The lord of the 10th situated in the 6th house from the 10th, or either the lord of the 8th or the lord of the 11th associating with the Raja yoga formation or the Sun in its deep debilitation or Venus occupying the 5th house, the 12th or the 2nd house and the lord of the bhava of its occupation weak and afflicted or when all papagrahas occupy. The 10th or 11th house, the native will acquire a kingdom in his dasa. Become a king and cause destruction of his enemies and will possess many. Vehicles and a huge army. If Venus be in his sign of exaltation or in his own sign and be posited in. The 10th, 11th or the 12th house, uneclipsed and free from the influence of a.

  • The year 2020-21 is Excellent Period for Meena Rashi natives as per Hindupad Panchang. This year Meena Rashi natives have Saturn in 11th house and Guru Movement in 10th & 11th Houses. Shani (Saturn) in 11th House will give good results for Pisces in year 2020-21 with respect to health, wealth, family life & carrier.
  • The first house represents the beginning, the birth, and the 12th house in Vedic Astrology, being the last house completes the lifecycle and represents the endings.It stands for seclusion, solitude, and emancipation. This is the house of detachments.

FIRST HOUSE: The native will earn a lot of money in the dasha of the 11th lord. He will be born in a rich family.
SECOND HOUSE: If the planet is favourably placed than the native will have good relations with his brothers and live with them, if it’s afflicted they will live separately. He will gain a lot from friends and earn through commerce and banking.
THIRD HOUSE: He will benefit from his brother’s sources; his neighbours will be helpful as well. He may be a singer or musician.
FOURTH HOUSE: The individual will be blessed with an attractive wife and well-educated mother. He himself will be learned and gain money through land and property.
FIFTH HOUSE: The native will have many children who will grow up to be prosperous, but he himself will gain by gambling and betting. If the lord is afflicted then he will indulge in immoral activities.
SIXTH HOUSE: He will benefit from hospitals, court cases and his maternal uncle. If it is afflicted then he will incite and manipulate others for his gain.
SEVENTH HOUSE: The native may marry multiple times, but if the influence of the lord is strong he will marry once and his wife will be rich. If the lord is afflicted he will indulge in flesh trade and prostitution. He may earn profits from abroad.
EIGHTH HOUSE: The native may be forced to beg if the planet is afflicted, otherwise too he will suffer from childhood and incur financial losses.
NINTH HOUSE: He will be pious and work for as well as form many religious institutions. He will own many vehicles, lands and inherit a lot from his family.
TENTH HOUSE: He will win prizes academically and benefit from his elder brother. He will be a successful businessman but his earnings will depend on the how strong the planet is.
ELEVENTH HOUSE: This individual is happy and satisfied as he belongs to the most desirable yog.
TWELFTH HOUSE: He will lose one of his brothers, spend his earnings in the treatment of the other, and bear the responsibility of the whole family. If the 11th lord is unfavourably positioned or the moon is in the 3rd, 5th, 7th – then he will live in poverty. The native has chances of having an influential brother if the beneficial planets are positioned before and after the 12th house.

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Jupiter in 1st house unites with the energies of Mars-ruled zodiac sign Aries. As the 1st zodiac sign, Aries naturally represents the 1st house and therefore shares common energies with it.

It is important to note that the positive placement of Sun and the 1st house lord carry an important role in amplifying the favorable effects or saving from negative results of ill-placed Jupiter in the 1st house.

Sun is related to the given house because it mutually signifies vitality, soul, and honor with the 1st house. Hence, in addition to Jupiter, the condition of Sun tweaks the mentioned significances.

The 1st house ruler becomes a guide to Jupiter in the 1st house. Therefore, it is important to consider the condition of the 1st ruler in order to determine the additional outcomes of this combination in question.

Additionally, the majority of results are also determined by the zodiac sign in which Jupiter resides in the 1st house.

Results of Jupiter in 1st House

Jupiter gains directional strength or Digbala in the first house which denotes that the significances of the considered planet are amplified to a great extent. It is also important for Jupiter to be in favorable sign in order to have positive results amplified.


From its position in the ascendant, Jupiter aspects the 5th, 7th, and 9th (Trine or Trikona) house all of which have a major influence in delivering the results. The general effect of the positioning and aspects of Jupiter is an expansion of the themes signified by houses involved.

Maxine taylor astrology. Accordingly, the positioning of Jupiter in the ascendant expands one’s mind, soul, self, and body in general. As a result, one will be blessed with a beautiful body, pure soul, and jovial mindset.

