When it comes to protection and security for yourself everyone is concerned about it. There are higher chances that if a person is taking corrective measures and options to protect themselves in the crisis or their personal and professional life, they can have a better life which is easy going and peaceful.

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Gemstones create a different space for the person who uses it to protect and to secure themselves from different situations and conflicts in life.

In the same reference, there are some different kinds of gemstones which are particularly used by people to get rid of different kinds of problems and to get different types of benefits in their life.

Many people face financial crisis, mental illnesses, anxiety, stress and tension, health issues, or personal relationships problems but the solution for all these problems comes with the one small stone which you can use in any phase i.e. Tiger Eve Stone.

What is the meaning of Tiger Eye Stone?

Tigers Eye Stone appears with beautiful bands of yellow-golden color on it. It is a powerful stone that helps to release anxiety, fear, and aids harmony. It inspires taking action and helps to take decisions with judgment and understanding of emotions.

Tigers Eye gemstone is used for protection. Tigers gem also brings many different opportunities and benefits to the wearer, but there are some particular benefits and specialty is that they gemstone carries for the person using it.

Sphalerite is not a birthstone or a zodiac stone, but it is the non-traditional gemstone for the person born under the sign of Gemini and signifies planet earth. Sri krishnan astrologer news. Physically, it is believed to remove and heal the eye disorders. Chemical Properties of Sphalerite Formula: ZnS Common Impurities: Mn,Cd,Hg,In,Tl,Ga,Ge,Sb,Sn,Pb,Ag. Source of Spheralite. Tiger’s Eye is a stone that amplifies and boosts the energies of any other quartz, crystal, or stone. It’s a great stone to pair with your favorite Quartz or crystal (like Citrine), and you can expect it to magnify the quartz or crystal’s effect on you. It’s a must-have if you’re looking for balance and harmony in your life.

The tiger gemstones come into color which is Blue Tiger Eye and Red Tiger Eye. Both stones are used for different purposes by the people to get relief and benefit for a particular problem.

What is the importance of Tiger Eye Blue Stone?


The Blue Tiger Eye controls the throat chakra of the human body. the Blue Tiger Eye is connected with the air element. Blue Tiger Eye is calming and releases stress. It is used to add the quick-tempered, overanxious, and for big people. It is also helpful to dissolve the sexual frustration.

What is the importance of Tiger Eye Red Stone?

The red Tiger Eye stone is used to control the base chakra of the human body full. It is connected with the fire element. If someone wants to enhance their motivation and wants to overcome lethargy red Tiger Eye stone is highly preferable. is also helpful to enhance the slow metabolism of the body.

Benefits of Tiger Eye Stone-

-- It promotes mental clarity and creates the focus in the person's mind.

-- The Tiger Eye stones assist us to resolve problems objectively and it is unclouded by emotions.

-- Tiger Eye stone treats eyes, throat, and reproductive organs.

-- It is also responsible for releasing toxins from the body and it also alleviates pain.

-- The Tiger Eye stone stabilizes mood swings enhances the willpower, purpose, courage, and self-confidence in the person, and releases the stress.

-- It is also helpful to attract money and makes an individual survive through their financial breakdowns.

-- It also attracts harmony in life. If you don't find happiness in anything that you do there are some negative energies which are surrounded you which need to get cleared on an urgent basis so to kick off these energies this stone is perfect.

-- You can wear it in the face of a bracelet ring or pendant. As it looks beautiful from its outer appearance but at the same time, it will give you its benefits on the other hand.

-- It also helps in decision making. No matter how slow you are in your decision making you need to be mentally stable to take them correctly if you have given up on your dreams then it will help you to take correct decisions in your life to make your goal clearer.

You can also learn about all other gemstones through the Gems and Crystal Therapy course which is specially designed by the Institute of Vedic astrology. This Institute is providing online distance learning courses in gems and crystals therapy through which you can know the deep secrets and information about different gemstones and crystals while sitting comfortably at your home.

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In Which Finger to wear Cat’s Eye Gemstone Cats Eye in Vedic Astrology

In Which Finger to wear Cat’s Eye Gemstone , The astrological gemstone representing the positive powers of Planet Ketu as per Vedic Astrology is the Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl.

Do you want to know When to wear cat’s eye stone

According to vedic Astrology, The most auspicious days for wearing Cat’s Eye Stone are Tuesday and Thursday evening in the constellations of Ashwini, Magha and Moola. Cat’s Eye should be worn in the Middle finger or Ring finger of working hand.

The Cats Eye is also known as Lehsunia or Vaidurya

cats eye stone

Free Vedic Astrology Chart Reading

Tiger eye stone vedic astrology characteristics

As Per the tenets of Vedic Astrology the best finger to wear Cat’s Eye is the middle finger. Ruled by Saturn and known as Madhyama in Sanskrit, the Cats Eye gemstone gives good results in this finger.

Can Cats Eye be worn in the ring finger?

In Certain rare cases the Cats Eye can also be worn in the ring finger which is ruled by Sun. This is generally in cases like Sun-Ketu Conjunction in the chart, Mahadasha of Ketu and antardasha of sun, Mahadasha of Sun and the antardasha of Ketu etc. Wearing in the ring finger should be done after proper horoscope consultation with an expert Astrologer.

Gemstoneuniverse is pleased to present the two new lots of Cats Eye Chrysoberyl for its patrons. The cats Eye Gemstone is as fast acting like the Blue Sapphire and great care has gone in sorting to assure that we get Jyotish Quality Cats Eye that is free from Flaws.

Named Cura and Trinetra the salient features of these two lots are:

The origin of these Cats Eye Gemstones is India and Srilanka.

Each Cats eye is Natural, Untreated and Earth Mined with no radiation.

The color is pleasing from Golden Green to Honey Brown the most ideal colours for premium Cats eye.

The Chatoyancy is electric, silvery, dynamic, sharp and majestic.

Vedic Astrology Birth Chart Report

The Chatoyant band formed is strong, majestic and noble.

Tiger Eye Stone Vedic Astrology

Every Single Cats Eye stone is Free from Any of the flaws as listed in the sacred texts.

Each Gem will give positive results for harnessing the energies of Lord Ketu.

Cats Eye Astrology

Cats Eye Gemstone is the Gem that represents the powers of Planet Ketu as per Vedic Astrology. Suitability of Cats as per ascendants and vedic astrology analysis is essential before one wears a Cats Eye Gemstone. One should wear this cats eye Gemstone only after a proper Gem consultation

While picking gems for use in planetary gem therapy, Gemstoneuniverse makes sure that these gems are top of the line, displaying enviable clarity and great lustre! There are no compromises made on quality and even great looking natural gems are rejected, if they carry internal flaws (doshas) that could interfere with your gem therapy. Your Gem therapy should be absolutely error free with no guess work- We ensure that.

Gemstone Certification and appraisal of these lots are complete and you can find them in the online Hessonite inventory in the next 3 weeks or earlier.

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Tiger Eye Stone Vedic Astrology

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