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9Horoscope Scores of Prospective or Actual Candidates for the Presidential Elections

Predicting the US Presidential Elections: Is There a Link between Astrology and the Outcome of the Presidential Polls?

The influence of the President of the United States of America on the nation, and the world in general, is a topic that doesn’t require much deliberation as it is widely known already. This makes the elections that produce the President one that is hotly contested and is hardly predictable. Writer, E. Alan Meece’s research into this issue of astrological prediction proved rather immethodical because he knew some of the Presidents’ horoscopes and he also studied some of the observations made by Grant Lewi and several others. Lewi’s cycles of Saturn seemed to be applicable on this. Certain relationships between planets seemed to appear more often than not in some Presidents’ charts, which Lewi also mentioned.

Based on this, he was led to predict the possible victory of Al Gore in the 2000 elections, which he also mentioned in his first book but as it turned out, George W. Bush ended up being the winner instead. Although, he believed Al Gore really did win, save for some election malpractices that prevented such prediction from coming to fruition. Nevertheless, he stuck to his guns that a Liberal candidate was bound to have won that election since two outer planets were in the Aquarius, star sign of the Liberals, at the time.

Methods for Predicting the Outcome of the US Presidential Elections.

In November 2003, he got more thorough with his research. He scrutinized hundreds of candidates and charts to see if there could be a pattern and tabulated certain angles between planets in the charts of all the winning and losing candidates from Andrew Jackson, down to George Bush and Al Gore. From the patterns he saw, he was able to predict that Howard Dean would likely not be nominated in 2004 and John Kerry was a more certain option for the Democrats. The following month, Dean’s candidacy ambitions took a major blow and Kerry eventually won the nomination. In the 2012 election, he made a new list which he further revised in the 2016 elections, paying attention to which aspects were not in the charts of the winning and losing candidates respectively. He came up with a list of favorable and unfavorable aspects through which a candidate may get elected and the favourable aspects were largely predominant with Presidents who had never lost an election. This was calculated by checking the ratio between the favorable and unfavorable aspects (horoscope score) and a candidate with more favourable aspects than unfavorable was more likely to win an election and vice versa. For example, Franklin D. Roosevelt’s horoscope score in 1936 was 21-4 and he subsequently defeated Alf Landon who had a score of 10-16. He also beat Wendell Wilkie in 1940 and Thomas Dewey in 1944 who had horoscope scores of 8-9 and 8-6 respectively. It can be seen from this that candidates who had negative horoscope scores eventually lost their elections.

Another technique he employed was the Horary method. He was additionally mindful that horary astrology is frequently used to anticipate the winner of challenges, for example, games, or to respond to questions put forward to the universe. Most horary charts look at the rising sign at the time of the event to make predictions about it. He utilized the outline for the time of the New Moon before the political race, cast for Washington DC, and applied the horary technique to it. He posited that the rising sign stands for the candidate of the opposing party while the descending sign represents the candidate of the party in power. The winner is decided by which ruling planet is higher in the sky, the rising sign (or ascendant) ruler, or the descending sign (or descendant) ruler, compared to the horizon and the mid-heaven.

Two methods gotten from Grant Lewi’s work in his book ‘Astrology for the Millions’ are highly valuable. The first is extremely incredible: the Saturn Return. In the event that a candidate is pondering running for office when (s)he is between the ages of 55 and 59, it would be better to have a rethink. Saturn comes back to its horoscope position either at the time of their aspirations or during their term in office. As indicated by Grant Lewi, individuals who look for a high status position during this time of their lives are risking a lot, and they should tone down their aspirations. It is no truer that individuals past the age of 55 are too old to aspire. Grant Lewi posited that “The few who have been in the White House through this transit or just prior to it have earnestly wished they weren’t; and happy have been they who got out from under, even in defeat!”. Lewi composed these words during the 1940s. The other method likewise includes Saturn, the planet of ambition and fate, and concerns which house the ringed planet is going through in Candidate’s chart at the time of the election.

Aspects That Suggest Presidential Candidates’ Success.

A clearer definition of the term ‘aspects’ is necessary at this point. Meece defined Aspects to be the angles formed between the planets. They resemble periods of the Moon, in view of the lunar cycle between the Sun and Moon. A new moon is a combination between them and a full moon is an opposition. This can also apply to any two planets. Aspects take form as they make their common cycles in relation to one another. The first and last quarter stages, when a large portion of the Moon is noticeable, are squares (90 degree edges), and a trine happens when they are 120 degrees separated, or 1/3 of the circle. There’s a sextile when they are 60 degrees separated, or 1/6. Each pair of planets experience these equivalent stages, forming the aspects. These are known as the Major Aspects and they are the most significant ones. Other minor aspects are additionally scored as will be discussed below.