The aspect of Jupiter upon the 5th house expands the intellect of the native, blesses with good recognition from society, and makes one fortunate regarding wealth which also indicates good fruits of karma from the pious deeds of the past. As the 5th house governs the heart matters, a positive influence of Jupiter over the considered house makes one generous and kind-hearted.

The aspect of well-placed Jupiter over the 7th house (of marriage, relationships, partnerships, legal matters, trading, business, carnal desires) indicates blessings of marital bliss and harmony. In addition to that, it also blesses with success and achievements regarding trading and business.

The 9th aspect of Jupiter (over the 9th house) indicates having a spiritually pure soul with higher knowledge of ethics, morals, and dharma in abundance. In addition to the spiritual soul, the considered combination blesses with great knowledge and wisdom.

Having a pure and generous soul also equals having great heavenly support from the almighty. The considered house also symbolizes the destiny of the soul, where a favorably positioned Jupiter indicates great destinations to one’s self (1st) and soul (9th).



When natural benefic planet Jupiter is in the house of self and soul, it produces a very merciful person, unlike natural malefic planets, which provide revengeful and harsh characteristics. People with the considered combination can be very forgiving and merciful even after being severely betrayed.

This attracts abundant blessings in their lives. That is because various religious prophets have taught us that it is important to forgive so that our sins would be forgiven by Almighty God. The more merciful they are, the more divine support they attract.

If Jupiter is fallen or debilitated in the 1st house, it indicates being selfish and revengeful. They are likely to harness strict and harsh traits when they have a chance to pay someone back. Alternatively, they might choose to pay back when it matches with their desire to attain personal goals.

Vedic Astrology 11th House Lord In 12th House Effects Youtube

They might also pretend to be compassionate and enthusiastic when they have specific personal intentions in their minds. At the same time, they might pretend to be righteous and merciful when they spot an opportunity to artificially increase their social reputation and rank.

Gorgeous & Glorious

Jupiter in the first house (of the physical constitution) blesses with a beautiful appearance full of glory and shine. It also blesses with a proportionate body with gorgeous curvature as well as beautiful hips and buttocks in the case of females.

Wise & Affluent

Jupiter, with its glory, shine, and wisdom, is capable of producing an extremely wise and affluent person. People with this combination express themselves in a very philosophical way, and their words are always backed by higher wisdom, truth, and righteousness which ultimately makes them very affluent in society.

As a thumb rule, a weak or fallen Jupiter in the ascendant either decreases intelligence and knowledge of higher wisdom or causes it to be used immorally which can hinder the process of becoming affluent in the society.

Hence, to become affluent in society it is important to remain righteous and ethical which is praised by the masses. This behavior attracts abundant support from society.

Spiritual Soul

Jupiter, as the planet of spiritual wisdom, in the 1st house (of the soul, ascendant) indicates having a spiritually evolved soul. In addition to that, the aspect of Jupiter upon the 9th house (of spirituality, philosophy, and higher wisdom) amplifies the effect and indicates a great spiritually evolved soul. People with this combination are honest, righteous, truthful, and God-fearing.

Alternatively, fallen Jupiter in the considered house indicates a lack of interest in spirituality, higher wisdom, and righteousness. It is because people with weak Jupiter are more interested in worldly status more than intangible values.

Wealthy & Generous

Jupiter, the main planet that signifies wealth, in the ascendant is capable of blessing with abundant wealth, if well placed. More than that, people with this combination are extremely generous and willing to share their fortune with others or spend it on great pious causes.

The fortune and wealth can be gradually decreased if Jupiter falls or debilitates in the 1st house making it hard to obtain and earn wealth. They might become spendthrift because they have an increased desire for personal gratification.

As the 1st house signifies self and reputation, they might overspend in order to increase their honor. As a result, they might overindulge in spending on personal necessities. They realize that it is not reasonable to spend resources to please others or alter their reputation materialistically.

Sound Health & Gratitude

The 1st house or Ascendant is the primary house of health in which a well-placed Jupiter is capable of blessing with overall sound health that also promotes increased longevity.

If Jupiter is fallen in the ascendant, it decreases the vitality of the soul, increases bad habits, and creates a bad character with ad morals which will definitely decrease the well-being and health of the native.

It is because being constantly ungrateful and dissatisfied promotes losses. It also promotes becoming immoral and developing a mentality of ill-wisher which can damage the vitality of the soul.

