In Vedic astrology, you can reach a conclusion after analysing everything in detail. Making predictions on the basis of just one perspective can be quite dangerous for the native. Hence, you should always consider all the principles and rules of astrology before making any predictions. Some of the things which you should always study include Yogas, Dasha, Houses, Varga Kundalis, Time of Incident, Transits and so on. In this webcast, we will try to predict an appropriate time for certain incidents in your life.

Some Important Principles for An Incident

This is how you identify the positive planets. Change of job happens when the planets signify 5th and/or 9th house along with the 6th and/or 10th house. 5th house is 12th to the 6th house and 8th to the 10th house, therefore, it brings the end to your existing job and then you switch to a new job. How to read Dashamsha Chart in Astrology:- Dashamsha chart is the tenth division of each zodiac sign in vedic birth chart horoscope & it highlights your full career life achievement, success, promotion, income earned by self effort career, best career field name in details manner.

Timing Of Job Change In Vedic Astrology
  • Auspicious Time to Change of Job in Vedic Astrology Change or loss of a job is seen through the 1st, 5th and 9th house., the reason is that all three houses 1st, 5th and 9 th are twelfth from 2 nd 6 th and 10 th house. If a planet signifies these houses, such a planet has a good possibility of losing or changing its job over a period of time.
  • How Can We Predict Job Change in Vedic Astrology. A career is an essential aspect of one’s life. It provides an avenue to be financially independent in our life and also as an outlet for our creative minds. At one point or another in our lives, most working individuals have contemplated a career change or a job change.

In order to make sure that an incident occurs in your life, certain Yogas related to that incident need to be present in your Janma Kundali.

For example, if you want to know about childbirth, you will first have to check if Yogas related to conception are present in your Kundali.

If Yogas are not present in your Kundali, there is no point in studying other details. Hence, your Janma Kundali needs to have certain Yogas related to an incident, promising its occurrence.

Once you have studied Yogas in your Janma Kundali, you will need to analyse Dasha/Antardasha during which an incident may occur.

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When you know which Dasha/Antardasha will play an important role for an incident, you need to analyse dual transit of Jupiter and Saturn. Dual transit of Jupiter and Saturn is always present in a Kundali for the occurrence of an incident. Without this transit, nothing happens in your life.

Vedic Astrology Calculator

Saturn is also called Kaal. The term Kaal means Time. Hence, Saturn determines the time for every incident.

Jupiter is also called Jeev. It validates the time determined by Saturn for an incident. Saturn’s transit is for 2.5 years and Jupiter’s is for 1 year, and these two planets yield result according to the time frame of their transits. So looking at Saturn’s transit and Jupiter’s transit will help you shorten the expected event’s time-frame to one year.

Then Mars’s 45 day transit will further shorten it to 45 days if found. Sun has a 30 day transit and if found applicable will reduce the time-frame to this period. Finally locate the Moon’s transit which is 2.5 days and you will have a pretty good estimate of when the incident might occur.

It is noticed that whenever something important in life happens, most of the planets are transiting through the connected house.

Related Varga Kundali

In this slide, we will talk about Varga Kundalis. House related to certain incidents in a Janma Kundali should always be studied in Varga Kundalis. Many times, certain Yogas are present in Janma Kundali, but they are absent in Varga Kundalis.

For instance, if you want to know something about your business, you should not satisfy yourself with an analysis of tenth house. You should also study Dashmansh Kundali in detail. If Yogas in your Dashmansh Kundali are not auspicious, there may be some obstacles in your business activities. Moreover, Dashas and transits will also fail to give auspicious results.

Which Planet Is Responsible For Job Change

There are many incidents which are promised by your Janma Kundali, but they don’t come out to be as expected. This is because your Varga Kundali does not agree with them. In such a situation, you may be quite worried. If Yogas are present in your Janma Kundali, but not in your Varga Kundali, there may be delays or obstacles.

Analysis of Varsha Kundali

Which planet is responsible for job change

Let us now talk about Varsha Kundali. If there are indications of an incident occurring in a particular year, you should analyse Varshphal. You should check the state of houses related to the incident and results of Dasha/Antardasha during that year.

Timing of job change in vedic astrology pdf

You should check whether Varshphal validates any claims of this incident actually occurring in that year. If Varshphal does not validate these claims, there may be some delays. Varsha Kundali helps you analyse every incident in detail.


Lets us give you an example so that you can understand this better. Lets us assume that you are planning to get married. First of all, you need to check if Yogas related to marriage are present in your Kundali. Seventh house is associated with marriage. You will also need to check your Navansh Kundali. Now, you will study all those Dasha/Antardasha which provide a high probability for your marriage. These Dasha/Antardasha will also be analysed in your Navansh Kundali.

Now, you will have to check if Saturn or Jupiter’s dual transit is occurring over seventh house or Lord of seventh house. If the answer is yes, there is high probability of you getting married. You will also have to check the association between the Lords of seventh house and ascendant. Maximum planets in your Kundali should be aspecting seventh house or Lord of seventh house.

Timing Of Job Change In Vedic Astrology

You have to be careful while determining Dasha/Antardasha for marriage. Marriage is possible during Dasha of the Lord of seventh house, Dasha of planet in seventh house, Dasha of second house or Lord of second house and Dasha of fifth house or Lord of fifth house. You will be married during Dasha of planets aspecting seventh house or Lord of seventh house. In the same way, you will be married during Dasha of Ascendant or Lord of Ascendant and Dasha of seventh house or Lord of seventh house in Navansh Kundali.

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