Since 2000, he has been practicing Indian Astrology and has been offering all sorts of astrological services to people in need. He possesses rich experience in career and medical astrology which is a result of his intense study and research of over thirty years. He is known to be an expert of Indian Vedic Astrological system in India. His knowledge and understanding on the subject makes him a wonderful. According to the Vedic Vastu, the house or a plot which is facing T-point of the road outside of the house’s main door is not so auspicious, or if you are still living in that type of plot then you should take some measures to protect yourself from the negative effects, road that runs straight into the face of the house is considered obstruction and symbolize as spear that obstructs the good fortune of the house.

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  • Astrology as a career. Posted on May 22, 2015 Updated on May 22, 2015. Institute of Vedic Astrology. The fact that planetary positions greatly influence lives of all is widely accepted today; fetching the much desired impetus to astrology as well as astrologers.
  • Fire, water, earth, air and ether are the five elements that comprise the world as per the Vedic texts. The signs or Rashis in Vedic astrology in four element categories; Agni (fire), Jal (water), Prithvi (earth) and Vayu (air).
What is Vastu Shastra?
Every living creature born in this World needs to have its own shelter during its lifetime. No one can live without any shelter. The Birds have its own nest and resting place. Even the different type of birds have different type of shelter. We have billions of living creatures living in the Sea. The Animals have their own habitat and resting places. Thus the Humans need to stay, live, work and rest at certain places in this World.
During the staying/working/living/resting in a particular place needs to be built in accordance with the nature. This would help the natives in the following ways.
1. The native would live happily and peacefully.
2. The native would live in a healthy manner, both mentally and physically.
3. The native would not be affected by unexpected problems (or) untoward incidents.
4. The native would get the needed life necessities for a happier and comfortable living without facing any hurdles.
A Shelter (@ House) being built as per the Vastu guidelines indicates that the peoples who live in the house live in accordance with nature. Thus the native would be living in a safe and secured environment blessed with good physical and mental health; peaceful coexistence with others; and contended lifestyle.
What is Vastu Astrology?
Everybody things that the Vedic Astrology and the Vastu Shastra are two different subjects. But in a reality, the Vastu Shastra and the Vedic Astrology are part of the Hindu Vedas; and they remain interconnected. We can find out the quality of life (@ native's life standards) through the Vedic Astrology. Thus the Horoscope indicates the native's way of life (living/working/staying/resting) without visiting the actual place. That is, the Vastu can be defined and corrected through the Horoscope without visiting the actual site. In this blog, we are going to study both the Vedic Astrology and the Vastu shastra for better living conditions. Also we are going to explore many valuable informations to improve our lifestyle utilizing both the Vedic Astrology and also the Vastu Shastra.

Scientific Vastu Questions

Scientific Vastu Results are Guaranteed

Say THE END to Your Problems Now (Provide us the floor plan of your Land, House, Business, Factory, Office etc. We will Decode the Vastu Faults and Reprogram them for you)

How Profits increased in a month in Real Estate Business with Practical Vastu Solutions?

How Payment Recovery became faster with simple Vastu Remedies and attracted new clients?

How a family photograph placed in the right direction helped to get a genuine share in family division?

How just placing a red coloured Painting on the wall in proper direction created financial security?

How production increased and quality improved in the cosmetics factory with changing wall paints?

How sleeping in another bedroom in the positive zone helped in quick health recovery?

We rectify the negative effects for all situations

What are the effects of rooms (in different directions) like the Puja Room, Drawing Room, Toilet, Septic Tank, Kitchen, Dining Room, Store, Dressing Room, Family Lounge, Study Room, Bar, Car Parking, Basement, Staircase and Open area? How to select the best suitable directions for the above and treat with Vastu remedies if there are any Vastu faults?

What are the effects of 32 Entrance locations and how to correct bad entrances without relocating them?

How to correct the Cut and Extended parts of a building with Colours and Lights?

