What does 2nd house represent in Vedic astrology? The Second House is related to our personal finances, material possessions, and the concept of value. Natal planets in the Second House tend to seek security through their material world. Planets transiting the Second House.

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As some of you know, I have been studying and practicing astrology for many years. What began as an independent study to see if there was light at the end of the tunnel (in my mid-twenties) became a fascinating exploration into the mathematical science of astrology. I memorized as much as I could but found that I need a structured course of study, that being Vedic astrology, which I undertook in 1997.

  1. The second house in Vedic astrology is often referred to as the house of possessions. This is because it reflects all that we own, material goods, accumulated wealth, possessions, and relations. But the possessions shown by the second house in the horoscope are not just tangible.
  2. The Seventh House: The House of Partnerships. The Seventh House is commonly referred to as the House of Partnership. With this house, we see a shift away from the self toward another — a partner. By cooperating with and relating to another we unite for the purpose of achieving something.
  3. The first house represents the beginning, the birth, and the 12th house in Vedic Astrology, being the last house completes the lifecycle and represents the endings. It stands for seclusion, solitude, and emancipation. This is the house of detachments.
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You might say I wanted to know what made things tick, not only for myself but for my family members and friends as well. If you can identify the challenge you can embrace it and begin to understand how it will make you more adept at dealing with what comes at you. The other side of that is you can also identify the ease and flow and consider taking a new direction and find greater purpose in your day to day experience of life.

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On a personal level, this is the house that represents the value we give to ourselves and everything we do. In it, we are able to materialize our energy into something we can touch, use, or hold in our hands, as if it was a natural consequence of the energy we carry in our body represented through our first house. The second house of our chart is the field of habit, the food we eat, with the purpose to feed our hunger created by the animal we carry in the first house. It is a source of income that strengthens our body, leading to thoughts with quality. It correlates with the sign of Taurus, speaks of one’s wealth, and is also called the house of value. Its Latin motto is lucrum, meaning “wealth.”

Areas of Life

Matters of the second house are matters of personal belongings, possessions we want to have in this lifetime, and the food we love to eat. It represents the point that defines the first, materialistic goal of our existence. Seen through philosophical connections, it represents the influence our choice of eating habits has on our financial situation. Cleansing our body through fasting or a healthy diet will set us free from negative substances that accumulate in it. Consequentially, this will cleanse our mind, leading to clearer financial choices instead of stealing the energy from our first house. This is our personal recipe for empowering our strong financial background.

The second house is a reminder of the energy we focused in the right direction. Every accomplishment we are not satisfied with because it didn’t provide us with what we needed in the material reality, simply means our energy is not well-focused or used on matters in sync with our body and our material existence. As soon as we start making money, we can be sure we are in some kind of correlation with our true selves. However, if we are still not satisfied, we probably haven’t followed our true calling that will someday make us whole. Whatever our situation, the second house speaks of our level of personal fulfillment through material matters, the way we accept them, and the way they satisfy our inner hunger.

The Second House in Aries

If the second house begins in the sign of Aries, we can see that this person follows their instincts to create something in the material world. This will be a strong hunger and often speaks of instinctive overeating, or undereating, strongly related to one’s fears. This is the position that speaks of quick gain, strongly pointed energy into matters of self-worth and the value of all things in life. This will also speak of one’s tendency to eat too fast, choose food rich in red meat, often too spicy for their stomach to handle. Aries on the second house cusp can speak of a person’s inability to enjoy things that are slow, homey, cozy, or tender. This can be a rough position that forms a rough personality, unless feminine planets and the Moon are strongly positioned in their horoscope.

The Second House in Taurus

The second house cusp in Taurus is the most natural position for this house. People born with it have the ability to recognize value of all things, relationships, other people, and experiences in life. In some cases, this speaks of an accented challenge in which a person is supposed to learn about their own value through series of demeaning experiences. However, this is rarely the case, and has to be confirmed through a challenging position of Venus in one’s natal chart. This is someone who has a talent to earn money, for as long as their sense of the material world isn’t tainted with other people’s convictions and opinions. If they give in to guilt of any kind, the quality of their relationships will suddenly drop and they could have a hard time recovering from taking too much responsibility. These individuals were born to enjoy our material reality and should always remind themselves to do just that.

The Second House in Gemini

If the second house is set in the sign of Gemini, we can instantly presume that a person will make money in quick, freelance activities, rather than have a serious job that will bring a lot of deep, stable satisfaction. This is someone who can profit from writing, journalism, constant movement, oratory talents, or good trading skills. If there is a challenge to be faced through planets set in this house or Mercury, we can see that superficial approaches to value of things lead to disharmony and make a person nervous and edgy, while unable to create anything stable or big enough to meet their needs. This can also represent a “trickster position” and speak of someone who makes money from shady activities, especially if Mercury is retrograde, or set in the sign of Pisces.

The Second House in Cancer

If the second house begins in the sign of Cancer, this is a strong sign that a person will have a chance to earn from a family business or a private company of their own. This is someone capable to work from home, or someone who goes with the flow and relies on destiny to bring them their wealth. In general, this might not be such a strong position if the Moon isn’t very strong, but gives the ability to find incredible joy in food, cooking, and family gatherings. This is a position that accents one’s inner search for gratitude and love, and it will often speak of genetic predispositions as a potential for personal gain. It can also be a position that speaks of inheritance they have been spending since the day they were born, as opposed to inheritance matters of the eighth house in which someone has to die or give up on something in order for gain to come.

