It gives issues of childlessness, uneasy relationships with father in the current life, untimely death of father and lack of happiness from father. To understand this curse or debt one has to see 5th, 9th and 10th house. 3) Curses of mother: This curse is indicated.

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From the time of our birth and till the end of our life a lot of things change. Our ideas, thinking, behavior, personality usually change with the change in time. It doesn’t matter how much we try to run away from the things, at some point in life we have to face reality and the reality is death. Our life cycle begins to decline after a specific period or the time of the conclusion of our life span. This conclusion is called death where our body gets decomposed and our soul gets absorbed in space.

If we talk about Lifespan, it is generally of three types: short, medium and long. According to Vedic Astrology, a person can live maximum for 120 years which seems quite impossible in the modern world. However, In today’s world, an average lifespan is 60 years and crossing 70 years is like a big achievement. Believe it or not but somehow our lifespan is governed by planets and houses that rule over the body of a person.

Death Astrology

Death Astrology is basically a part of Vedic Astrology that explains about the death of a person. Pisces moon sign vedic astrology. It and also gives us an insight into different planets and houses that governs the death of a person. It not only governs our present life but also plays a very important role in our spiritual life that is Life after Death.

  1. Th Lord and 9 th Lord. All these factors combined with aspect of the Lagna Lord, 5 th Lord and 9 th Lord and by these planets on each other does help in knowing the spiritual- cum- religious bent of mind of the native. Further, persons born with Jupiter in 5 th house or 9 th house automatically get to the worship of Lord Shiva in one form or the other. Some say that Jupiter in Lagna also gives.
  2. This first Anuvaka is chanted to destroy all sins, obtain leadership and divine benevolence, protection from famine, freedom from fear, obtain food, and protect cows, for absence from untimely fear of death, of tigers, thieves, from monsters, devils, demons.

According to Vedic Astrology, 1st and 8th ascendant houses play a very important role in our birth chart with respect to our lifespan and longevity. The first house rules over health, diseases and the immune system of our body. On the other hand, eight house controls the lifespan of a person. Its also called the house of longevity.

What is Maraka?

According to Hindu Astrology, Maraka refers to the planets that cause the death of a person after a particular lifespan. In fact, the Maraka planet has the power to kill a person especially when his/ her lifespan seems to get completed. However, Maraka is not a specific planet, it can also be a Dasha of different planets that causes problems in our life. It is not necessary that Maraka will only cause death, when it comes at a young age it can also create various health problems and diseases.

Maraka Planets are basically the Lords of 2nd and 8th house called Marrakesh. In a Horoscope of a person, the 8th house is also known as the house of longevity or you can also call it the house of Death. While as third house is the primary house of longevity and is also known as Bhavat Bhavam of the eight houses. It means counting 3rd house from 8th house, the count will be 8th in number.

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DeathUntimely Death Vedic Astrology

Maraka Planets also play a very important role in relationships and married life apart from death and health issues. The 2nd and the 7th house in a horoscope of a person are called Maraka houses. If we talk about the significance of these houses, second house represents wealth and 7th house in related to your married life and relationships. Moreover, when these houses or their lord’s affiliate they can cause problems in your financial and married life.

Working Of Maraka Planets


There is a rule in Astrologywhen planet affiliates or gets weak its starts to lose its significance. It can give bad results whether it is exalted or debilitated. The same way when a Maraka planet gets weak it can lead to serious health issues or even can cause the death of an individual. However, you can also call it as a Rule of Affiliation.

When 6th house links up with the Maraka house it can create severe health issues. However, in most of the cases, these health issues can prove chronic in nature. All it depends on the Maraka Dasha which forces a planet to become weak and lose its significance and power. Moreover, when 12th house makes a relationship with the Maraka house it also leads to severe health diseases but these diseases are psychological in nature. However, this house is much related to black magic and evil effects.

Markesh Dasha

Untimely Death Vedic Astrology Meaning

Markesh Dasha is basically a period where a person needs to stay very alert in terms of his health and needs to take proper care of himself. Dasha means major Period and Antardasha means sub-period. Markesh Dasha is a period of death where a person’s longevity comes to an end. During this time, one needs to stay very careful of accidents and it quiet beneficial to avoid travelling to travelling to far places.

Maraka planet should never affiliate with a malefic planet especially during bad dasha and Antardasha. It can bring a very bad impact on the placement of planets. These planets leave negative impact and if afflicted with malefic houses they can surely cause the death of a person. In most of the cases, Maraka planets occur naturally and they can be Saturn, Rahu, Mars and Ketu. However, it’s very important that the Maraka planet should not conjunct in any house, mostly during the time of bad Antardasha.

