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The Rashi is the sign in which Moon was placed at the time of your birth.Rashi is also called the Moon sign.As per Vedic Jyotish (Vedic Astrology), the Moonsign is one of the most important points in selecting your baby name.Considerations like the transits, planetary dasha, etc. are considerate as in reference to the Rashi.

In some part of India, mainly in north India baby names are named based on theirBirth Rashi. There are 12 Birth Rashis. To know your Birth Rashi / Moon Sign / Hindu Rashi from yourbirth date click here

Below is the list of all Hindu Rashi, it's Zodiac Sign and suggested name lettersfor each Rashi.

So the obvious question was how can I learn astrology on my own with probably books and astrology lessons on youtube. I tried earnestly. I even purchased a video course on astrology and paid a hefty amount. I spent several days watching and rewatching astrology lessons on videos from the DVD course I bought online. This Vedic Horoscope or Indian or Hindu Horoscope tells about our future and guides us to achieve a better future and successful life. To check our Horoscope, we need the date of birth, time of birth and place of birth details. There are so many methods in Astrology like Western Astrology, Vedic Astrology, Chinese Astrology etc. "I shall not now speak of the knowledge of the Hindus.of their subtle discoveries in the science of astronomy—discoveries even more ingenious than those of the Greeks and Babylonians—of their rational system of mathematics, or of their. Maharishi University of Management: Download original Vedic literature texts (Sanskrit) in PDF. Shastras Online: Vedic literature texts with English commentaries. Herbal Net: a wide-ranging collection of digital intellectual materials on herbal and traditional medicine from WHO offices and WHO partner institutions in the South-East Asia Region. Vedic astrology lessons in telugu pdf full. We have also developed Telugu Astrology Android Application with features like Telugu Jatakam, Marriage matching, Daily Panchangam, KP Astrology, Newborn Horoscope, Yearly Rashiphal in Telugu and Astrology Lessons.

Give your child a name by Hindu Rashi

Selecting a baby name is a very big responsibility, as the childwill be carrying the name with him throughout his life. Most Hindu families preferto select a name based on the planets and stars as it helps to improve the variousaspect of personality of the child and also sooths the weak planetary aspects. Evennow some Hindu families prefer to hire an astrologer to select a suitable name forthe child. The astrologers work out the elements that were in place at the timeof the birth of the child and construct a horoscope for the child.

Birth Rasi And Nakshatra Calculator

The birth Rashi chart is considered to be more effective than ascendant chart of those who have their birth time at night. The daily and weekly predictions are done on the basis of birth Rashi chart. Comparing with the regular activities, if Ascendant chart is the final exam report card then birth Rashi chart is the monthly exam report card. This principle creates duality, polarization, and the birth of intellectual perception. Esoterically, it stands for the interaction between objectivity and subjectivity. In predictive astrology, Mithuna (Gemini) shows the qualities of quicksilver, a mysterious metal which is highly elusive and susceptible to a wide range of fluctuations. Child birth is gain of child to the family. Predicting child birth requires the birth horoscope of both mother and father and not just father or mother. If the mother goes through good times and get proper nutrition & care then child would be healthy. Any planet when in a rashi gets colored or modified by the functional and generic nature of the rashi lord. If the rashi lord is a functional benefic, that nature will come into the planet also bhaav is the manner in which the planet will behave during its dasas. Total effects will be mixed. So if a planet is in the 8th rashi and 9th bhaav, the. Moon in Gemini - Mithuna Rashi – The Twins. This indicates that your moon is in Gemini. Gemini is a masculine, mutable air sign governed by Mercury. Lucky Color: Green. Gemstone: Emerald. Lucky Days: Wednesday, Friday. Lucky Number: 5. Lucky Materials: Climbers and cotton. Body Part: Hands. Gemini natives are warm, sensitive and sympathetic.

Birth Chart Calculator Vedic Astrology


In majority of the cases these astrologers suggest some older nameswhich you think are not suitable for your child. In such situations you can usethe services provides by

Twins Birth Rasi Vedic Astrology Calculator

Twins birth rasi vedic astrology calculator

Vedic Astrology Rashi Calculator

we have created different list of baby names for girls and boys for eachHindu Rashi. It contains modern, cute,beautiful and unique names too. The names in the list are mentioned along with theirmeaning and arranged alphabetically.

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