It is found, however, that an alternative, astrological, Jyotish gem ha s somewhat of a milder effect than the correspondent main gem. The nine, astrological Jyotish gems page to know more about the main and alternative gemstones used in Jyotish and Vedic astrology. Important: The following pictures are highly magnified (30X) and do not show. To benefit your lives with the Ancient Indian Vedic Science of Gems & Rudraksha Therapy, healing and harness the pure power of your favourable planets and strengthen the weak body chakras, to make the cosmic forces of nature to work in your favour you need to wear Pure and Natural, Purified & Energized (By Vedic Planetary Mantras), Vedic Gemstones/Talismans or Original (Not Tampered or Manipulated). We recommend Beneath a Vedic Sky and Vedic Astrology Simply Put by the late William Levacy. These are available on Amazon. If you want to significantly further your knowledge, you can consider taking courses at ACVA, the American College of Vedic Astrology. The best Jyotish software in the world is Parashara’s Light. All of our gem reports. Sun in the tenth house astrology. Vedic Astrology & Gems Vedic astrology is an ancient astrological discipline originated in ancient India more than 4,000 years ago during the time phase of pre-Vedic civilization and though vedic knwoledge, high Priests/Rishis/Seers make a connection in between human body and celestial bodies by using their transcendental vision. The astrological gemstones emanate a similar harmonic frequency to the planets that can be used by the mind and body's subtle electrical requirements to optimally function. When applied in the correct manner, quality and size It can be one of the most effective, least invasive forms of alternative healing.

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Vedic Astrology and Gems


Gems Counteract Malefic Planets

Emerald cut diamond

Vedic astrologers have been prescribing gemstones to counteract the effects of negative planetary influences since ancient times. According to the Puranas, Vedic historical texts, kings of previous ages wore powerful gems on whatever parts of the body were slightly weak or vulnerable. The gems served as shields against the belligerent attacks of their adversaries.

Vedic Astrology Gems

It was also believed that each precious gem related to a planetary deity. Thus wearing the gem of that particular planet would help to appease its deity, and thus more favorable life conditions would come to that person through the planetary resonances.

The practice of wearing gems for strengthening certain weak planets in the horoscope, is still being practiced today, not only in Vedic cultures, but in certain western ones as well. In practice, it is found that dramatic and positive effects come to a person by wearing the gem(s) that encourage strengthening of planetary imbalances in the horoscope. It is also found that one can bring negative energies to him or herself by wearing the wrong gems.

Thus planetary gemology is an ancient healing and protective art that can be used to one’s advantage with the help of a Vedic astrologer.

Gems and Planets

Gems are prescribed according to which planets need strengthening. The following chart shows which gems relate to the various planets. (Rahu and Ketu are the moon’s north and south nodes.) For each planet, the primary stone is listed first. Secondary stones can also be used, but the primary stones are preferred.

SunRuby, garnet, red spinel, rubelite
MoonPearls, moonstone
MarsRed coral, carnelian, bloodstone
MercuryEmerald, green tourmaline, diopside, peridot, jade
JupiterYellow sapphire, Imperial topaz, yellow beryl, citrine
VenusDiamond, white sapphire, white topaz, zircon and quartz
SaturnBlue sapphire, tanzanite, blue spinel, iolite, lapis
RahuHessonite, orange zircon, spessertite and other orange garnets
KetuCat’s eye (chrysoberly), apetite

Vedic Astrological Gemstones Images

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