The most promising candidates have the characteristics that Americans like to vote in favor of or the individuals who can orchestrate the most impactful election campaigns. These are typically shown by the aspects in their birth charts. The good faith, certainty and liberal soul of Jupiter, the charming, persuasive, freeing vitality of Uranus, the attraction and brilliance of the Sun, all appeal to Americans; while the glum annoyance and pomposity of Mars may not. A portion of the aspects to Mars demonstrates wildness and instability which would generally not appeal. In any case, the perfect aspects to Mars or Saturn can show mental fortitude, vitality and order which Americans appreciate. Also, there would be no benefit to this methodology if Pluto is discarded. This rundown of aspects is to a great extent dependent on which ones really appeared in the charts of winning and losing candidates and which ones didn’t. A portion of these findings may be astonishing to some astrologers. For instance, some “inharmonious” squares and oppositions are better for contesting and winning a presidential election than the “harmonious” or “accommodating” sextiles and trines. Be that as it may, since past is generally prologue but not entirely, astrological traditions and past knowledge by different experts may likewise influence a portion of these scores. Updates have been made by the writer for 2016 and might be made for future elections also.

Looking at all his predictions, it is clear that only promising candidates ever win presidential elections in the United States of America. Furthermore, it doesn’t take astrology for a great many people to see which candidates are being referred to here. Most observers regularly prefer to feel that individuals vote in favor of candidates who propose the policies they concur with, and they equally believe that the candidate with the best strategies is going to win. However, this is false. The candidates with the best personalities are the individuals who have the most grounded characters; the most appealling, the most agreeable, the most understandable and the most certain amongst the current candidates. Americans vote in favor of the person rather than the policies. They are picking a Leader and they vote in favor of the candidate whom they think has the characteristics of a Leader. On the off chance that these individual characteristics work well for them in office by helping them achieve things , at that point it’s a special reward on the off chance that they are smart and brilliant and really propose the best policies that serve the present needs of the people.

These methods are available to anyone who wishes to predict who would emerge as the President of the United States in the foreseeable future and can be achieved by taking a look at the Candidates’ horoscope. There are good sites for calculating the favorable and unfavorable points for any Candidate.

Favourable Aspects That May Guarantee Being Elected as the President of the US (As at Dec. 2016):

Sun conjunct or semi-square – Venus, 1 point (Appealing and Imaginative)

Sun trine or sextile – Mars, 1 point (Energetic, Audaciousness)

Sun opposite, square or conjunct Jupiter, 1 point (Positive Thinking, Good Fortune, Self-Belief)

Sun trine or sextile Uranus, 1 point (Charismatic Leadership)

Sun opposite, square or conjunct Neptune, 1 point (Vision, Sympathy, Good Connection with the People)

Moon trine or sextile Mercury, 2 points (Brilliance and Good Interaction with the Public Media)

Moon conjunct Mars, 1 point (Motivates People, Dynamic)

Moon opposite or square Jupiter, 2 points (Connects with and Motivates the People)

Moon trine, sextile or conjunct Jupiter, 1 point (Generous and Empathetic)

Moon trine or sextile Uranus, 1 point (Charismatic Leadership with due Sentiments)

Moon opposite or square Pluto, 2 points (Coordinates the Power of the People, Transformative, and might be Mesmerizing)

Mercury sextile Venus, 1 point (Candidate with the Silver Tongue)

Mercury trine or sextile Mars, 1 point (Sharp Psyche and Quick Tongue)

Mercury trine, sextile or conjunct Jupiter, 1 point (Communication Expertise)

Mercury in any viewpoint to Uranus, 1 point (Appealling Expert Articulation)

Mercury opposite or square Neptune, 1 point (Speaks to People’s Emotions, Master Schemer)

Mercury opposite, square or conjunct Pluto, 2 points (Persuasive, Attentive, maybe Progressive Thinking)

Venus trine or sextile Jupiter, 1 point (Good Fortune and Cheer; Financial Achievements)

Venus trine, sextile or conjunct Saturn, 1 point (Relentlessness, Honesty, Sacrifice; like George Washington)

Venus opposite or square Neptune, 1 point (The Part of “Divine Discontent;” Visionary Compassion, but Scandals are Conceivable)

Venus trine or sextile Pluto, 2 points (Capacity to Relate with People and Power)

Mars trine or sextile Saturn, 2 points (Restrained Energy and Boldness)

Jupiter trine or sextile Uranus, 2 pointss (The Popular Hero)

Jupiter trine, opposite or square Neptune, 2 points (Far Reaching or Merciful; Expressive Standards)

Saturn trine or sextile Uranus, 1 point (Strategic Abilities, Reasonable Standards)

Saturn trine, sextile or conjunct Neptune, 1 point (Visionary Realism)

N.B: For a strong aspect among any of these above, add 1 point each. This is highly imperative. Stronger aspects are nearer to being precise and are increasingly huge. Solid conjunctions, oppositions, trines or squares are those within precisely 6 degrees or less while solid sextiles are those within precisely 3 degrees. To decide this necessity, you must take a cursory look at the number of degrees and minutes showed for the places of the planets in the charts of the candidate or check aspect tables where these are recorded.

