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The first thing Rahu (with Saturn) would do is to cause loss of one or two pregnancies to mother or loss of a brother or sister, before it attains the age of 12 years or at the most 23 years. In all other matters, Rahu renders tenderness to the approach of Saturn to men and matters!

However Rahu gives a tendency to the individual to scrutinise the needs of help and support, physical and/or financial or moral, asked for by any blood relation of self, and then give the help or support actually and factually necessary. At the same time Rahu reduces the element of jealousy from uncle, aunt, spouses of own brother and sister as well as brother or sister or cousin of the spouse.


Vedic planetary positions today. In the field of politics, profession, career, job, business and industrial venture, Rahu and Saturn together become very powerful to win over or wipe out cleverly the enemies, opponents, adversaries and competitors too. Saturn alone doesn’t touch the competitors.

Rahu reduces the tendency and element of using unfair means in Exams and competitive tests. It is so because Ketu in the 9th house gives the individual capacity for hard work supported with intelligence for grasp of the subject matter of study.

Vd Bhat Astrologer Reviews

Rahu however in 3rd house with Saturn encourages the individual to bank too much upon getting extra pocket money. Secretly from the mother, and when grown up, the desire to get a lion;s in inheritance from money.

Saturn normally gives very good health even in old age, but rahu in conjunction with Saturn interface with Saturn effects , and gradually leads the individual to less activity and more laziness. In old age , Rahu slightly but adversely affects the facial expression too.

I took consultation from Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt on 17th January 2019. If I have to explain my experience with him in short, I would say - it was a remarkably wonderful and life-changing experience. He is a very good astrologer with amazingly accurate predictions and moreover a great human. Vinayak Ji's explanation was very clear, nice and full of practical reasons so that anyone can understand the concepts of astrology and planetary positions and their movements affect individual's life, which shows he is an expert in astrology. He helps in guiding you in the right direction, rather than forcing his personal opinion or view. My interaction with him was very insightful. Thank god, I consulted him.
I always believed in astrology and it's potential to change one's life but I never consulted any astrologer maybe because till now my all the problems were taken care of by my parents. I completed my studies in 2017 and got a job in Bangalore, for 1 year everything was working out well and I was getting good feedback from seniors and was getting recognition for my work at the office. Recently things changed very drastically in my office and not only that, they transferred me to the Pune office but things got worse here and I have to leave the company and joined a new company in Mumbai after 3 months job search, but here also I was not feeling comfortable, I thought of resigning from this office as well. I was unable to take any decision nor concentrate on my work. This situation was affecting very badly, I was depressed, not eating properly, not getting proper sleep, my mental and physical health was getting worse, I had to do something about it. At this point of life, it was made or break situation for me, so one day I got the idea to consult an astrologer.
I approached astrologer Vinayak Bhatt on the recommendation of one of my close friends who faced some bad times in a couple of years back. Here is what she has to say about Vinayak Bhatt - 'Today the peace and happiness in my family is due to Shri Vinayak Bhatt Ji. The gemstone and the mantra which he gave me worked miraculously. His expertise in astrology is really great. I got his number while surfing the net, I really thank God for helping me to meet him.'
So after getting such feedback from her and listening to her experience and results after the consultation, I made my mind to consult him. She gave me his office number, I called the number to get an appointment with Vinayak Bhatt. They explained to me the whole process of getting a consultation from him which was easy and everyone has to follow. As explained to me I booked an appointment for a Skype consultation from Vedicgrace Foundation (Vinayak Ji's organization) website. They scheduled a consultation for next weekend and sent me all the details on my email.

Vd Bhat Astrologer Reviews Consumer Reports

So, I called him at the scheduled time, first he confirmed my birth details and told me some primary information from my charts. Then he started telling me about my career related problems. He explained to me in detail when, where, how and why experiencing those problems and gave me several options to fix the things. His explanation itself was very healing and relaxing to me, now I can see light hope. He told me not to worry about it, it because of some adverse planetary positions in my charts and it is possible to improve the situation by following some remedies. He said though astrology is like a deep ocean…anybody can get knowledge through going deeply in water and get some drops of nectar of this divine knowledge. Since he did masters in Computer application he knows a lot about information technology and today modern world and the problems faced by the youth.

Vd Bhat Astrologer Reviews Consumer Reports

During the conversation, I cross-questioned him about a couple of things in my charts, I noticed he listened to me very carefully and took interest in responding to those until I am satisfied which gives the whole consultation a casual and personal touch. I also noticed that he does not hide anything during the consultation and tell you everything honestly and transparently without trying to please you. He told me upfront that I will get the results from remedies for sure but it will take around 2 months time for me to see the results provided I do the remedies correctly. Vinayak Ji also explained to me how these remedies work. He didn't give me any false commitments.
He is quite amusing, that’s his style of going about your chart. You may or may not like his style of reading. While speaking with him, I exceeded my time appointment time but he said its alright and asked me to have faith in God and follow the remedies.
I followed his advise now after 5 months, I have seen results. The predictions he made are true, I must say that his expertise in future predictions is unmatched. I will be consulting him again for sure and I highly recommend his services to everyone who is in search of a good, knowledgeable and professional astrologer.
All the best wishes to everyone. Thank you for reading my experience, hope I was able to help.
“For all its complexity, however, astrology remains fundamentally simple. It offers a time-honored system of symbols that sum up key aspects of human life while providing profound insights and practical guidance.” —Anne M. Nordhaus-Bike

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