankets to the poor people.

The Nine Astrological Gemstones and their Planets:

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Vedic astrology signs

Vedic Astrology And Camphor Love

S.No.Name of the PlanetsName of the Nine Astrological Gemstones
3.MarsRed Coral
5.JupiterYellow Sapphire
7.SaturnBlue Sapphire
9.KetuCat's Eye
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