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This post is all about rare techniques from remedial section of Vedic Astrology. A technique which calculates a Tithi (lunar date) for a house in horoscope is discussed below – I will also be sharing a horoscope of a child with Autism!

What Is Tithi In Vedic Astrology

  1. If we look at the technical aspects of the term “Tithi”, it is the Vedic date of the lunisolar calendar and measures the angular displacement of the Moon from the Sun. It’s the period between two consecutive full moons’ (exact 180° displacement of the Moon from the Sun) is about 29.5 civil days.
  2. Tithi is the Vedic date of the luni-solar calendar and is a measure of the angular displacement of Moon from Sun. It is known that the period between two consecutive full moon’s (i.e. Exact 180° displacement of the Moon from the Sun) is about 29.5 civil days.
  1. The technique is –
    Observe Sun’s position in horoscope. Calculate Moon’s position from Sun – as in exact degrees.
  2. Having calculated degrees above, multiply this figure with concerned house (counted from ascendant). For instance – finance will be second house, siblings – 3, education, home, mother – 4, ………… likewise spouse, marriage will be 7 and so on and so forth.
  3. For an Autistic child the 4th house is important, as it also relates to education and mental buildup – other significations of 4th house is mother, vehicles, properties and so on. If a native has dysfunctional health, we will take the lagna (1), if the native has lack of mobility, we will take the 9th house (legs), 12th house (feet). In present example am presenting the case with Bhava Tithi Calculation for fourth house.
  4. Divide figure obtained above under (3) by 12 – a Tithi is equivalent to Moon being 12 degrees away from Sun. Dwitiya Tithi will be 12×2=24 degrees. Calculate Tithi and then prescribe remedies.

Let me explain with a horoscope –

Here in this case Sun is @ 28deg 38min 17sec in Virgo. Moon is at 24deg 41min 05sec Scorpio. Now for the calculation part –

The most powerful time to do a puja is when the vara day of a planet aligns with the tithi opposite it on the kalachakra. These certain days are very powerful for planetary propitiations. For example, worshipping the Sun on Shasti or Chaturdasi is auspicious because they are tithis ruled by its kalachakra opposite. Surya grahan 2021 effects in houses in vedic astrology ephemeris.

Tithi In Vedic Astrology

24deg 41min 05sec
30deg 00min 00sec – for Libra
01deg 21min 43sec – this is balance left over in Virgo for Sun
56deg 02min 48sec – this is total of above

Now dividing this by 12 we get to see that 4 Tithis have lapsed and the 5th was running (12degx4=48deg). So, for this child the Tithi applicable to the 4th house in horoscope is the Panchami or 5th Tithi in Shukla Paksha – Bright half of Moon. If the total had exceeded 180 – the tithi would have been in Krishna Paksha or Dark half of Moon.

As a general rule, Tithis 1-6 are delay causing. Tithis calculated above between 7-10 – remedies are compulsory. Tithis 11-15 can deny results altogether.


Tithi In Vedic Astrology

The parents of this child were advised to pray to their Kula Devta – every Indian Hindu household knows their Kula Devta – the deity that presides over their family ancestry – they visited their native village, located their Kula Devta temple in shambles – repaired it and offered prayers. The child is showing signs of progress

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