What are the effects of Appliances and Household Objects like Washing Machine, Inverter, Generator, Heater, A.C., T.V., Computer, Music System, Electricity Meter and Fuse Box, Crockery Cabinet, Safe, Medicines, Aquarium and Dustbin in different directions?

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How to use Colours, Design Patterns, Stones, Mirrors, Plants, Sculptures, Paintings, Photographs and other Interior Decoration objects as powerful Vastu solutions in new buildings to avoid negative effects of Vastu?

How to treat and correct Odd Shaped Buildings, Plots, Flats, Apartments, Duplex Houses and Mezzanine Floor Buildings?

Vastu As Per Vedic Astrology

How to select a Vastu perfect Site for a New House, Office, Institution or Factory?

How to select most suitable direction for Bedrooms Vedic astrologer nevada city ca. for the Head of the Family, Parents, Children, Marriageable Girls, Newlywed Couples, Guests and Servants?

We use specific Vastu remedies to create particular results like, buying Own House, Support from Government, Co-operation from Staff at Workplace, Beneficial Business Relationships, Brand Positioning, Steady Flow of Money, Getting Bank Loans, Promotions, Love, Better Relationships and many more…

“We are one step ahead in Reprogramming the Future

ScientificVastu For Residences
“ScientificVastu for Residence” transforms your house into a real home – full of love, happiness, health and peace. Depending upon our scope of services, we will quote the consulting charges before commencement of the project.
Note: Many of our consulting services are Standard cost; we specialized especially in related areas concerns like Health, Relationship matters, and children education. You just need to have a scale home floor plan and we would Analysis on that base.

Vastu Check Report
ScientificVastu solutions rarely involve structural changes or demolition. Easy and practical solutions are deployed to make your house Vastu-perfect. Vastu faults can be easily corrected with the use of colour and metal strips inserted into the floor, colour, bulbs, paintings, art objects, stones etc. Our Expert team with Mr Hemant Kumar suggests these solutions after an accurate Vastu pin drop Analysis

What Is Vedic Astrology?

Vedic astrology is an ancient astrological system which is used by most astrologers around the globe in today’s time; this system was used especially by Sages and Maharishi’s 1000’s of years ago for their own benefits, so the predictions made on that system in today’s world will not match a normal person’s life.

Vastu As Per Vedic Astrology


Life Predictions

If you want to know about your future I will offer you life time predictions on the basis of your horoscope erected with the help of your date time and place of birth. Description on all major events of life i.e. Education, Litigation, Property, Vehicle Purchase, Travel, Career, Health, Marriage, Child Birth and Longevity.


Corporate Astrology?

Vedic astrology is an ancient astrological system which is used by most astrologers around the globe in today’s time; this system was used especially by Sages and Maharishi’s 1000’s of years ago for their own benefits, so the predictions made on that system in today’s world will not match a normal person’s life.

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“A Scientific Astrological session with Mr Hemant is like opening up a book called ‘Your Life.’ He is clear and focused and gives valuable information lovingly and safely. My session uncovered so many truths for me. I will spend a lot of time with the well that he has helped me to uncover. It was a beautiful experience for me, and I highly recommend Hemant as a source to learn from about loving yourself.”Peter

Subjects & Events

You can have a question haunting you from long time, just ask me. I will guide you the best of my knowledge for achieving maximum in your professional life. I will guide you with approximate timing of the event of your question.


Free Vedic Astrology Reading

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I can honestly say that I was amazed at the depth and accuracy of my scientific astrology reading by Mr Hemant … Because I am about to take on a job in which I will be travelling frequently, I wanted to get a little insight as to what places might work best for me, and where I may have difficulty. Our session consisted of both places I had already been, as well as places that I am considering travelling to. The energies that Mr Hemant described in places that I had been to were so accurate to what I had actually experienced, that it was almost as if he had followed me off the plane!” Martin Johns Wellington

Free Vedic Astrology

My Service will provide you with very simple and time tested techniques which would change your life forever and will give respite to you from all your sufferings. So, what are you thinking of. Just get over Yes, No, May be. Simply say –“Sure I Can Change”

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