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  • Chinese Zodiac Tiger Traits, Personality & Characteristics Tiger is one of the most auspicious Chinese symbols and, perhaps, best known the world over. Because of the sheer, raw power of the Tiger, this zodiac sign is honored in China as the ultimate protector of home and hearth.
  • A courageous protector, with a rebellious nature is how the Chinese Astrology describes the personality of a person born in a Tiger year. Hailing from the cat family, Tigers love to be surrounded by pets, especially strays who need love and care.
Zodiac tiger, showing the (虎) character for tiger

Tiger Chinese Horoscope 2021: Character Traits Tiger Chinese horoscope 2021 - This zodiac sign can be identified with the wooden element and the animal is definitely a Yang. Often categorised as outgoing as less spiritual, they have their fair share of strengths. Orange or white, the third sign in the Chinese zodiac is the majestic tiger. The tiger in the wild has an authoritative and powerful air around it, much like the people who are born in the year of the tiger. Like the tiger, people born in this Chinese year are said to possess many of this animal’s traits.

The Tiger () is the third of the 12-year cycle of animals which appear in the Chinese zodiac related to the Chinese calendar. The Year of the Tiger is associated with the Earthly Branchsymbol 寅.

Years and the Five Elements[edit]


People born within these date ranges can be said to have been born in the 'Year of the Tiger', while bearing the following elemental sign:[1][2]

Start dateEnd dateHeavenly branch
8 February 190228 January 1903Water Tiger
26 January 191410 February 1915Wood Tiger
13 February 19261 February 1927Fire Tiger
31 January 193818 February 1939Earth Tiger
17 February 19505 February 1951Metal Tiger
5 February 196224 January 1963Water Tiger
23 January 197410 February 1975Wood Tiger
9 February 198628 January 1987Fire Tiger
28 January 199815 February 1999Earth Tiger
14 February 20102 February 2011Metal Tiger
1 February 202221 January 2023Water Tiger
19 February 20347 February 2035Wood Tiger
6 February 204625 January 2047Fire Tiger
24 January 205811 February 2059Earth Tiger
11 February 207030 January 2071Metal Tiger
29 January 208216 February 2083Water Tiger
15 February 209404 February 2095Wood Tiger

Basic astrology elements[edit]

Earthly Branches:Yin (寅)
The Five Elements:Wood
Yin Yang:Yang, For White Tiger: Yin.
Lunar Month:First
Lucky Numbers:0, 1, 3, 4, 5; Avoid: 6, 7, 8
Lucky Flowers:cineraria[citation needed]
Lucky Colors:grey, white, blue, purple, orange, black; Avoid: gold, silver, brown pink

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Chinese tiger astrology
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