Vedic Astrology Signs And Houses

The Second House in Leo

If a person’s second house cusp is set in the sign of Leo, we can see the ability to pose for money and this is often seen in models, actors, and people who have to be theatrical in order to get something for themselves. Depending on the dignity of its ruler, this is the second house position that speaks of strong confidence when it comes to material issues, but it can also make a person vulnerable to other people’s opinions when it comes to their own value. With a close correlation to one’s ego, this is a tricky place for the second house, for the outcome of every situation links not only to self-worth, but also to self-respect. This can be challenging if a person isn’t brave or strong enough to face all obstacles that could manifest through other people and the society.

The Second House in Virgo

If the second house begins in the sign of Virgo, it is safe to presume that this is someone who has a thing or two to learn about satisfaction. This is a sign that brings Venus to its fall, and since Venus is a natural ruler for maters of the second house, we can see that the challenge here is to actually value one’s actions and successes, instead of searching for faults in everything they do. In case when strong Mercury colors this position, we can see someone rational and capable to fix anything that comes their way. However, it is still rare to find a person with this setting who is actually satisfied with what they own. Money comes from hard work, dedication, and attention to detail, and this is carried by someone who will rarely gain anything quickly or earn something they didn’t well deserve.

The Second House in Libra

When the second house is set in the sign of Libra, this gives an individual a sense of self-worth through relationships with other people. In a way, this can be problematic and lead to envy and all sorts of assessments that the Soul is not ready for, while at the same time providing one with a lot of material blessings through partnerships or a chosen spouse. In a poorly set position, this can make a person see their partner thought their possessions, vain and turned to belongings of other people. Luckily, this is not very often, but it is still challenging to value oneself with all the influences they get from the outer world. This is a predisposition to make money working with other people, in a team or through relationships, partnerships, law, or the chase for justice.

The Second House in Scorpio

If the second house has a cusp in the sign of Scorpio, this speaks of finances left to us by our ancestors. Depending on our genetic predispositions, this can be a blessing or a curse, since it greatly depends on those that were here before we came to this world. It might seem like we have little influence on our own wellbeing when this setting takes over. In order to find joy in the material world, this is a position that challenges a person to find it in change and accept that the energy has to flow and circle at all times. In the practical sense, this means that one has to give in order to receive and there will never come a reward without it being earned through all sorts of deeds, life choices and ancestry. This is also a position that can speak of a debt that has to be repaid, and isn’t always easy to comprehend or enjoy.

The Second House in Sagittarius

If the second house found its cusp in the sign of Sagittarius, it is hard to hold on to money or stick to beaten trails to earn it. Even though this is obviously someone who can profit from teaching, philosophy, or travel, the quantity earned won’t be easily contained and will be spent quickly. Although there is always a lot of luck where beneficent Sagittarius is, there are many unrealistic approaches and a tendency to overdo whatever the symbolism of the house involved. This is exactly why these people tend to eat too much, spend too much, as well as earn too much, or be in any way unrealistic about their own worth and the value of the things they do and their accomplishments. Pvr narasimha rao astrology software. For as long as there is enough depth and common sense in their approach, here lies the seed for true satisfaction and earthly happiness.

The Second House in Capricorn

If one’s horoscope carries the second house cusp in the sign of Capricorn, this is often seen as a cross of destiny that cannot be changed. The greatest problem here lies in the guilt carried deep in one’s soul that leads to unfortunate circumstances and mistakes made in the field of finances or their eating habits. This is not a position that will forgive much, especially if one is not ready to take on all of the responsibility for their life and their financial or material belongings. A lesson that needs to be learned in Capricorn is always learnt best through rest, and one cannot see just how much they are worth unless they are well-rested. For as long as they are in a constant spasm, stuck in their inability to feel responsible for their own wellbeing, they won’t be able to see the healthy routine they need in order to become satisfied with what they have.

The second house vedic astrology birth chart

The Second House in Aquarius

In cases where the second house begins in the sign of Aquarius, matters of value will constantly change. The only constant value the person will recognize will be seen in their friendships and common goals of the society, while it will be pretty hard to remain stable in one financial approach. This is a person that has a need to take great financial risks, just like they will take risks with their health and all the things their body can handle consuming fast and junk food way too often for their liver and heart to take in. In most cases, the first house of someone born with this second house position is set in Capricorn, adding a new dimension to the use of their energy when creating anything in the material world. Stable and with a strong plan, they seem to find liberation through money and this will often make them strangely irresponsible and full of surprises in all financial matters.

The Second House in Pisces

When the second house is positioned in the sign of Pisces, many belongings will get lost from time to time. This is seen in someone who doesn’t know where their keys are, just like they aren’t sure where or when they will be able to earn something on their own. The complicated thing here lies in the fact that delusions with Pisces tend to take over, and one can feel truly and deeply satisfied without having much, just like they could overestimate their abilities in certain fields, lost in their true mission and focus towards material goals. The main goal of a person in this case is to follow their true calling and a mission they are supposed to fulfill in this lifetime, for this is the only thing that can bring enough real satisfaction to their life.

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