• The 2021 Taurus horoscope says that Taurus will show diplomacy and that will hone their negotiation abilities and will be more tolerant with others. Uranus has ended its journey through Aries on May 15, 2018, but until then it had a tense relationship with Pluto in Capricorn.
  • Taurus Career Horoscope. By the AstroTwins. Making a list and checking it twice? With the Sun in extravagant Sagittarius and your eighth house of shared.
  • Your Taurus Horoscope Can Tell You If A New Career Is Right Around The Corner. Find Out Today What Astrology Says Is The Right Career For You!

You want to build a long-lasting career, one that satisfies over time. Unlike most people, you may have only one job—your first. You build on and advance in that job—over your entire life. With insights from your Taurus monthly career horoscope, you gain a better grasp on the ups and downs in your professional life.

Confused about your career options in 2020? Wonder whether you’re in the right job? See if this astrology career guide helps you decide.

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Aggressive and impulsive, Aries-borns tend to go overboard about things.

So it’s best that they take up a profession that involves fighting for a cause, preferably a lost one!

Being natural leaders, trade unions are also ideal places for them. Considering their adventurous spirit, they do well as entrepreneurs.

They are also perfectly capable of taking up mountain climbing as they enjoy physical challenges too.

Vedic astrology reading online free. Mechanically inclined, Arians also succeed in the automotive industry. Their sensitive natures are also perfect for the medical profession.


Taureans are slow and painstakingly cautious about things, and though these qualities can be intensely irritating, they are more than useful in certain areas.

For instance, a financier, banker or a civil servant can’t afford to throw caution to the winds.

These positions fit Taureans like a glove, and they do very well in them. Singing and dancing are also natural choices for the extremely artistic Taurean.

Though performing in front of a huge audience is not their cup of tea, any profession that is remotely connected with art attracts them.

Taureans make good architects, art dealers, jewellers, writers and models. An earth sign, they also do well in careers connected to agriculture.


Witty and articulate, Geminis are at their best when they are holding forth. They’ll do anything to stay in the limelight.

Their natural gift of the gab gives them a ready wit and they take to television and radio like a duck takes to water.

They can be excellent producers and anchors. They’re great as marketing professionals and travel agents, too.

They are naturally inclined towards languages and can be great linguists, teachers and lecturers.

Since they do very well in any profession that gets them attention, you may find them in journalism and advertising as well.


Sensitive and shy, Cancerians are endowed with a powerful imagination and a career in the arts is recommended for them – writing, painting and advertising are some of their best choices.

In spite of their introverted personalities, they do well in professions such as marketing, trade and commerce, particularly in import and exports.

The crabs are slow starters and will settle down into a career only in their late 30s, so they have plenty of time to settle on a career they find acceptable to their sensibilities.


Natural born leaders, Leos are best in high-profile occupations where they have to deal with people they consider their equals.

The diplomatic service is where they are most likely to find success. Gracious and courteous, this majestic sign of the zodiac can confer favours with great style, but is not good at accepting them.

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As long as they are in positions of power, Leos will be exemplary leaders, inspiring and motivating their followers to do their best.

Taurus Jobs Astrology

Chairmen of companies, directors and finance managers are the posts Leos must aim for.


Meticulous about their work, Virgos are in demand wherever great precision of mind and skill is required.

They are industrious and often total workaholics.

They may not have the ambition of the fire signs, but they nevertheless do well in areas like sales. It is, however, in the field of science that Virgos find their element.

They excel in professions like engineering and medicine. Agriculture and horticulture could be an option for those who are fond of the outdoors.


Librans are charming, well balanced and easy-going. Compatible with all the sun signs, these people have no problem communicating with anyone and everyone.

Law, marketing, dealing in merchandise or even mechanics are professions they excel in.

The sea holds an attraction for them, and in 2020, a career in navigation could well be what they are looking for.

Better still, knowing the Libran love of the good things of life, anything associated with wines, spirits and liquors could also be a good bet.


Passionate and proud, Scorpios are totally committed to whatever profession they take up.

They go for professions that require single-mindedness, dedication and complete involvement.

Scorpios are particularly fit for the medical profession by virtue of these characteristics.

As surgeons, they are incomparable, though anything connected with medicine will do as well.

Their intensity is most valuable in professions like the military and navy, since they are fiercely loyal.

Scorpions also possess an incisive mind and should pursue investigative journalism.


Loveable, clumsy and talented, Sagittarians have a natural flair for dramatics.

They love performing for people so theatre and films are natural choices. Sagittarians could also explore careers in religion and politics.

The archers of the zodiac love the outdoors and physical activity, and often become athletes or take up some activity that involves sports.

Sagittarians are a friendly lot and love jobs that let them interact with people.

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Thrifty, hard-working and consistent, Capricornians may not be very popular workmates, but they are worth their weight in gold to employers who prize the above mentioned qualities.

Every profession has a place for the cautious Capri, and they do well in almost all occupations.

Particularly recommended are jobs connected with agriculture, forestry, education and biology.

They are great as accountants and will take as good care of your money as they do of their own.


This zodiac sign is the most difficult to slot as well as understand. Possessed of an intellect far superior to the average person, Aquarians tend to do their own sweet thing.

They hate taking the beaten path and prefer jobs that most people would think twice about taking up.

Unusual careers will always draw them and that’s why you’ll find many Aquarians in marine engineering, aviation, deep-sea diving and scientific research, especially that involving rare and obscure diseases.

Painting and writing are two other vocations that Aquarians also excel in.


Mysticism is the refuge of the dreamy Pisces. Sensitive and imaginative, art and music are perfect for gentle Pisceans, as they find fulfilling creative expression through them.

However, it’s the occult that fascinates them the most, and Pisceans often find themselves involved in astrology and paranormal sciences. Acting, sculpture and painting are also vocations that they excel in.

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What Is A Good Job For A Taurus

Considering they’re water signs, you may also find them involved in careers connected to the sea or some seafaring activity.

They are not 9-to- 5-ers, so it’s imperative that they work in jobs that allow them the opportunity to dream and think.

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