If some day, I open up for personal readings, I will have to charge money as it takes a substantial amount of effort and time. VS sir — You are right.

Vara/Tithi/Nakshatra Yogas, Panchanga for a month. Search of Muhurta using hundreds factors and event (60+), doing over 95% of work for an astrologer. Current transits and for the selected year: direction, sign, house from the natal planet, vedha, bindu, kakshya. Airvata is the name given for the of 9 Vargas. Suppose Jupiter’s position is 8-1°-25′-1” or the 2nd degree of Dhanus. He occupies his (1) Moolatrikona, (2) prekkapa, (3) Saptamsa, (4) Dasamsa, (5) Dwadasamsa and (6) Kalamsa. Thus Jupiter must be declared to have attained a Paravatamsa. Sloka 8: A planet in a Parijatamsa will make the. The Art of Vedic Astrology. Vaiseshikamsa – The brother of Vimsopaka Bala The Art of Vedic Astrology If You are looking for a Reading. Tropical Generic Predictions Case Studies. According to mathematical astrology the highest value of Saptavargh is 45.7= 315. An important thing to notice is that in Saptavargh the calculation of bala is not fixed. The highest and lowermost points are not very important in Saptavargh bala. The situation of Moolatrikon is calculated from the placement of sign. Feb 20, 2016 Thoughts and reflections on Jyotish a.k.a. I am a Jyotish enthusiast and have been researching on this subject for more than 30 years.

I am forced to believe that astrology works on hunches and this is the reason why I am after you to get a reading w. Which strength normally override the other? Hi the factors overriding all will be- 1. Placement and dignity of the rashi depositor 3.

Planets placed in exact trine of the planet 5th and 9th within 10 degrees of the planet degree. Dear VS Thank you for answering my question. In my previous question, any planet of a horoscope may have very high Ishta bala and very low Vimshopaka bala.

Vedic astrology chartVaiseshikamsa In Vedic Astrology

Ishta bala or Vimshopaka bala which will normally have more weightage to predict dasa period is good or bad? However among the two, Vimsopak bala is more important for the concerned planet and Ishtha phala more important for the depositor of the planet.

Vaiseshikamsa In Vedic Astrology Pdf

Graha bala alone is no guarantee for good effects. I have been in research for the last 15 years to understand the astrology. This website is absolutely astounding and mind blowing. The amount of information available here is simply fantastic. I read so many people thanking Mr. VS , I felt like hitting the like button because I agree with so many of their thoughts and words of gratitude.

I am grateful to you for the time, effort and patience you have for answering so many queries for the benefit of others. God Bless and keep up the phenomenal work you are involved with. Second you are some special teacher for me and trust me you actually are the best among the all. HOwever what you have outlined are sensible to use.

I also do not advise to use it unless the time is known with high accuracy as D60 changes very rapidly. Your email address will not be published. The Art of Vedic Astrology.

Vaiseshikamsa – The brother of Vimsopaka Bala The Art of Vedic Astrology

If You are looking for a Reading. Tropical Generic Predictions Case Studies. He suggests 6 of the divisional charts to be given importance with a weightage scheme as follows- Rasi chart or D1 — 6 points Hora or D2 — 2 points Drekkana or D3 — 4 points Navamsa or D9 — 5 points Dwadsamsa or D12 — 2 points Trimsamsa or D30 — 1 point For a total score of 20 potential points for any given planet.

Now to help the reader understand via an example, please see the horoscope we have discussed before — Sep 18, at HRS and 27 seconds in Chandigarh, India The first pic shows various divisionals and the planetary placements. September 30, at 9: January 12, at 5: January 14, at 2: January 18, at Thanks VS One more question which have seen mixed responses.

January 29, at 4: From arudha how it is perceived by most of the world asc lord position shows pucca lagna which is more for your health as well as real desires.

January 28, at 8: March 23, at 9: March 26, at 1: March 27, at April 2, at 2: April 4, at April 5, at April 5, at 2: April 6, at January 29, at 2: January 31, at 1: May 23, at 6: May 23, at Shadbala has 6 types of strength whereas vimsopaka bala is derived from the dignity of the planet in various divisional charts The bindu analysis of ashtakvarga is separate from all this.