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Each planet plays an important role in our lives. Its placement in our horoscope impacts our nature and affects those aspects of our lives that the planet rules. The Sun represents our capability to carry forth a task and complete it. The Moon is what helps us to conceptualize and find the way to do it. These two planets complement each other – one is the body and the other is the mind. To function properly, we need both the body and the mind. Hence, among the nine planets, a strong Sun and Moon are very important to create a successful and happy life.

The Sun

The Sun is the main planet or star in the solar system. It is also the most important planet in our horoscope. It gives us confidence, represents our personality, identity, health, physical strength, and determines how much respect we get. The Sun’s placement in our chart affects how we view ourselves and how the world views us and our contribution to society. It also represents and impacts our relationship with those in authority and the male influences in our life – our fathers and other father figures. Due to all these reasons, it is important to know how a weak Sun can negatively impact our horoscope and our life and how one can reduce the adverse influence of the planet.

Impact of a malefic Sun in the Kundli or Horoscope

Untimely Death Vedic Astrology Calculator

A weak Sun in the horoscope can have the following negative effect on our life:

  1. It can result in physical weakness, making you susceptible to diseases like joint pain, fatigue, polio, cardiac problems, weak eyesight, anemia, and various skin issues.
  2. It can cause problems or disagreements with authority figures.
  3. It can keep one devoid of father’s love and affection either by way of the untimely death of the father or by way of the person not getting along with his/her father.
  4. It can affect one’s confidence, speech, ability to interact with other people and increase feelings of insecurity.
  5. It can get one into trouble with the law or turn one towards illegal activities.
  6. It can make it difficult for one to succeed professionally.
  7. It can be a cause of an unhappy and unhealthy childhood.
  8. It can cause a hindrance in any activity one may take for self-development

Remedies for reducing the negative influence of weak Sun

If the above points seem to be issues familiar to your life or you have a weak Sun in your horoscope then the following remedies can help you mitigate the adverse effects:

  1. The ruby gemstone can help those suffering from a malefic Sun. Consult a practicing astrologer to understand if you can wear a Ruby.
  2. Recitation of mantras can also help improve the strength of the Sun in one’s chart and make it positive. Some of the basic mantras for strengthening the Sun are Gayatri Mantra, Om Suryah Namah, Om Adityah Namah. Recite these mantras early morning after a bath, preferably 108 times.
  3. Offer Jal (water) to the rising Sun every morning, after a bath.
  4. Speak respectfully with all elders and people in the position of authority
  5. Follow a vegetarian diet and try to observe a fast on Sundays.

Like the Sun represents our personality, the Moon controls our emotions, feelings, our thought process, and mental ability. It is also tied to our mother and our relationship with her. The Moon is responsible for keeping us motivated and interested in life and in living well. The Earth’s satellite defines our relationships with other people and how we navigate through the ups and downs that life brings. A strong Moon is helpful in improving sixth sense, intuition, and psychic abilities.

Impact of a malefic Moon in the horoscope

A debilitated Moon in the horoscope can have the following impact on your wellbeing:

  1. It can be a cause of depression, melancholic tendencies, anxiety, and a negative attitude towards life.
  2. It can adversely impact one’s relationship with his/her mother or be the cause of one losing their mother early in life.
  3. It makes one want to be alone or live in isolation.
  4. If the Moon is extremely afflicted, it can also increase suicidal tendencies.
  5. It impacts creativity and ability to express, so those in the creative field with a weak Moon have to work hard to attain success.
  6. For women, a weak Moon can wreak havoc on their hormones and affect their menstrual cycle and fertility as well.
  7. It can also cause respiratory issues and be the cause of a regular cough and cold.

Remedies for reducing adverse effects of a weak Moon

A malefic Moon can cause a lot of emotional trauma, create misunderstandings in your life and affect your relationships. But, the negative impact of the planet can be mitigated by following these remedies:

  1. Respect your mother and other elders.
  2. Worship Lord Shiva and offer milk on the Shivling and read the Shiv Chalisa, or chant Om Namah Shivaya mantra 108 times regularly.
  3. Fasting on Mondays also helps strengthen the Moon and bring positive results.
  4. Wearing a pearl or moonstone as per the advice of an experienced and trained astrologer can also aid in curbing the negative influences of a weak Moon.
  5. Wearing silver kada or ring and using a silver glass to drink water can also help reduce the negative impact of a weak Moon.
  6. Meditating under the moonlight also helps one become calm and reduce mental anxieties caused by a malefic moon.
  7. Donating white clothes to the poor and needy can also prove to be beneficial.

These two planets are the parents of our horoscope, their blessings are important to lead a good and healthy life. To get positive benefits of these two planets one can start with respecting their parents and elders. For other remedies, consult an experienced astrologer to get customized solutions based on the configuration of your horoscope.

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