12th House in Vedic Astrology

When you have Jupiter in 12th house, you tend to be quite benevolent and have a positive outlook towards future. You are likely to have interest in psychic phenomena and occult areas of life. Jupiter works as your guardian angel in this house, helping you sidestep troubles and come out of critical situations gracefully. 12th House Vedic Astrology, Twelfth House The first eight houses of the horoscope indicate ikaloka sukham or the pleasures of the world. The last four houses indicate para loka sadhanam or spiritual welfare. The last four houses are known as the Dharma, Artha,Kama and Moksha. As per Vedic Astrology, placement of Ketu in 12th house from lagna (ascendant) in Birth or Navamsa chart of horoscope considered as very auspicious and good for both males and females. Along with good effects it has few bad effects which adversely person during Ketu Dasha ((South Node Period) in all stages of life. About 12th House in Vedic Astrology The twelfth House in Kundli (natal chart or birth chart) represents our subconscious and hidden nature. Known as Vyaya Bhava in Vedic astrology, it is the house of loss, liberation, isolation and decline. Following the House of Ambition and Growth is the 12th house.



The Twelfth House, being the last house, tend to complete the life cycle of a native. It determines emancipation and detachment. The wealth, relationships, inheritance, etc that one tends to attain in a lifespan, this house affects the tendencies to let go. An afflicted twelfth house can lead to hospitalization, imprisonment, mental instability, etc. as well. But, it is not pejorative in nature. Detachment can also mean self sufficiency.

Characteristics of the Twelfth House

Vedic astrology 12th house meaning chinese

The Twelfth house determines one’s ability to let go and be at peace with seclusion. Below are the core features of this house that derive the basic characteristic for its Analysis:

1. Ruling Sign and Ruling Planet

Pisces is the Ruling sign of the Twelfth House. Saturn naturally significates the Twelfth house.

2. Ruling Body Part

The Ruling body part(s) of the Twelfth house includes left eye, feet, and lymphatic system.

Houses In Astrology Meaning

3. Governing Factors

Twelfth house is a rather reflective house of one’s ability to detach. Detachment from home land, far and wide travels, import, export, international transactions, all these are reflected in this house.

4. Relationships with other planets

Below is summary of impact when below planets are placed in the Twelfth house:

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Sun in Twelfth House

The natives are likely to face some dark glitches in their life, but they pass too. They develop a good sense of resilience and challenge combating abilities that helps them deal with issues. They have inclinations towards psychic readings and are driven towards intuitions.

The natives also have a very soft heart for people with mental disabilities.

Moon in Twelfth House

The natives are likely to be lovers of solitude. They like to be in their own recluse. They have a very benevolent tone, though their aggressive streak is also unusually high. They are featured with lethargy and like to keep things to themselves. Association with spiritual institution or even a Hospital are extremely likely.

Mars in Twelfth House

The 12th House Astrology

A lot of unfortunate things can happen to such natives. They invite enemies who try to harm them in secret ways. They also have an emotional baggage full of repentance and apprehension. The natives need to take control of their impulses and temperament.

Mercury in Twelfth House

Natives understand unique subjects. They like mystery and can unravel them with their strong intuitions. They unearth and simplify the mysteries and complexities. They have a bigger vision towards life and do not get bogged down by small issues.

Venus in Twelfth House

Natives have an extreme feeling of escaping the monotony of daily life and learn the higher purpose. They are secretive and never let their feelings surface. They don’t consider materialistic pleasures as the judge of one’s success. They sometimes get hostile.

Saturn in Twelfth House

Natives are evolved and understand the higher meaning of life. They like being by themselves.They tend to face troubles with people and health issues are also persistent for them. There are risks of chronic diseases and even hospitalization.

There are also chances of imprisonment.


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Jupiter in Twelfth House

Such natives with Jupiter in twelfth house are compassionate and optimistic. They are able to get out of complex situations with extreme ease and have a flair for humanitarian work. They like serving and are great in careers situated in hospitals or prisons. Success comes late in their life.

The Twelfth House In Astrology

Rahu in Twelfth House

Natives can serve jail time or being hospitalized. They might associate with a hospital or prison. Foreign travel is also indicated here. The natives tend to indulge in unnecessary expenses, secret relationships, etc. Meditation is recommended for such natives.

Ketu in Twelfth House

It is a positive placement for Ketu. Natives behave an introvert way, but it leads to enhanced spirituality and enlightenment. There is sleep deprivation and troubles. Foreign travel is likely but the natives. Self consciousness is advised, otherwise health problems are very likely.


