Vedic Astrologer: Marc Boney: Date/time: Choose one of the openings below. Previous: Sun Apr 18 Mon Apr 19 Tue Apr 20 Wed Apr 21 Thu Apr 22 Fri Apr 23 Sat Apr 24: Next. Marc's Jyotish University. Dear Friends and Lovers of Astrology, Namaste! I am pleased to announce that beginning Saturday, July 1st, I will be conducting an in-dpeth course on the grahas, the most primary and essential component of a birth chart, as a part of my Foundations of Jyotisha program.

  1. The Astrology of Enlightenment (Case Studies in Vedic Astrology Book 1) 27 Jul, 2013 by Marc Boney ( 5 ).
  2. Vedic Astrologer: Marc Boney: Date/time: Choose one of the openings below. Previous: Sun Mar 28 Mon Mar 29 Tue Mar 30 Wed Mar 31 Thu Apr 1 Fri Apr 2 Sat Apr 3: Next.

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Vedic Astrologer Marc BoneyVedic astrologer near meBOOK EXCERPT:

Dear Reader, With My experience in astrology I am covering top 43 topics of vedic astrology the list is 1.Bhrighu Rules ---------------------------------------> Page 5 2.Atmakara and Ishta Devta -----------------------> Page 9 3.Secrets of Retrograde planets and Jupiter karko bhava nashaya ---------------------------------------------->Page 40 4.The real meaning of rahu and ketu --------->Page 43 5.Theory of Retrograde Planets ----------------->Page 48 6.Jeeva and Sarira ---------------->Page 58 7. Hidden Fortune ----------------->Page 60 8. Neechabhanga Rajyoga ------------------>Page 65 9. Energies of Nakshatras ------------------->Page 75 10.Sins and pastlife ------------------->Page 92 11. Concept of Arudha ------------------->Page 99 12.Hidden secrets of Navamsa ------------------->Page 105 13.Jyotish Secrets of Nadi Texts------------------>Page 109 14.Extraordinary Raj yogas ------------------->Page 122 15. Secrets of Transits ------------------->Page 138 16.Rare Concepts of Vedic Astrology------------>Page 150 17.Dharma and Divine Knowledge --------------->Page 166 18.Secret Behind Lordship of Nakshatra-------->Page 181 19.Pancha Mahapurusha Yogas ------------------>Page 186 20.Kendra Trikona Rajayoga ------------------>Page 192 21.Four Pillars of Vedic Astrology ----------------->Page 195 22.Navamsa in Vedic Astrology -------------------->Page 199 23.How to Read Dasamsa Chart ------------------->Page 202 24.Ketu and Vedic Astrology ------------------------>Page 206 25.Impact of Rahu and Ketu in our Lifes---------->Page 209 26.Bhagya Samhita and Astrological Houses---->Page 213 27.Bhagya Samhita and Planets -------------------->Page 219 28.Poverty and Kemdrum Yoga------------------- ->Page 226 29.Spirituality and Vedic Astrology----------------->Page 231 30.Complete Research on Aries Ascendant---->Page 240 31.Moksha Trikona ----------------->Page 287 32.Vargottam Planets Double the power-------->Page 291 33. What is Good Karma? --------->Page 295 34.Planets Aspecting the Ascendant --------->Page 303 35.Nadi Astrology and its Secrets ------->Page 318 36.Important yogas in Astrology -------->Page 413 37.Upchaya Houses ---------->Page 416 38.Wealth and Dhan Yogas --------->Page 419 39. Secret Energy of Nakshatra Padas --------->Page 423 40.Shadbala Strength in Jyotish ---------->Page 468 41.8th house and Change /Transformation------->Page 481 42.Signification of Number 108 --------->Page 484 43. Sade-Sati of Shani --------->Page 488

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Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit
Author: Saket Shah
Publisher: Saket Shah
Release: 2020-01-25
File: 512 Pages

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#1 eBook Free in [pdf] [kindle] [epub] [tuebl] [mobi] [audiobook], #1 New Release 2020 >> Saturn in scorpio vedic astrology transit.

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