May 24, at 4: July 12, at 4: July 13, at Saturn will give the result of 9th bhaav in this example instead of 10th but its effects will be of virgo rashi friendly and not as of leo which is enmical typically due to bhav movement, the planet will lose residential strength and its effects are less intense good or bad in the dasa than a planet very close to the bhav madhya thanks.

October 20, at 4: October 20, at June 21, at 3: June 22, at 6: July 1, at 5: July 3, at 2: July 18, at 3: Do you have a facebook page or group to Ask questions on astrology?

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July 19, at 6: Hi Adi Unfortunately I have not been taking readings. July 20, at 1: July 20, at 8: July 30, at August 2, at August 4, at August 6, at September 4, at 6: September 5, at 3: Hello Vimsopkaka bala just reflects the dignity of a planet in various divisional charts In general, a horoscope where the FB planets are stronger not just shadbal or Vimsopaka bal but by dignity in rashi, avastha and directional strength and FM planets are relatively weaker, then overall results are positive in the chart every chart has good and bad playing side by side all the time.

September 5, at 7: September 5, at September 28, at 9: Hello Sir, what about Drik bal? September 29, at 2: October 30, at VS ji, Why is that Shani always has a very low shad bala?.

Vimsopaka Bala – Power of Planets Vedic Astrology

Their Sun almost always has a very high shad bala? Is it like that always. Why is it so?

October 31, at 3: October 31, at 7: Dear VS ji, I just realized that I have not thanked you enough for answering all these questions from everybody. I learnt a lot from your answers to others as well. GOD bless you my friend! October 31, at October 31, at 6: If some day, I open up for personal readings, I will have to charge money as it takes a substantial amount of effort and time goal is to have people learn for themselves.

November 1, at 5: December 3, at December 4, at 3: December 5, at December 5, at 1: December 9, at February 8, at July 10, at 6: July 10, at August 10, at 9: If Y has better relations with the people he deals with, he will be more productive at his work as an engineer.

Vaiseshikamsa In Vedic Astrology

Similarly, strength as per ashtakavarga shows the ability of planets to deliver their goods in harmony with other planetary forces at work in a chart.

Vimsopaka Bala – The Planetary ‘Report Card’ of Excellence

Even if a planet has good shadbala, it will be unable to deliver its goods if it is at odds with other planets in the chart, i. An engineer who has good relations with workers, vendors and contractors related to one project may not go along well with people involved in another project.

In that case, he will produce excellent results in the former project and he may not be effective in the latter. Similarly, a planet may have good ashtakavarga strength in one divisional chart and poor ashtakavarga strength in another divisional chart. Then it will give its results more effectively in the area of life related to the first chart.

Despite good capabilities and potential to get work done, Y may be unable to get his work done if he is depressed about something or if he is absent-minded for some reason.

Vaiseshikamsa In Vedic Astrology In Hindi

If he is in a cheerful state, he may get his work done well. There are different kinds of states — states related to age, states related to alertness, states related to mood and states related to activity. When one hires an engineer as an employee or when one assigns a project to an engineer, one is concerned about how effective he will be in the project.

But suppose one is considering the same engineer as a partner in business. Then his effectiveness in a particular project does not matter much. What matters now is how well rounded he is. He should have good overall knowledge of various projects.

2 Replies to “Vimsopaka Bala – Power of Planets Vedic Astrology”

Vimsopaka bala is analogous to this. Instead, we look at Vimsopaka bala. If X and Y have to decide who eats a cake first or who gets to drink the only can of soft drink left in the refrigerator, they are probably not going to argue about it.

Their qualifications or productivity at work or mental state or overall ability are not going to matter. For something so trivial, they will probably toss a coin or have a friendly arm-wrestling or simply do what their friends present in the room suggest. Similarly, for trivial things like determining who initiates dasas, antardasas etc, we have very simple rules that are different from shadbala, ashtakavarga bala, avastha bala, Vimsopaka bala etc.