Vedic Astrology 12th House Meaning Chinese

Twelfth house is rightly termed as the Vyaya Bhava, wherein it depicts the spending habits of an individual. It depicts seclusion and detachment and is reflective of how individuals tend to deal with such phenomenon. It brings international factors into play- international travels, imports, exports, etc. It also gives an insight into one’s spirituality. Hence, this house is losing yourself, to yourself.

What do the houses in the Vedic Birth chart represent?
The basic chart has Got 12 houses. Each of them represent different facets of human life. Here you will find a brief introduction to all 12 houses:

In Astrology What Is The 12th House

  1. The first House: (The house of Self), The ascendant, Lagna
    This is the most important house in the chart and plays an important role right throughout the life of an individual. It represents the physical stature, complexion, form and shape of an individual. The health, vigour, vitality and natural tendencies are controlled by this house. This also represents personality, jest for life, honour, dignity, well being, upper part of the face, longetivity and start in life.

  2. The second House: (The house of wealth)
    All money matters are governed by this house. Fortune, profits and gains, power and resources, security, material achievements , jewellery, shares, security, speech, eyes, vision, stocks and bonds, precious stones, memory, education, tongue, nose teeth, chin and family are governed by this house. This is also a maraka sthana or a death inflicting house.

  3. The third House: (The house of courage and siblings)
    The mental intellect and disposition is governed by this house. Courage and the ability to achieve things and complete tasks are represented by this house. Relationships with brothers and sister's , assistance or otherwise from them are also studied from this house. Relations with neighbours, valour, short travels, communications&transport, correspondence, writing, change of residence, contracts, agreements, rumours carrying tales, hands, throat, shoulder blade, collar bones arms and nervous system are some things that this house gives information about

  4. Transit report vedic astrology horoscope. The fourth House: (The house of mother and pleasures)
    Mother, native place, residence, domestic environment, grave, private affairs, secret life, luxury vehicles, fields, pastures, farms, orchards, mines, buildings, houses, ancestral property, hidden treasure, academic education, wells, water, milk, ponds, lakes etc, are represented by this house

  5. The fifth house: (The house of progeny, romance and competition)
    Progeny, whether one will have children or not, of what sex, inclination, recreation, pleasure, artistic talents, entertainment&amusement, sports, excelling in competitive activities likes crosswords, cards, games of chance, gambling or betting, love affairs, ambassadors, good or bad morals, mantra, tantra, religious mindedness, high learning and wisdom, enormus riches, spiritual practices etc are represented by this house.

  6. The sixth house: (The house of enemy and disease)
    Types of diseases, whether they will be curable or not, nursing, food, services, employees, sub ordinates or servants, debts, cattle, tenants, jealousy, enemies, maternal uncles, mental anguish are represented by this house

  7. The Seventh House The house of marriage and partnerships):
    Earthly ties and unions, legal bondage, spouse, partners in business, conjugal life, litigation, influence in foreign countries, success and reputation in foreign travels, dangers in life, Relationship with spouse, gains or losses after marriage, type of spouse and his/ her physical and mental disposition

  8. The eighth House (The house of accidents and death)
    Longetivity and span of life, inheritance, legacy, wills, insurance, pension, gratuity, accidents, fire or suicide, misery, misfortune, soorow, strife, worries, disgrace, delay, dejection, disappointment, loss, obstruction, theft and robbery etc are represented by this house

  9. The ninth House The house of Fate and Fortune):
    Faith, wisdom, divine worship, pilgrimages, philosophy, fortune, religious disposition, meditation, intuition, sacrifices and charity, father, Preceptor, learning and teaching, dreams and visions, long journeys, air and sea travel, higher education foreign travels, knees.

  10. The tenth House (The house of profession):
    Honour, dignity, public esteem, power and prestige, credit and recognition received for a task completed, success and staus, rank and renown, respect and fame, ambition, authority, permanency in job, promotion, advancememt in Job, appointments. Government, political power, high posts such as President etc, last rites to parents, honour from Government etc.

  11. The eleventh house (The house of casual incomes and gains):
    Friends, soceity, community, favorites, ambitions and wish fullfillment, gain of wealth, success in undertakings, incoming wealth, prosperity, elder brothers, recovery from illness, dawn of fortune, ankles

  12. The twelfth house: (The house of expenses and Losses):
    Losses and impediments, restraint and limitation, waste and extravagance, expenses whether good or bad, deception, investmets and donations, charity, misery and misfortune, sorrow and sin, secret ememies, involvement in scandals, disgrace and insults, secret sorrows. Sucess through occult affairs, the feet , left eye, left ear, bed pleasures, life and activities in foreign places

What Does The 12th House Mean In Astrology

Added to the house, the placement of planets, their lord and their placement in various houses are studied for an accurate analysis. There are various charts that are drawn to arrive at a correct conclusion.
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