If the vitality of the soul is damaged, there is the less vital energy of the soul which is required to concentrate on gratitude and positives in order to build something bigger out of them.

It is important to remember that if we concentrate on what we have, we will be blessed with more. If we concentrate on what we don’t have, there is a high chance of losing what we already have which also loses the chance to build something greater.

Adventurous Explorer

The 1st house is represented by Aries, which is a sign of adventure and exploration. Hence, the placement of Jupiter in this house makes the native fond of travels and adventures.

Vedic Astrology 11th House Lord In 12th House Effects

The journeys are mostly related to the seek of the higher meaning of life and discovery of the spiritual side of oneself, as the significance of Jupiter suggests.

Hamsa Pancha Mahapurusha Yoga

Jupiter in own sign (Sagittarius, Pisces) or in the sign of exaltation (Cancer) while being in one of the houses of Kendra (quadrangular – 1st, 4th, 7th, 10th) forms a very powerful yoga Hamsa (Jupiter) Yoga.

Vedic Astrology 11th House Lord In 12th House Effects Online

As a result, an exceptionally strong Jupiter blesses with all of its great qualities providing a very spiritual, intelligent, wise, elegant, generous, moral, righteous, and charitable character to a person with this combination. This planetary combination also blesses with luck and fortune in abundance that provides support and promotes success in undertakings throughout life.

Furthermore, as Jupiter is the significator of wealth, it blesses with plenty of gains and promotes the fulfillment of desires. In the chart of a woman, Jupiter represents her husband and thus blesses with a very intelligent, wealthy, generous, spiritual, caring, moral, faithful, religious, righteous, and charitable soulmate.

Classical Analysis

Bhrigu Sutras

According to Bhrigu Sutram, a well-placed Jupiter in its own sign in the 1st house blesses the native with expanded mentality and wisdom.

This makes them well learned, especially in the topics related to Jupiter, such as philosophy, higher wisdom, and religion. There is stated that such native will be well versed in spiritual wisdom and sacred scriptures.

As a significator of progeny, Jupiter in the 1st house provides the native with a good amount of children who make the native happy.

Moreover, Jupiter casts its aspect upon the 5th house of progeny which influences the children of the native in a positive way. To be specific, this aspect provides the children of the native with the traits of Jupiter, making them righteous, wise, and generous.

Moreover, if Jupiter is exalted in the 1st house, it further extends the auspicious effects by bringing the best out of the significations of the planet. In this classical source, it is stated that this will manifest the above-mentioned results maximally.

As early as the age of 16, the native starts to feel the auspicious effects of exalted Jupiter in many ways. As exalted Jupiter in trine or quadrant forms a powerful Mahapurusha Yoga, the effects are related to this planetary combination that is mentioned earlier in this article.

However, if Jupiter is unfavorably positioned in an inimical sign or fallen, it indicates complete loss of the good traits of Jupiter and the 1st house. As both Jupiter and the 1st house represent righteousness the native with this negatively formed combination becomes bereft of it.

Therefore it is stated that such natives are inclined to commit sinful or unethical deeds for selfish purposes. As the 1st house is about mentality, it also destabilizes their mindset.

The 1st house is also related to self-awareness or pride. A fallen or undignified Jupiter in this house indicates that the native is full of negative pride. Jupiter is the planet of faith and gratitude and in a weakened state, it provides an ungrateful mentality to the native with this combination.

Ungratefulness leads to various troubles and losses in life because of not putting energy and gratitude into what they have in order to build more out of it.

The lack of gratitude also affects the relationship with their close ones adversely. Particularly, while they do not value the closeness and affection of their close ones and well-wishers, they are prone to desert them easily.

This leads to resentment and bitter relationships with others and as a result, they become miserable. Such natives are also either not interested in children or encounter troubles while raising them.

Brihat Jataka

In this classical source it is mentioned that such native is wise and well learned.

FullVedic astrology 11th house lord in 12th house effects online11th


Individuals with this combination possess a refined appearance. They are fearless and inclined towards righteousness. Their longevity is increased and the happiness of children assured.

Vedic Astrology 11th House

It is important to note that positive results are possible if Jupiter is dignified and well placed in the 1st house.


According to this classical source, the native inherits the traits of Jupiter and becomes humble, kind, and tolerant. They are also said to possess a beautiful body and blessed with good longevity.

Vedic Astrology 11th House Lord In 12th House Effects Full

Chamatkara Chintamani

These natives will be honored and reputed by society for their virtuous qualities and characteristics. They undertake spiritual journeys and pilgrimages.

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