Astrologer Tom McMullan describes in detail how different astrological signs interact with each other. He touches on every sign and there are some real life. They are held, al fresco, at the spa’s 5,600 sq. Resident astrologer Tom McMullan explains the symbolic language of Astrology as guests enjoy a gourmet dinner under the cool desert night sky while learning how the movement of the constellations. Astrologist Tom McMullan. 262 likes 11 talking about this. Astrological Consultation. I will tell you the story of your Soul Journey into this lifetime, your karmic signatures that define the.

A professional Astrologer for 33 years, I specialize in a psychological and spiritual approach to my horoscope analysis. I use the symbolic language of Astrology as a key to unlock an amazing intuitive ability which I possess. I have helped over a thousand clients from all walks of life increase awareness, improve relationships, create self-empowerment, and uncover hidden talents and potential.

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My educational background consists of collegiate studies in Clinical Psychology, Parapsychology, Human Services, and personal counseling. I have studied over the years with some of the most renowned Astrologers from around the world, but maintain a unique style of my own.
As a public personality in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area, I have been interviewed on local radio and television and in many magazine articles. With a background in public speaking and stand up comedy, I also do many speaking engagements on subjects such as: The Signs and Their Archtypes, The Relationship Between His Sign and Her Sign, and The Evolution of Society, from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius.

APRIL FORECAST 2021 October horoscope 2017.

Everything seems to be moving faster and faster and this month it seems to speed up. The Aries energy is forcing change faster. The conjunction of the Sun and Venus in Aries that began in the later part of last month continues for the first two weeks of April. It will be joined by a new Moon in Aries on the 12th. This is what’s causing everyone to want to get out and socialize again. Mercury enters this combination in Aries also early in the month. Impulsiveness is this month’s word. Be careful of accidents and arguments. Think before you speak and watch for road rage. Fights and violence can erupt out of nowhere.

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Jupiter and Mars make a favorable aspect, which will highlight court cases and issues around law enforcement. Because Saturn and Uranus are in a hard aspect, we will see challenges to current laws that are trying to be changed. We instinctually respond to change with resistance. This creates tension and a sense of crisis. The level of crisis manifests by one’s need to change in proportion to one’s resistance.


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Money issues will begin to dominate the latter part of this month, especially when the Sun moves into Taurus on the 20th. It will join Mercury, Venus, and Uranus in Taurus. Conversations around the economy will predominate. Because Saturn makes a hard aspect to this stellium, practicality will take precedence over extravagance. There will be a full Moon in Scorpio on the 27th. Focus your efforts on the things you value the most that matter to you, and don’t be distracted by what others are telling you that you should value according to them.

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