Unfavorable Aspects for U.S. Presidential Election Candidates:

Sun conjunct Mercury, 1 point (Anxiety and Instability)

Sun conjunct Mars, 2 points (Fretful Energy, Overworks, Might be Excessively Confrontational)

Sun trine, sextile or conjunct Pluto, 2 points (May Push Excessively hard or let Energy Get out of Control)

Moon opposite or square Mercury, 2 points (Indiscreet or Radical Discourse)

Moon opposite or square Venus, 1 point (May have Influence, however needs Discipline)

Moon opposite or square Mars, 1 point (Prone to Quick Anger, Incautious or Grumpy)

Moon conjunct Saturn, 1 point (Not Daring)

Moon opposite or square Uranus, 1 point (Temperamental Popularity, Unpredictable)

Moon opposite, square or conjunct Neptune, 2 points (Disquietude: Muddled or needs Control of Feelings)

Mercury conjunct Venus, 1 point (Appears to be Approachable, however Excessively Sly)

Mercury trine or sextile Saturn, 1 point (Rigid Mindset or Occasionally Unbending)

Mercury trine or sextile Pluto, 1 point (Susceptible to Radical Thoughts or Unpleasant Discourses)

Venus trine or sextile Mars, 1 point (might be Distracted by Interests and Desires)

Venus opposite or square Jupiter, 2 points (Overconfidence; Excessively Flamboyant, Liberal or Precarious)

Venus opposite or square Saturn, 1 point (Unfriendly, Melancholic or Conservative)

Venus trine, sextile or conjunct Uranus, 1 point (might be Appealing, however Inconsistent)

Mars opposite or square Jupiter, 3 points (Extravagance; Unfocused)

Mars opposite or square Saturn, 2 points (Nervous or Remorseless)

Mars conjunct Uranus, 1 point (Powerful, Foolish, Resolute)

Mars trine or sextile Neptune, 2 points (Uncontrolled Emotions, Careless or an Over the Top Crusader)

Tom Steyer Biography

Mars trine, sextile or conjunct Pluto, 1 point (Excessively Energetic or Precarious)

Jupiter trine or sextile Saturn, 2 points (Expected to be a Good Organizer, yet clearly Too Cautious)

Jupiter opposite or square Pluto, 2 points (much like Mars-Jupiter; Excessively Reckless)

Saturn opposite or square Neptune, 2 points (Distrustful, Cynicism)

Saturn trine, sextile, opposite or square Pluto, 2 points (Unfeeling Domination Repulses the People)

N.B: For a strong aspect among any of the above, include 1 point each. This is highly important. Stronger aspects are nearer to being precise and are more critical. Solid conjunctions, oppositions, trines or squares are those within precisely 6 degrees or less. Solid sextiles are those within precisely 3 degrees.

In a situation where a candidate or president’s birth time isn’t known, 12 Noon would be used. However, all things considered, it can’t be ascertained which lunar aspects (s)he has, on the grounds that the Moon moves really quick. For other lunar aspects that ordinarily score 2 points, he possibly gave one point if it is anything but a strong aspect (a strong aspect is 6 degrees separated or less; 3 for sextiles). In an event that this turns out to be a lot difficult, however, he simply scored the major lunar aspects as demonstrated previously. In the event where he was sure that the aspect took place throughout the day and it’s worth 2 points, the writer tallied it at 2 points.

For example, in President Obama’s horoscope below, it can be seen that Mars is at 22 degrees, 35 minutes Virgo and Saturn is at 25 degrees, 20 minutes Capricorn. That is a trine within 6 degrees between those two planets; worth 3 positive points from my list (representing disciplined energy). He has a close Moon-Jupiter trine (connects with people), worth 2 points. He also has a close Sun-Neptune square (vision, compassion), worth 2 points. Obama’s Moon in Gemini is square to Uranus in Leo, within 10 degrees, but not 6. So this gives him 1 negative point (representing unstable popularity). He also has a minor aspect from the list, a quincunx between Venus and Jupiter (showy), worth 1 negative point. Note that he just misses having an unfavorable conjunction between the Sun and Mercury.

Horoscope Scores of Past Presidential Candidates.

If a cursory look is taken at the scores for candidates who have run for president in the past, you would see that there’s a steady trend. A superior margin of favorable over unfavorable scores over your opponent is an advantageous position in a presidential election. The candidate with the higher percentage margin (positive score divided by negative score) usually emerges victorious. When the margins are close, a keenly contested election is more likely to happen. Likewise, in some cases, the horoscope score may not conform with other techniques, as it will be seen subsequently, a prophet only needs to adjust these elements to make a prediction on the elections.

George Washington, the father of the nation, set the trend for a wiining score with 18-5. James K. Polk had perhaps the best score at 22-2. The first unknown “underdog” candidate, he had gigantic odds against him to win and succeed as president. U.S.’ Grant emulated Washington’s example as a winning General into the White House with an impressive 17-3 score. History thus repeated itself when another triumphant General, Dwight Eisenhower, won with a decent 18-8 score. An extraordinary score doesn’t signify an impressive President; only a candidate who is good at getting elected. A negative score additionally doesn’t mean that such person can’t get chosen for different positions in other workplaces. Several candidates with low scores for the presidential elections usually end up as representatives or congresspersons. In any case, somebody with a negative score is probably not going to be chosen leader of the US as it has never happened since 1904.

