Free horoscopes daily november 27 2019. Lakshmi Yoga is formed if lord of the Lagna is powerful and the 9th lord is in its own sign or exalted in kandra or trikona. This is one of the great yoga seen in any horoscope and can make the person extremely rich in life. It is seen that not only will the person will be wealthy, but noble and generous as well. A person you will be learned and will use his knowledge to earn lot of money. The native will have attractive appearance, wise , shrewd in his work and appreciated in society. The native will earn respect because of his good deeds and enjoy lot of pleasure and comforts of life.

Lakshmi Yoga is also set to arise by the mutual association of lords of Lagna and the 9th house. It is also formed when lord of the 9th house occupy Kendra, trinoka and is exalted and lagan lord being placed strongly with no malefic afflictions, and also by lord of 9th and Venus being in own or exalted in Kendra or trikona house.

It is important that Lagna, Venus and the lord of the 9th house are powerful for Lakshmi Yoga to be formed. As Lakshmi has primarily to do with wealth and it is seen that one born with this yoga will be wealthy and will enjoy many comforts and luxuries in life. The level of wealth the native can get because of this yoga purely depends upon others factors and also of course the overall strength of the Lakshmi yoga itself.

If you look at the above chart, a strong Lakshmi Yoga is present in the horoscope. As lagan lord Sun and lord of 9th house and both posited in the 11th house of gains. The native did very well for himself and earned enormous wealth and luck favoured him in all his ventures.

In many horoscope Lakshmi yoga is likely to be found, however its strength will vary and that will eventually bring gains to the native. IF the strong Lakshmi Yoga is present then the results will manifest fully and the native will get lot of wealth in his life.

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A lucky and benefic vedic Yoga in the horoscope is a key factor of leading a quality life. Yoga is the name given to the association of any two or more planets or their special placement such that the resultant effect is much greater than the effect of individual planets. Sun is the life giving force, it’s your Soul Energy.

Kundli represents an individual’s life and defines how the planets and other celestial bodies influence his/her life events based on their positions. It is a chart prepared using the three elements viz. 9 planets, 12 houses, and 12 zodiac signs. Certain planetary combinations in the Kundli create Yogas. According to Vedic astrology, yogas in Kundli imply the planetary combinations formed when a planet, zodiac sign, or house is related to one another by their placement, aspect, or conjunction. The yogas in Kundli help determine the destiny and the life path of an individual by analyzing the yogas in the birth chart.Vedic astrology calculator

Vaasi Yoga Vedic Astrology 2020

  1. In my Navamsa chart Sani is in 3rd house Sagittarius; Shukra in Aries and Ketu in Cancer. Some say that planets in mutual trines also constitute a yoga which means the above is a Tapaswi Yoga in Navamsa.
  2. VAASI YOGA: (1 bindus in first part is less than second part and the number of bindus in the second are equal to third part, VAASI YOGA is formed.
  3. VAASI YOGA: (1VAASI YOGA is formed.
There are numerous such planetary combinations or yogas in Vedic astrology, which can be beneficial and malefic to an individual. Some of these yogas are potent enough to make us glorious, affluent, or even desolate and horrid. To know these yogas it is necessary to get the analysis from an expert astrologer who is well-versed in astrological calculations. Traditionally, we would visit our family astrologers who would analyze our Kundli and interpret the combinations, and help us understand these yogas and how they influence our life events, and even suggest remedial measures to overcome the malefic effects of these yogas. Let us know what these yogas are and how they influence our lives.

Yogas in Kundli Based on Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology predictions

Vaasi Yoga Vedic Astrology Chart

VaasiMany of us would have heard about a few yogas, such as the Gajakesari Yoga, Rajayoga, PanchaMahapurusha yoga, etc., which are considered to be very auspicious. Those who have these yogas in their Kundli would beam in happiness as these yogas imply prosperity, wealth, success, and acclaim and would lead a life equivalent to that of a king. From more than a hundred planetary combinations, why is it that these are considered to be more auspicious? Here’s a brief on how each yoga affects our lives in general.Vaasi Yoga Vedic Astrology
  • Gajakesari Yoga: This is a tremendously powerful yoga that makes an individual highly successful in life. Etymologically Gaja implies elephant, and Kesari means lion. A person born with Gajakesari yoga will be glorious and renowned. They will be popular and can lead a successful and prosperous life. Their intelligence and knowledge make them successful and a leader.
  • PanchaMahapurusha Yoga: PanchaMahapurusha yoga has a significant role in the predictive science of astrology. An expert astrologer is someone who has deep knowledge of this yoga. The PanchaMahapurusha Yoga is differentiated into Ruchak yoga, Bhadra yoga, Hansha yoga, Malavya yoga, and Sasha yoga.
  • Ruchak yoga: If your Kundli has Ruchak yoga, it implies that you are popular and gallant. This yoga grants wealth, prosperity, and recognition, and fame through the quality of good character.
  • Bhadra Yoga: An individual having Bhadra Yoga will be eloquent and intelligent. They will shine in powerful positions.
  • Hansha Yoga: This yoga makes the individual a spiritual and renowned intellectual.
  • MalavyaYoga: Individuals with Malavya yoga are wise, glorious, prosperous, and calm and will enjoy marital bliss as well as luxurious vehicles.
  • Sasha yoga: Those with Sasha yoga will be successful politicians and will possess power and authority. They enjoy wealth, prosperity, and long life.
  • Lakshmi Yoga: Individuals with Lakshmi yoga in their Kundli are affluent, intelligent, and achieve all-around success in their lives.
  • Vipareet Raj yoga: This is one of the most significant yogas in astrology and endows the individual with wealth, prosperity, knowledge, and happiness in life.
  • Mahabhagya yoga: Maha means great and Bhagya fortune, and as the name suggests, the individuals with Mahabhagya yoga enjoy immense fortune. This yoga is one of the most prevalent yogas in Hindu astrology. Many of the successful celebrities, politicians, and bureaucrats are known to have this yoga in their Kundli.
  • Shubhkartari Yoga: Shubhkartari Yoga endows a person with health and vigor, intelligence, and prosperity. The person will enjoy a commanding position and immense wealth.
  • Dhana yoga: Dhana yoga, as the name suggests, blesses the individual with wealth, money, assets, and other material happiness. Individuals with Dhana yoga are extraordinarily affluent, provided the planets are strongly positioned in the birth chart.

Vaasi Yoga Vedic Astrology Calendar

These are some of the popular yogas, along with Nithya yogas. Nithya yogas are daily yogas resulting from the Sun and Moon’s angular relationship and are based on the angle of separation between the Sun and the Moon. There are 27 Nithya yogas based on the 27 constellations. Some of these Nithya yogas provide auspicious results, while some do not. The most auspicious Nithya Yogas are Siddha Yoga, Brahma Yoga, and Mahendra/Indra yoga. The favorable Nithya Yogas include Ayushman Yoga, Saubhagya Yoga, Sobhana Yoga, Sukarma Yoga, Vriddhi Yoga, Dhruva Yoga, Harshana Yoga, Siddhi Yoga, Shiva Yoga, Sadhya Yoga, Shubha Yoga, and Shukla Yoga. The less favorable Nithya Yogas as Priti Yoga, Dhriti Yoga, and Variyana Yoga.The above are a few examples of the various Yogas in an individual’s Kundli, which determine their fortune and success. An astrologer who has an in-depth knowledge of these yogas can easily help you ascertain them, which will direct you towards the right path in life, enabling you to achieve success and prosperity.

Know your Yogas in Kundli

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Benefits of Clickastro’s Kundli analysis

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