Vyasa is believed to be an expansion of the God Vishnu, who came in Dvapara Yuga to make all the Vedic knowledge from oral tradition available in written form. According to the Mahabharata, he was the son of Satyavati, daughter of a fisherman chief and the wandering sage Parashara, who is credited with being the author of the first Purana. It embodies step-children as well as adopted children. Vedic astrology san diego. As per Jupiter in 11th house Vedic Astrology, the natives may have a philosophical bend of mind and are.

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The combinations for predicting adoption of a child by a couple are based on looking at the weakness of putrakaraka elements in the chart. The logic is simple – if there are no natural issues, adoption is the next possibility. The yogas therefore are more or less along the lines of malefic aspect on 5th (and 9th) lords/houses (thus denying children) and also on the 7th house (denying ability to procreate).

  1. Effect of Saturn and Mars on 5th house either by occupation or aspect afflicts the house of children.
  2. Lord of 5th house in barren signs, i.e. those signs belonging to Saturn and Mercury.
  3. Barren signs, i.e., Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn or Aquarius in 5th house in a horoscope. This means that people with lagnas – Aquarius, Taurus, Virgo, Libra are more likely to adopt than others.
  4. Affliction of 7th house indicates inability to procreate.
  5. Association of lord of lagna with Mercury may also indicate inability to procreate.
  6. Since a person will have a child to call his own after adoption, influence of a benefic on the 5th house or its lord is a must.
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If this benefic influencing the 5th house is Jupiter, which is the naisargik putrakaraka, the influence almost guarantees birth of children as seen from various Parashariyogas. Therefore, it can mean that it is not Jupiter that influences 5th house in rule number 5 above, but it is rather Moon or Venus that are indicated here.

Vedic Astrology Adopted Children Pictures

I would like to point out a problem with this approach. It does not consider a scenario where perfectly normal couple think about adopting a child even when they already have naturally born children. IMHO, it would be difficult to make a distinction between adopted children and naturally conceived children in such a case.

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