When all is said and done, a good prophet needs to remember different factors that may influence other than the raw scores. On the off chance that, for example, it is realized that a portion of a candidate’s aspects scarcely meets the base suitable circle or others are simply past it, this should be considered when making a prediction. Likewise, a few aspects in the scoring framework might be marginal cases, as it can be seen above. The score gives a decent sign of the candidate’s odds, however a good astrologer will take a consideration of everything in the diagram to understand a candidate better and what interests, capacities and issues (s)he has.

The scores of each winner and loser since 1789 are listed below. The results show how consistently the system has worked over time. From 1908 onward, no candidate with a negative score has won the general election. The candidate(s) with the lower score lost 24 out of 26 times since then. In 1964, Lyndon Johnson had a lower raw score than Barry Goldwater (not counting Johnson’s Jupiter rising), but Goldwater faced his Saturn Return before Johnson did. In the close election of 1960, the loser (Nixon) had a slightly higher score than the winner (JFK).

Elections before 1932:

1789 and 1792: George Washington 18-5, unopposed
1796: John Adams 6-7 (Mars rising), Thomas Jefferson 5-0
1800: Thomas Jefferson 5-0, John Adams 6-7, Aaron Burr 5-9
1804: Thomas Jefferson 5-0, Charles Pinckney 9-15
1808: James Madison 12-7, Charles Pinckney 9-15
1812: James Madison 12-7, DeWitt Clinton 9-13
1816: James Monroe 7-5 U, Rufus King 7-12
1820: James Monroe 7-5 U, John Quincy Adams 8-3
1824: J Q Adams 8-3, Andrew Jackson 9-3, Henry Clay 6-13 (a 4th candidate, William Crawford (9-1) had a stroke and could not compete)
1828: Andrew Jackson 9-3, J Q Adams 8-3
1832: Andrew Jackson 9-3, Henry Clay 6-13
1836: Martin Van Buren 9-4, William Henry Harrison 11-10 U
1840: W H Harrison 11-10 U, Martin Van Buren 9-4
1844: James K Polk 22-2 J, Henry Clay 6-13
1848: Zachary Taylor 11-4 J, Lewis Cass 6-15, Martin Van Buren 9-4
1852: Franklin Pierce 15-14, Winfield Scott (“Old Fuss and Feathers”) 8-23 (Mars rising)
1856: James Buchanan 13-6, John C. Fremont 7-13 SN, Millard Fillmore 11-8
1860: Abraham Lincoln 16-3 J, Stephen A Douglas 12-21, John Breckinridge 0-23 J, John Bell 3-15
1864: Abraham Lincoln 16-3 J, George McClellan 10-16
1868: Ulysses S. Grant 17-3 J, Horatio Seymour 6-12
1872: Ulysses S. Grant 17-3 J, Horace Greeley 4-11
1876: Rutherford B. Hayes 9-3, Samuel J. Tilden 3-14
1880: James A Garfield 8-9, Winfield Hancock 9-8
1884: Grover Cleveland 10-9, James G. Blaine 7-9
1888: Benjamin Harrison 14-8, Grover Cleveland 10-9
1892: Grover Cleveland 10-9, Benjamin Harrison 14-8, James B Weaver 15-6
1896: William McKinley 13-3 (Mars rising), William Jennings Bryan 5-4 U, SN
1900: William McKinley 13-3, William Jennings Bryan 5-4 U, SN
1904: Theodore Roosevelt (TR) 12-15 J, Alton B Parker 15-10
1908: William H. Taft 12-8 J/U, SN, William Jennings Bryan 5-4 U, SN
1912: Woodrow Wilson 10-6, Theodore Roosevelt 12-15 J, William H. Taft 12-8 J/U, SN
1916: Woodrow Wilson 10-6, Charles Evans Hughes 7-11
1920: Warren G Harding 13-10, James Cox 8-8
1924: Calvin Coolidge 10-9, John W. Davis 8-16, Robert LaFollette 6-14
1928: Herbert Hoover 11-11, Al Smith 4-16

Elections from 1932 to 2016:

