Astrology is the prediction of a certain event in an individual's life based on the time of birth. These methods have been followed in the Hindu system for thousands of years. The traditional astrology is called Vedic astrology and then KP Astrology has evolved in the following era. There are certain differences in both these types of Astrology. Given below are some of them. One can also become an expert and choose it as a profession if he/she completes a Diploma in Astrology through traditional or online mode.

What is Vedic Astrology?

Vedic astrology, also known as Jyotish or Indian astrology is based on the observation of Vedic sages that cosmic objects like planets, moon, stars, and moon have influences on a person’s life. They are based on the time of birth of an individual. Vedic Astrology originated from the oldest Veda called Rig Veda. During later times, it is published in the form of books. Now, there are also eminent institutions similar to the Institute of Vedic Astrology which provide courses and degrees for those interested in learning Vedic Astrology.


What is KP Astrology?

Unique benefits of feroza in vedic astrology. 1.Firoza is said to be the healing gem of empathy and improves the wearer's sensitivity and thinking power. 2.It eliminates misfortunes and bad luck, thus results in health, wealth, wisdom, fame and strength. It improves the creativity and the charisma of the person wearing the Feroza gemstone. The Feroza gemstone keeps you safe from the adverse effects of pollution, viruses and acidity. Your brain, neck, eyes and throat remain well protected. If you suffer from speech disorders, go in for this gemstone without hesitation. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. WHAT ARE THE ASTROLOGICAL BENEFITS OF TURQUOISE (FIROZA)? When placed on the third eye chakra, it stimulates perception and increases focus in a person. When placed on the Throat chakra (pendant), it helps the wearer in overcoming inhibitions. The primary benefit of the Feroza gemstone is that it restricts the person from going astray and protects the person from harmful gusts. The other benefits are as follows- It aggrandizes your status and respect in the society. It helps in enhancing the mental status and bridging communication gaps.

Apr 20, 2021 Barbara Pijan Lama Jyotishavidya Vedic Astrology Surya Sun Chandra Moon Mangala Mars Budha Mercury Guru Jupiter Shukra Venus Shani Saturn Rahu Ketu Graha Planets Dasha Timeline Calendar Nakshatra Navamsha Marriage Children Treasury Career Spiritual Wisdom Cycles of re-Death and re-Birth. Sep 18, 2018 - Vedic Astrology Research Portal: All About Divisional Charts by Sourabh Soni. Your Vedic birth chart is a unique karmic map that shares the wisdom of life- past, present and future. Your chart holds the key to understanding who you are on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual body level. Your chart also shares intimate secrets about your healing and transformation process. Jyotish is the Vedic science of astrology.

As advances in technology impact every field, the impact is also observed in the field of astrology. KP Astrology is the software that is used to make astrological predictions. It was discovered by the great Indian Astrologer, Late Prof. K.S. Krishnamurti. KP astrology deals with the study of Nakshatras or stars and the parameters based on them to makes predictions in one’s life. There are several professionally managed institutions similar to Institute of Vedic astrology Indore which provide courses to become an expert in KP astrology system.

What are the other major differences between Vedic Astrology and KP Astrology?

These are some of the differences between Vedic astrology and KP astrology. When you Learn Astrology, you can be clearer about these differences.

• In Vedic astrology, the predictions seem to be the same for the people born with same lagna/rasi. But, in the real world, they do not possess the same character traits.

Vedic astrology abbreviations gk bp online

Vedic Astrology Abbreviations Gk Bpl

• Vedic astrology is used to predict future according to the change of houses, while KP astrology predicts future events through cups (the connecting nodes of two houses).

• KP astrology gives importance to the Stars or Nakshatras or Constellation divisions of the Zodiac and that serves the desired purpose for precision.

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• They are further divided into 9 divisions and named ‘SUBS’. These are not equal in Vedic astrology, but they are equal in the case of KP astrology.

• KP Astrology uses K.P. Ayanamshas as opposed to Lahiri Ayanamshas which is generally used in Vedic System. These two differ by 6 minutes.

Vedic Astrology Abbreviations Gk Bp

• According to KP Astrology, the planets in their Dasha give outcomes as per their Nakshatra Swami instead of the planet itself.

Free Vedic Astrology Chart Reading

Irrespective of differences in these two types of astrology, they are generally used to predict the nature, the character or the events that may occur in the life of a person. It is recommended to consider astrological principles during crucial events of life to prevent mishaps from happening and to live a peaceful life. There are expert-designed Astrology Courses in Distance Education that you can complete and choose the subject as your career.

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