March 2021 - Utilize the power of Mars in your zodiac sign for three final days as March arrives, Taurus. You have harbored this mighty fuel for nearly two months now and likely have seen more courage and determination to reach your personal and professional goals. Don’t miss this final chance to take the lead.
On March 3, the red planet moves into your solar second house for the weeks ahead. This will increase your expenses significantly, so keep your mind on your budget. However, this can also give you the impetus to make more money, especially if you’re ready to charge after a better paying job, or more clients if you work freelance.
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A new moon arrives in your solar eleventh house on the thirteenth, bringing you an opportunity to connect to a greater community that you believe in, as well as reconnect with friends. You could be invited to an important event that holds both personal and professional opportunities.
As the spring equinox arrives on March 20, you could feel the need to reset and recharge as well as make a vision board about how you’d like your life to look in the year ahead. Some Bulls may also be very busy on an important project that they’re developing behind the scenes but that won’t be ready to debut until later in the year.
A full moon arrives on the twenty-eighth, spotlighting your solar sixth house of productivity. You will find your calendar filled with responsibilities. If you’re looking for a new job, it might appear now, or you could be putting the finishing touches on a milestone professional project.
Standout days: 3, 13, 17
Challenging days: 14, 15, 26

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