1932: Franklin D Roosevelt (FDR) 21-4 U, Herbert Hoover 11-11
1936: Franklin D Roosevelt 21-4 U, Alf Landon 10-16
1940: Franklin D Roosevelt 21-4 U, Wendell Wilkie 8-9
1944: Franklin D Roosevelt 21-4 U, Thomas Dewey 8-6 SN
1948: Harry Truman 14-0, Thomas Dewey 8-6 SN
1952: Dwight Eisenhower 18-8, Adlai Stevenson 5-21
1956: Dwight Eisenhower 18-8, Adlai Stevenson 5-21
1960: John F Kennedy (JFK) 13-6, Richard Nixon 18-7
1964: Lyndon B Johnson (LBJ) 8-6 J, Barry Goldwater 20-11 (he had Mars in Scorpio rising, with inharmonious aspects: the perfect symbol of his stubborn “extremism”)
1968: Richard Nixon 18-7, Hubert Humphrey 9-5, George Wallace 2-7 J (+ Mars rising)
1972: Richard Nixon 18-7, George McGovern 9-10
1976: Jimmy Carter 12-4, Gerald Ford 12-8
1980: Ronald Reagan 22-6, Jimmy Carter 12-4, John Anderson 14-8 J
1984: Ronald Reagan 22-6, Walter Mondale 12-12 J/U
1988: George H W Bush 14-6, Michael Dukakis 2-10
1992: Bill Clinton 21-3 J, George H W Bush 14-6, Ross Perot 7-10 (his Jupiter rising is evident, but it was 10 degrees above his ascendant, so I didn’t count it officially)
1996: Bill Clinton 21-3 J, Bob Dole 12-19, Ross Perot 7-10
2000: George W Bush 17-2, Al Gore 10-9 (Mars rising)
2004: George W Bush 17-2, John Kerry 8-12 (his score was much weaker in the revised system)
2008: Barack Obama 19-2, John McCain 15-13
2012: Barack Obama 19-2, Mitt Romney 4-10 U, SN
2016: Donald Trump 9-4 (Mars rising), Hillary Rodham Clinton 9-11 J

In all 58 elections, only 3 winners had a negative horoscope score (John Adams, TR, Garfield; 5%). 54 had a positive score (93%), with one tie (Hoover). By contrast, 38 losers had a negative score (55% of 69). 28 losers had a positive score (41.4%), with 3 tie scores, but 15 of those with positive scores were also president of the USA.

Horoscope Scores of Prospective or Actual Candidates for the Presidential Elections

Republicans (2012- )

Donald Trump, 9-4 (Mars rising)
William Weld, 8-13 J
Joe Walsh, 11-13
Larry Hogan, 7-16
Mike Pence, 8-7
Mark Sanford, 5-7
Tom Cotton, 15-9
Nikki Haley, 8-15
Ben Sasse, 8-13
Rick Scott, 13-14
John Kasich, 3-12
Ted Cruz, 4-11 U
Marco Rubio, 11-10
Carly Fiorina, 16-7
Jeb Bush, 10-10
Chris Christie, 14-23
Scott Walker, 10-9
Rob Portman, 14-8
Ben Carson, 6-9
Jeff Flake, 12-12
Newt Gingrich, 9-9 SN
Rick Santorum, 8-15
Rick Perry, 11-8
Michelle Bachman, 11-13
Herman Cain, 11-14
Buddy Roemer, 6-11
Rand Paul, 8-9
Ron Paul, 14-9
Mitch Daniels, 18-17
Mike Huckabee, 9-18
John Boehner, 9-13
Paul Ryan, 10-11
Bobby Jindal, 15-13
John Thune, 8-9
Peter King, 9-7
Sam Brownback, 8-9
Kelly Ayotte, 13-8
Lindsay Graham, 1-5
Jim Gilmore, 10-16
George Pataki, 15-3
Sarah Palin, 5-5
George P. Bush, 4-7
Bob Corker, 11-21
Steve Bannon, 10-5
Jared Kushner, 10-4
Ivanka Trump, 16-2 (Donald Jr. 6-16, Eric 5-10)

(Highest scores with no Saturn return due: Donald Trump 9-4, Ivanka Trump 16-2, Jared Kushner 10-4, Carly Fiorina 16-7, George Pataki 15-3.)

Democratic (2012- )

