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April 27, 2021 Neecha bhanga raja yoga vedic astrology.

Similar to Western astrology, each zodiac sign animal is defined by certain characteristics. For example, Snake energy is known to be sensual and intelligent while Horse energy is easygoing and honest. In Chinese astrology, each year is defined by two ongoing cycles: 1) the elemental cycle: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water (called “ten. Carl Payne Tobey — a pioneering astrologer, mathematician and researcher — challenged the conventional system of associating the astrological house principles with the zodiacal signs. He advanced the theory that, while the houses of the horoscope run counter-clockwise, the signs of the zodiac run clockwise (based on the diurnal motion of the Sun). In this system, Continue reading.

You may be feeling ingenious as you discover a better approach to making your projects more successful. You could be feeling very inventive and clever, but at the same time you are likely to be grateful for the inspiration that made it all possible. You are still to be congratulated for hearing the voice of the universe whispering in your ear and for acting upon what you heard. This is the optimum situation, when our spiritual and our human natures come together to bring our goals and the universe's desires into manifestation at once. Our human selves hold the knowledge and the skill to create things in the material world, and our spiritual selves help to align us with the universe and its rhythm so that we can receive instruction and inspiration. Today you are a finely-tuned instrument of the universe and a co-creator of wonderful things.
When any of us is open and receptive enough to pick up the universe's transmissions and create what we hear in the world, we are engaging in the act of co-creation and moving the world forward. We are the universe's arms and legs, hands and feet in the world, helping it to manifest and experience existence through us. When we have done the necessary preparation and tuned in to receive inspiration, we are able to channel the positive and creative energy of the universe through us, as us. Today you are an innovative co-creator of not just your life, but of the world.

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