Taurus horoscope for august 2021 calendar

Taurus Horoscope Prediction For August 2021. Love life of married persons can be made delightful with a few compromises. Family relationships are cordial. Health will not face any problems. Career prospects are encouraging for advancement. Businessmen will have to sweat it out. Travel activities are gainful. Uranus Retrograde in Taurus January 1st, 2021 – January 14 and August 20 – January 22, 2022 Between January 1st, 2021, and January 14, 2021, Uranus is retrograde in Taurus, and it will remain in this zodiac sign until 2026. Also, Uranus will go in retrograde between August 20 and January 22, 2022.

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'>Before disruptions disturb your habits, you have a little time. If, within your relationship, adjustments are necessary it is to fortify the bond. Solidarity, determination and will, are part of a busy schedule. Some small slip ups due to lack of involvement are to be expected. If your modesty is lacking, try to rectify your aim. It is finally the moment for confessions, you decide to communicate on the little details that are spoiling your life. You are listened to, supported, everything is relatively clear around you. You are well aware that the objectives that you set for yourself will inevitably have repercussions. Nevertheless, your optimism gives you the energy to finalize either a project or to find new ideas. When it comes to your loves you are doing well, however, you still have some effort to make, but nothing is lost.

Love in General:

It is only from the third week that the sky darkens. A few clouds emerge shading your loves, nothing very bad just small questioning and adjustments. No need to make a big deal.

In a relationship:

The first days of the month hold the first beautiful prospects for couples. Commitment, projects and your state of mind says a lot about your motivations. You see much further than the tip of your nose. Your partner follows the pace and you forget their little fits of jealousy.


Interesting meetings bring you joy. You optimize your relationship by going to others, you seek contact. This month your chances of finding your soulmate are multiplied tenfold. Passion is at the rendezvous, you do not deprive yourself of anything.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

Taurus Horoscope For August 2009

This summer period is promising for beautiful encounters. Leave your mistrust aside. Advancing to meet others is rewarding. Give because you will receive in return. No difficulty comes to spoil your beautiful moments.
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