Hillary Clinton, 9-11 J
Bernie Sanders, 14-7
Joe Biden, 14-7
Elizabeth Warren, 8-7
Kamala Harris, 4-16
Beto O’Rourke, 11-26
Pete Buttigieg, 7-8
Cory Booker, 6-7
Amy Klobuchar, 7-7
Kirsten Gillibrand, 7-13 (“Mrs. Firebrand” would score 9-11 if born before 6 AM)
Joe & Julian Castro, 8-13
Tulsi Gabbard, 11-6
Steve Bullock, 10-7
Marianne Williamson, 13-14
Andrew Yang, 8-15
John Delaney, 7-5
John Hickenlooper, 6-12
Bill DeBlasio, 12-17
Eric Swalwell, 4-6
Jay Inslee, 3-7
Michael Bennet, 8-9
Seth Moulton, 9-10
Tom Steyer, 11-7
Tim Ryan, 3-12
Joe Sestak, 3-10
Michael Bloomberg, 7-5
Terry McAuliffe, 11-2
Stacey Adams, 13-7 (many aspects uncertain, lower score if born in AM)
Mitch Landrieu, 16-2
Sherrod Brown, 19-8
Gavin Newsom, 7-1 U
Mike Gravel, 5-10
Wayne Messam, 15-8
Martin O’Malley, 11-19
Jim Webb, 11-7
Janet Napolitano, 11-5
Tammy Baldwin, 13-6
Tim Kaine, 11-11
Michelle Obama, 6-6
Andrew Cuomo, 11-6
Brian Schweitzer, 9-5
Deval Patrick, 9-6
Mark Warner, 7-11
Joe Kennedy III, 7-8
Eric Garcetti, 7-7
Howard Dean, 6-8 U
Jerry Brown, 5-10
Jason Carter, 10-4
Antonio Villaraigosa, 15-5
Joe Manchin, 6-10
Zephyr Teachout, 4-12
Lincoln Chafee, 15-9
Russ Feingold, 12-14
Tom Vilsack, 15-6
Al Franken, 9-9
Jack Markell, 14-9
Chuck Schumer, 15-8
Debbie Stabenow, 8-3
Roy Cooper, 10-6
Chris Murphy, 8-3 (if born before 10 AM) 8-4 (if born around Noon) 8-5 (if born after 2 PM) 7-5 (if born after 4 PM)
Jeff Merkley, 3-9
Eric Holder, 9-8
George Clooney, 11-19
Michael Moore, 16-6 SN
Oprah Winfrey, 10-3
Stephen Colbert, 20-11
Seth Meyers, 20-3
Bill Maher, 9-17
Chelsea Clinton, 9-5 U
Nancy Pelosi, 11-18
Doug Jones, 10-4
Nina Turner 12-7
Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, 13-19
Michael Avenatti, 13-4
Adam Schiff, 10-11
Robert F Kennedy Jr., 11-5
Conor Lamb, 13-17
Brian Schatz, 13-10
Richard Ojeda, 10-13
Richard Blumenthal, 11-6
Mark Kelly, 15-7
Keisha Lance Bottoms, 11-13
Susan Rice, 15-5
Val Demings, 6-6
Gretchen Whitmer, 17-1

Best scores, with no Saturn Return: Mitch Landrieu 16-2, Terry McAuliffe 11-2, Bernie Sanders 14-7, Joe Biden, 14-7, Gavin Newsom 7-1, Antonio Villaraigosa, 15-5, Tom Vilsack, 15-6, Jason Carter 10-4, Doug Jones 10-4. Sherrod Brown has a high positive number, and a good score: 19-8. Long shots Robert F Kennedy Jr. and Michael Avenatti have 11-5 and 13-4 respectively.

Other Independent Candidates

Gary Johnson (Libertarian), 12-9 (ran in 2012, 2016).
Jill Stein (Green), 16-2 (ran in 2012, 2016; needs more qualifications, and major party backing; but an excellent candidate).
Evan McMullin, 6-2 (2016).
Ralph Nader (Green, Independent), 6-9 (ran in 2000, and 3 other times).

Other Potential Candidates who may Run

Mike Bloomberg, 7-5.
Mark Zuckerberg (party unknown), 12-9.
Jesse Ventura, 14-13, U+Mars rising.
Mark Cuban, 8-10.
Lawrence Kotlikoff, 13-2.
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, 8-9.
Howard Schultz, 9-18.
Justin Amash, 9-11.

Some Past Candidates Not Nominated

Robert F Kennedy, 14-14.
Eugene McCarthy, 11-5 U.
Nelson Rockefeller, 14-13.
Ted Kennedy, 8-15.
Edmund S Muskie, 9-9.
Gary Hart, 9-17 U.
Rudy Guiliani, 6-15.
John Edwards, 12-11 U.
Dennis Kucinich, 7-8.
Wesley Clark, 9-15.
Chris Christie, 14-23.

The Method of “The New Moon Before The Election”

Another vital method he employed was by using the New Moon preceding the election. It proved to be a very compelling and effective method in determining the winner of the Presidential polls. Then again, as it had happened twice in the 21st century up until this point, in situations where the popular vote clashes with the electoral college, the New Moon before the election usually picks the popular vote. He cast the chart for the specific time of the New Moon for Washington DC. In the event that the rising sign’s ruler is higher in the sky, the opposing party wins. On the other hand, where the setting sign ruler is higher, the party in power wins. Uranus at the Nadir (at the Sun’s situation at Midnight) likewise helps the opposing candidate.

In the twentieth century in any case, this method typically worked. From 1900 forward through 2012, the new moon before the election has shown the winner multiple times out of 28, a record of 86% right. It wasn’t right only in 1952, 1968, 1988 and 2000. In 2000, by and by the new moon method showed the popular vote winner as it had in 1876 and 1888. The ruling planet standing for the party in power and its candidate Al Gore, was only 3 degrees higher in the sky. Gore won the popular vote, as showed by the New Moon, yet lost the Electoral College in the closest election ever, losing Florida by only 537 official votes. As in 1876, electoral fraud was alleged but the method still worked in 2004 when the new moon indicated that George W Bush would win since he was the incumbent. In 2008, it predicted that Obama would win since he was from the opposition party. In 2012, it still maintained the same stance on Obama.

