In Vedic astrology Muhurta comprehends selecting the auspicious time for a particular event. It is a known fact that success in any work depends upon the moment at which it is commenced. A good muhurta gives the advantage of the natural forces to work. Vedic astrology is an astrological system that was developed in India 4000 to 6000 years ago and follows the principles and practice of the Hindu religion. Also known as Jyotisa, which translates to “light,” Vedic astrology focuses on astral patterns of light and how those patterns influence the destiny or Dharma of humans.

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Timing Of Events In Vedic Astrology
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Timing of events in vedic astrology february

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The birth of children is the one of the most auspicious (if not the most) events in the life of any person. Babies are literally bundles of joy to the parents and other family members who experience a huge combination of emotions – ecstasy, pride, relief, anticipation, and many more.

But let us talk about how we can predict if and when a couple will have a child. Can we even do that? Yes, of course! Let me explain to you how the gurus of vedic astrology have taught us to do that.

Timing Of Events In Vedic Astrology

There are two main things that you’ll need to look at in the native’s horoscope –

  • the maha dashas and the bhuktis that they are going through
  • the transits of planets that affect the areas related to children

But even before that, check the horoscope for even propensity for having children. In a person’s chart, always look at the 5th House for indicators of children. If the 5th House and the 5th Lord are strong, then that’s good. If not, then the native will have difficulties having children. But it’s certainly not impossible. After doing this step, we need to then look at the dashas and transits.

The main transits you need to focus on are the Jupiter transits, and to a lesser extent the Rahu transits. Jupiter is a mega-benefic planet that showers good wherever it goes. Rahu is a little more complicated – it can certainly do good, but it comes with a twist. There may be a little bad mixed with the good. But all of this depends on the strength of both Jupiter and Rahu in the native’s horoscope.

Timing of events in vedic astrology chart

Timing Of Events In Vedic Astrology Calculator

So how exactly do we use dashas to determine when a native will bear children? Well, if the native is running the dasha/bhukti of the 5th Lord, then it’s definitely a promising time. If the 5th Lord is aspected by benefics like Jupiter/Venus/waxing moon, then all the better. If the 5th Lord is aspected by malefics, then things can get challenging.

When it comes to transits, then look for the following:

  • If transiting Jupiter is aspecting the 5th House
  • If transiting Jupiter is aspecting the 5th house from the natal Moon
  • If transiting Jupiter is aspecting the 5th Lord

Vedic Astrology Birth Chart Report

The more the above conditions get satisfied, then the better prospects there are for the native. Now, albeit less important, check the same conditions for Rahu transits.

If you get multiple conditions satisfied, then you can almost guarantee that the native will have children during that time. Some astrologers also look at divisional charts to check further, but I think that could potentially be over-complicating things because the validity of the birth time becomes very very important.

Timing Of Events In Vedic Astrology With Case Studies Pdf

Hopefully this article helps to clarify the timing of child births. Do check out these principles in the charts that you have been working with, and see if it works.

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