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According to Astrologer Shivani Sharma ji Your baby’s birth chart can predict about your baby’s health, wealth, intelligence and habits. It is very useful in learning what your child needs and how to best react to these needs. There is only one way to help a child navigate childhood with a natal Birth Chart. The birth chart can help you to understand your baby and baby’s need when the baby is not able to say anything the mothers has started crying mothers things that may be the baby is hungry, wet, want to sleep and by some other guesses. She tries to make baby comfortable. Yes in this manner your baby’s birth chart can help you to understand there needs. Some parents force there children to choose there career as parents wants but parents must have to understand the birth chart for example—like a parents wants that he/she has to choose a profession of a doctor but he/she wants to become an engineer. So such in this case thing become very difficult. Here a parent has to understand there Childs birth chart which profession soats to there child for this you can consult with a good professional astrologer which can guide you.

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Below is some Sunsign according to which you can understand more likely.

Babies Zodiac Signs

Aries Babies –

Sign of the Ram as you understand that how will be your. Yes your baby will be crave, attention; sharing does not come naturally to Aries baby. These babies may begin to do things more quickly such as walk and talk. The Aries babies are essentioally a pioneer weather in the intellectual, civics or meliptory world.

Taurus Babies-

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Taurus babies tend to learn things as there own pace so don’t push them let the learn by there own. They are very careful of there possessions and have such desire for honors of all kinds. In love they usually jealous but innocent.

Gemini Babies-

They required a lot to keep them happy. They are also a early talker. The babies always hold a good position and follow two occupations at the same time. It is professional circles.

Cancer Babies-

Cancer babies a tend to be very emotional. They are not a cry baby. They are thoughtful and according to the circumstance they will manage there self.

Leo Babies-

Leo baby wants to be the center of attraction every time the Leo baby makes friends very quickly and easily. Who born under this sign rise to positions and owner through there own merits. They are the achievers. They are the leader of there play group.

Virgo Babies-

There often start at a very early age. They are very prissiest. This sign conduces to a love of liberal arts, history, drama and divinity. Virgo babies like a clean and simple rooms. Virgo is great little helpers.

Libra Babies-

These babies love to be around other children and socialize. So get them involve in other kids as soon as you can. The children of the native are his best supporters in old age. The friends and supporters of the native are frequently persons of high birth.

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Scorpio Babies-

These babies try to keep attention from everyone straightaway. I must say that they want to be the central of attraction. The nature is excessive and goes to extreme both in work and pleasure, thus bringing both sickness and travel. They love to travel, meeting, new people, seeing new places.

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Capricorn Babies-

Capricorn babies are very discipline and very organized in early age. They are very frank, open, honest and generous and more regard to action than to there result, being ever embassies of doing and achieving through not so much in respect to the fruit of action as in obedient to the imperative demands of a sympathetic nature.

Aquarius Babies-

Those born under Aquarius have some degree of literary and artatics faculty, and are usually advocates of the liberal art and of scientific research. They are good orators and writers. They become good in music and drama. There nature is frank, open, perfectly, ingenious and very humane. You may be socked or surprised if your Aquaries baby does not required much attention or affection.

Pisces Babies- Hindu astrology 2021.

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This babies a capable to lift himself by his own merits to a position of considerable, celebrity and hummer. They are romantic, imaginative and dreamers.

Sagittarius Babies-

There mind is clear and quick at apriending things very readily assimilating new ideas and new models of life. They love to travel and become very friendly to other people and children very easily.

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Astrologer Shivani Sharma ji is an author about this article and write about natalastrology and etc.

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