Prediction on the 2016 Presidential Elections using the New Moon Method.

Meece employed the New Moon method in analyzing the major candidates for the 2016 Presidential election. Congressman, Bernie Sanders was running for the Democratic Party’s ticket against previous Secretary of State, Senator and First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, who was viewed as dishonest by certain voters. Hillary’s score was scarcely positive – 12-9 despite the fact that she profited like her significant other from a bouyant and certain Jupiter rising just as Mercury and Venus rising. In any case, Sanders had a superior 14-7 horoscope score. He was speaking to youthful Americans due to his genuine, bona fide desire to help the individuals which shone through in every seminar and campaign gathering he held. Hillary Clinton’s extraordinary points of interest in establishment, experience and preparation to serve was expected to be adequate in fending off an inspiring Sanders revolution.


On the Republican side, the candidate with the strongest score was surprisingly doing better than most people anticipated campaign wise. A great many people didn’t take Donald J. Trump too seriously as a candidate. He had never held public office and was additionally a “radical dreamer” who thought President Obama was a Muslim conceived in Kenya. When Meece saw his horoscope, not long after he announced his office in July 2015, he realized he wouldn’t fade away before the primaries, as all the media bodies and critics expected. Mr. Trump had become a inspiration for some, who felt compromised by changes occurring in American culture and had vowed to make America “great” again through his self-confidence and business dealing capacities. Mars rising demonstrated his careless tongue and forceful methodology and in Leo, it showed his bloated self-importance and pride. Actually, the vast majority Meece addressed regarding the matter who knew even a little astrology could predict before they even knew his chart that he had Mars in Leo rising. The New Moon before Election Day showed that the party in power will win once more. He anticipated Hillary’s win in view of the New Moon before election and in light of the fact that Clinton’s own Jupiter and 2 different planets rising gave her a horoscope score practically even with Trump’s.

Unfortunately, Meece’s prediction didn’t work out as expected. Clearly, the example from the year 2000 rehashed itself wherein the New Moon before election showed just the popular vote winner. Hillary won this with around 3 million votes, yet lost the electoral vote by around 77,000 votes in 3 states. It was hard for him to predict a circumstance where a candidate wins the popular vote by very nearly 3 million votes and still lose the election. It appeared to be far-fetched. Despite the fact that his expectation fizzled, the reality remains that the two methods he depended on, the horoscope score and the new moon before the election, were both right. Donald Trump consistently had a higher score than Hillary Clinton, and the New Moon before election effectively anticipated the popular vote. Considering the additional tallies and corrections he made to the aspects in candidates’ charts, in addition to how Trump’s success in the electoral college helped change a couple of their point values, Hillary’s horoscope score was reduced to 9-11. Candidates with negative scores rarely win the US Presidential elections.

Uranus is the planet of unexpected events. As it was mentioned above, when Uranus is at the Nadir of the New Moon chart, the place where the Sun is at Midnight, a “revolution” can topple the party in power. All astrologers agree that a strong square angle to the Ascendant is significant. In 2016, Uranus was square to the Ascendant from below the horizon, and thus on the cusp of the 4th house according to the Equal House system (but in the 3rd by the regular systems), and not at the Nadir point. Yet, the 2016 election was something of an unexpected revolution against “the Establishment,” or at least many of those who voted for Trump thought that’s what they were voting for. This new moon pattern had never happened before a USA presidential election until 2016 and Trump is himself a wild card. Being unprepared for the presidency and bent on an extremely reactionary course, his actions are likely to be disruptive and possibly destructive and dangerous. When Uranus is involved, astrologers know that we can expect the unexpected.

Here’s a surprising piece: the same thing might happen in the 2020 Elections! Although Uranus has never been in this position before in any presidential election, this will also happen in 2020. At the New Moon before the Election, Uranus will be square to the Ascendant again from below the horizon, from the 3rd house in the usual house systems, for only the second time ever. Uranus is also the ruler of the Ascendant in this chart, because Aquarius is rising. That means it represents the opposition party too. Being below the horizon, with the ruler of the party in power above the horizon and higher in the sky, this normally means that the opposing candidate would lose but these are not normal times. In 2020, Uranus squaring the Ascendant from below the horizon could topple the party in power again. He believes that this is not a certainty and might probably not even occur in the 2020 elections since such a situation is unprecedented but 2020 is the year of surprises and might not follow the horoscope score.

Predictions for the Presidential Elections using the New Moon Method (2020-…)

2020: Party in power wins the Popular Vote (Uranus square the Ascendant; possible “revolution” indicator).

2024: Challenger wins.

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2028: Party in power wins.

2032: Challenger wins.

2036: Party in power wins.

2040: Party in power.

2044: “Revolution” possible, favours challenger (party in power’s ruler is higher, but Uranus is in 4th house and square the Ascendant)

2048: Party in power wins. Shakti yoga in vedic astrology.

2052: Challenger wins.

2056: Challenger wins.