As it has been emphasized many times in this book, Vedic astrology has a rich variety of parameters, tools and techniques. Satish gupta astrologer. Attempting to use various techniques in an interchangable manner only leads to confusion.

One should strive to understand the meanings of various parameters and tools and use the right set of parameters and tools for the occasion. We will learn the most common ones in this chapter.


Learning Astrology Indian Vedic Astrology. Create account or Sign in. Introduction When judging the results given by houses and planets, we have to judge their strength.

It is true that our mind and heart rule our actions. But, it is not the completetruth as hidden ruler of our actions is heavenly bodies. It is surprising fact forthose who are not aware about Vedic Astrology horoscopes.Hindu or Vedic astrology depicts the right position of planet in anyone's birthchart that is main reason behind all your actions and all the incidents of yourlife.

Since the time immemorial, Vedic astrology has been the vital part of the life ofHindus. Vedic astrology, Indian astrology and Hindu astrology are the synonym termsfor each others. It is solving life's mystery from very ancient time. Vedic astrologycan predict about any sphere of your life on the basis of the position of planetin your birth chart. Vedic astrology horoscopes are decided on the basis of the time and place of your birth.

Free Vedic astrology report covers every aspect of your life such as health, family,profession, love, lucky factor and many more. Vedic horoscope or Kundali tells theexact position of stars and planet at the time of childbirth. To prepare the kundliafter the child's birth, is very old trend of India. Vedic astrology horoscope alwaysshows the right path to person for whole life with the help of astrological predictions.One can recognize lying opportunities around him as well as solution of problemswith the help of birth chart or vedicastrology horoscope. It indicates towards future actions as well as suggestsmeasures for preventing any kind of unfortunate occasions in your life.

Vaiseshikamsa In Vedic Astrology 2020

Vedic astrology horoscope clears the dust that is hiding everything from you relatedto your life. Astrological predictions or Horoscope helps you lot when you want to take any crucialdecision of life such as decisions related to the starting of new business, choosingany field as your career, moving into new home and many more. The natives of particularzodiac sign enjoy some sets of characteristic that cause great impact on each andevery action. Due to this fact, Vedic astrology horoscope is very necessary to bestowthe right guidance to any person. Astrological predictions become very essentialduring the selection of spouse to know the compatibility level. Sometimes, peoplewalk on accurate path but they are not able to reach at their destination. It happensdue to the unfavorable impact of planets. In that situation, Vedic astrology horoscopebecomes very important as both reason and remedy can be found with its help.

There are twelve zodiac sign accordingto Indian astrology that are assigned to any person according to his date of birth.These signs are ruled by different planets. Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius,Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces are the twelve zodiac signof Hindu astrology. The daily horoscope, weekly, monthly, and annual astrological predictions are made on the basis of zodiac signs. Everyzodiac sign is ruled by particular planet such as moon rules cancer while mars ownsAries and Scorpio. Gemini and Virgo are owned by mercury and Jupiter leads the lifeof Sagittarius and Pisces. Venus is also the ruler of two houses one is Taurus andanother is Libra. Capricorn and Aquarius are ruled by Saturn.

Vaiseshikamsa In Vedic Astrology Chart

Now, the old tradition of the preparation of birth chart has come into the influenceof technology. These days, anyone can access to online kundli software for preparingthe birth chart. It is very easyto use astrology software as you just need to fill some specific details regardingyour birth to get your birth chart and other details. Online software can be foundon reputed astrology websites. Online birth charts have become trend as they giveright astrological predictions. Online birth chart gives the description about annualpredictions, Dasa Predictions, Sade Sati, Mangal Dosha, Transit, Lal Kitab lifeand Lal kitab astrological predictions. You will also get the suggestion for theBaby names. It is advisable to use vedic astrology horoscope software fromastrological website rather than purchasing them as these websites offer their freeusage.

So, if you want to increase prosperity and delightful moments in your life thenit will be best to take the aid of Vedic astrology to move forward in right path.Vedic astrology is a proven science that is based on facts and figures. Predictionsbased on Vedic astrological horoscopes prove helpful in every phase of human being's life from the time of till closingof eyes forever.

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