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As per March 2021 Taurus Horoscope, the month will be full of social activities and Taurus personality will face all activities in life with assurance. You have encouragement from the good aspects of the Sun till the 20th. You will be a magnetic personality with the beneficial support from Venus in your social circle. Taurus February 2021 horoscope states that this is a favorable to get hold of new opportunities. Taurus natives will feel energetic and confident in the last parts of February 2021. You are advised to be mature and realistic in the marriage matters to ensure happiness in your married life. Taurus, your March 2021 horoscope says the month will.



Taurus March Horoscope 2021 Scorpio

Mar 28, 2021 Read what your sign's 2021 horoscope predictions have in store for you or check out the Taurus personality profile. Welcome to April, Taurus!At the end of March, you may have engaged with some. Taurus March 2021 Abundant Jupiter is riding the top of your chart so if you’re not vastly successful, you have certainly got your plate full, and for some of you, both. Mercury also went direct recently in your tenth house, so your plate will be much smoother this month.

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Taurus March Horoscope 2012

Taurus, March will focus on your friends and dreams for the future. Your focus will shift to secrets and hidden things in the middle of the month when some planets shift into the 12th House.
On March 1st, the Sun is still in Pisces in your solar 11th House. You will likely be thinking of your identity in relation to your friends and dreams or wishes. Pisces lends a creative, introspective, and sensitive bent to these thoughts which meld well with your Taurus nature. This is a good time to think long and hard about your dreams and wishes for the future. Start making plans. Pisces might not help you act on these, but you can at least get clear on what you want.
Mercury is in Aquarius in your solar 10th House at the beginning of the month. Use this clever, original combination to come up with ideas relating to your career and how you are viewed by the public.
Venus starts the month off in Pisces in your solar 11th House. Channel your emotions in a sensitive and tender way to find what it is you are truly passionate about, especially when it comes to your friends and dreams for the future. Take this as an invitation to be creative and imaginative.
Mars will be in Taurus in your 1st House for just a few more days. Take this time to put your plans into action and start on your way down the dedicated Taurus path to the finish. You might find you have an easier time than normal persevering and might be able to gain money or material possessions easier.
On March 3rd, Venus, your ruling planet, will sextile Uranus. This good aspect will bring a nice amount of artistry, romance, and eccentricity in love to your relationships. You might feel extra involved and caring during this time.
On March 4th, Mars will enter sociable Gemini in your solar 2nd House. This is an excellent combination for communicating with energy to gain money and resources. Your intelligence might feel heightened and you will likely be more charismatic when it comes to matters of the 2nd House like beauty and material possessions. Take this time to be persuasive. But be aware that Gemini can be prone to hesitation.
The New Moon in Pisces in your solar 11th House hits on March 13th and calls for new beginnings. Perhaps there is a new friendship you have been wanting to start. Or, you have been considering pursuing a dream or wish that’s been on your mind for a long time. The New Moon is the perfect time to start things up. In addition, Pisces will help you approach these things with tact and a gentle touch.

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