2060: Party in power wins.

2064: Party in power wins.

2068: Party in power wins.

2072: Party in power favored in a close election between parties.

2076: Challenger wins.

2080: Party in power wins.

2084: Party in power wins.

2088: Party in power wins (Uranus square the Ascendant; possible “revolution” indicator)

2092: Party in power wins.

2096: Party in power wins.

2100: Challenger wins but a close election between parties; 7 planets in 4th house

The Influence of Planet Saturn in Election Predictions.

Another major factor that serves as a warning for aspiring candidates is the Saturn Return. This basically states that if the Saturn returns to its position in your horoscope during the next three years after you run for president, you would lose when running for re-election. This pattern was first found out and duly made known in 1940 by Grant Lewi in his book Astrology for the Millions. 11 out of 12 candidates who ran for president in the general election while confronting a Saturn Return, which was expected uniquely in the initial three years after the election, lost the re-election (91.6%). The one in particular who made it into office under this condition, William McKinley in 1900, was killed in the first year in office. These 11 candidates were: Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren, Millard Fillmore, Horatio Seymour, Winfield Scott Hancock, Herbert Hoover, Adlai Stevenson, Barry Goldwater, Hubert Humphrey, Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale.

So Saturn is a significant planet to watch while predicting elections of presidents; possibly the most important planet of all. In such manner, Grant Lewi proposed another method he called the “Lord of the Rings.” He posited that Saturn takes 29 years to travel through the zodiac and around the Sun and as it does as such, it travels through the places of our horoscope which represents the 12 segments of the sky at the place of our birth. “Great men of Destiny,” he proposed, arrive at their pinnacle of influence when Saturn is in the tenth house or Midheaven of their horoscope (the spot in the sky where the Sun is overhead every Noon), So as indicated by Lewi, Saturn shows a triumph in the first house, then a fall into obscurity in the second and third, a nadir of fortune and another beginning at the fourth, beginnings of an ascent in status in the fifth and sixth, development in the seventh, ascent to influence in the eighth and ninth, pinnacle of accomplishment at the tenth, and a tumble from influence or beginnings of lower status in the eleventh and twelfth, with conceivable worry for committing the advantages of past progress to higher causes. As indicated by this hypothesis, subsequently, winning candidates are bound to have Saturn going through their upper houses over the skyline (seventh through twelfth), or in the first house than in the houses (second through sixth) beneath the skyline.

Presidents and Contesting Candidates Astrological Connections to the US Horoscope.

Astrologers sometimes use the connections the planets in candidates’ horoscopes have with the US horoscope. Meece’s research on this proved quite insightful. Using the birthday for the USA of July 4, 1776 at about 5 PM, he compared the planets’ positions in the horoscopes of 44 presidents and 97 other candidates who never served as President with the US chart. He discovered that presidents had a connection 1.7 times more often than with other defeated candidates when restricting the orb (amount of exactitude) of their conjunctions to US planets to only one degree. When he extended the orb to 2 degrees, he found only a 1.06 times difference. In this method, he employed a time of 12 PM to cast charts for candidates whose birth times were not known.

Maybe this method may clarify the unusual and remarkable attractions Americans have had to certain presidents and a portion of services they have offered the country. For instance, possibly the way that George W Bush and Calvin Coolidge both have their Sun in Cancer (sign of home, parenthood and crusty fruit-filled treat) precisely lined up with America’s Sun represents why the people like their home-spun, basic and smug characters. Teddy Roosevelt’s association between his rising Jupiter and the USA’s Mars unquestionably illustrates how Roosevelt extended the US citizen’s forceful and courageous disposition and their propensity to brandish a “big stick” in other countries’ faces. Another forceful pioneer was George Bush’s Dad whose Sun was aligned with the country’s Mars to “beat the Vietnam issue” and get them into conflicts again. Perhaps, Richard Nixon’s combination of mysterious Neptune with America’s “tricky magician” Mercury justifies the people’s acceptance of all his nefarious and secret activities. Thomas Jefferson positively stirred the nation’s capacity to change itself by advising them that a revolution is something worth being thankful for in every generation. His natal Uranus was conjunct America’s Pluto.

Furthermore, James Madison surely kept the average folks’ desire for freedom alive through the association between his Uranus and the country’s Moon in Aquarius. Barack Obama attempted to tidy up the global wreckage left by George W. Bush and to propel quality health care as well, maybe because his warrior planet Mars was directly on the country’s Neptune in wellbeing conscious Virgo in the ninth house of foreign affairs. Donald Trump’s Saturn connects within 1 degree to America’s Mercury in the eighth house (financial commitments) in Cancer (a sign of patriotism and national legacy) which be instrumental in clarifying his zeal in building the Wall on America’s southern border and “Make America Great Again” through rigorous international negotiations. Venus is likewise near this US Mercury with his Sun near the US Mars in Gemini. No other current candidate running for the US Presidency boasts of such a solid US chart connection.

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Written by: Eric Meece ala E. alan Meece

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