Taurus April 2021 Monthly Money Horoscope Early April is quiet for you, Taurus. This is as it should be because the twelfth house of planetary emphasis lends itself to reflection and rest. Taurus Horoscope 2021: What the Stars Predict for You This Year Get ready for 2021, Taurus. It's going to be all about leveling up in your career and understanding your self-worth.

Taurus summary for today:

Burden may build up on Wednesday, and multitasking may be a welcome edge for you.
Your financial situation may be the one to reproach, nothing that will be too tough to overcome with a right attitude.

Taurus love horoscope

You may be cautioned to hold back on your emotions, it may not be such a good idea to act on advice, and rather try and solve these issues yourself.
Dialogue could be a good starting point, the evening hours will bring more clarity to your love life.

Taurus financial horoscope

Vedic astrology and solar eclipse august 2021 in usa. Some troubles might appear regarding your financial situation, pressuring you on this day to make some though preferences.
A closer grip on your spending will not hurt, nothing long lasting and recovery should start soon.

Taurus happiness and karma

An overall sense that the universe is on your side, building up confidence and self-esteem along the way.
These few numbers may mark a certain importance for Taurus: 34, 42, 10, and some visual keys: black, and blueviolet.

taurus horoscope 2021

Taurus 2021: Yearly Horoscope

Who said the Bull was passive and averse to change? Not this year asTaureans are imbued with the spirit of enterprise and are having an explosionof ideas. They are taking the bull by the horns and throwing themselves intonew fields, starting new ventures and incorporating new ideas into their livesto make work more fun and more rewarding. Taurus are often held back bywhat others think and can fall into this rather stultifying mode of peoplepleasing; however, this year they are not caring what anyone says or thinksand are going ahead and expressing themselves boldly. There is less careabout loss right now and more concern about what could be gained if youstep away from the comfort zone. They say that at the end of your life youwill regret the things you did not do, rather than the mistake you made whenyou did try something new, and that is the spirit gripping the Bull this year.
Your thought processes are far less conservative, far less restrained byconvention and by what others may say and far less cautious. You are moreinclined to speak up and to say what you think – to hell with it.
This year, Taurus will take an attitude of trying many new things with theknowledge that some will and some won’t work – when it does work: great,when it doesn’t work: also great, at least you tried. A sense of excitement isreturning to your life and a certain whiff of freedom – that feeling of beingyoung again before responsibilities and adult life dampened that ability todream and dream big.
This year is much about you and what you think – it is also about howchanging attitudes can transform your life quite magically.
This feeling of freedom regarding how you act and also how youcommunicate with others will get stronger as the year goes on and into 2022.
Taurus are liberated from a need for approval, and you will find you spendfar less time on things that used to satisfy you. Suddenly you realise howstale your life was and how many of the things you were doing were aimed atwinning favour, feeding your inner child or pleasing people – you will quiteunconsciously shift to activities which are actually more fulfilling and moreexciting and more about YOU. You will experience more independencepsychologically and can free yourself from any emotional crutches you mayhave used in the past.
There are new friends and new activities, and while your old contacts and friendships remain important, there is more breadth to your social andemotional life now.
You can make constructive use of new conditions in your life – these mayhave to do with taking advantage of new laws, political changes, tax breaks,opportunities to work or study overseas. You may also have a chance tofurther your qualifications or gain internationally recognised skills. There areopportunities for those of you who work in the sciences or emergingindustries to get funding or research grants. This is a very exciting year forTaurus who innovate in terms of green energy or agricultural/organic foodproduction. This is a highly fortunate year for Bulls who wish to raiseawareness about new trends in health, alternative healing, and naturaltherapies.
This is an optimistic year where you are less cynical and more willing to lookkindly on your fellow man without criticising. There will be many newfriends and a chance to entertain in your home.
Your optimism and openness can lead to sudden lucky breaks, which aretotally unexpected.
Taurus have an openness and excitement about change and are looking forways to seize the initiative and capitalise on new developments in theirindustry, community, or country. You have a more pioneering attitude, andrather than trying to resist change and hang on to what is secure, you arehappy to let go and go with the flow, waiting to observe and pounce on yourchance. You will use change to your advantage, and the key this year is foryou to be flexible and to adjust fast to changes. Taureans are masters of thegame this year – they are looking to spread themselves more thinly regardingkeeping options open and thus being able to switch from activity to activityaccording to which is going better. It is a year when you need to be versatilein terms of money making – you may have various income streams or youmay, as in keeping with the nature of the job market, train for an additionalskill/discipline to either complement or keep in reserve should you need toswap career.Is 2021 a good year for taurus
This year is an ideal one to bring in a second income via a hobby orsecondary interest. Starting a new business and growing it on weekends andat night while you keep the security of your main job is something perfect forthis year. So, if you have had a little business idea on the back burner, this may be the year to start dipping your toe in and doing your research andstarting to do it in a small way to test the market. You may well grow fasterthan you think. You have a knack of sensing new trends and being able tooffer something to the market timeously.
Taurus are highly sensitive to the environment this year, and you need towatch out for allergies from food or the polluted environment weunfortunately live in, affecting you. You may need to adapt your diet or havesome allergy testing – an air purifying or ionising device may prove useful.Single Taurus can be very lucky in love as potential partners may fall underyour spell and be captivated by your charms and allure. The problem is thatsometimes their attentions can be unhealthy in that they may become toodependent on you and maybe they want it to be more than you do. So whilesingle Taurus will have many admirers, you may not necessarily want to takeit too far with any of them right now – you need freedom, and a full blownrelationship may represent too much commitment, and you may feel it willhold you back.
You are skilled at creating illusion and tapping into emotion, and so this is awonderful year for performers, comics, musicians or those who work inphotography and cinematography – any career where you convey ideas viaimages, music, or body language.
Non-verbal communication is very important in 2021, and Taurus must bemore aware at what signals their body language and or actions convey. Youmay find that people are reacting more strongly to what they perceive you aresaying rather than what you are actually saying, and they will drawconclusions based on not words but everything else, i.e., how and when youcommunicate, frequency of communication, eye contact, bodily signals,reading between lines, etc. Often, you will rightly be able to accuse others ofreading too much into things you do and say. However, you are ratherconfusing to other people this year, and they will use all sorts of methods totry and work you out.
There is a positive sort of idealism about this year – it is not as if you are toodependent on your rose coloured glasses, it is just that you are enjoying beingless cynical and more tolerant and accepting of people.
Others are not sure what to make of you this year as your outer personalityhas changed slightly, and your approach is more fluid than your old dogmatic way of coming across. You have a dreamy and gentle charm, which makes itvery easy for you to make new friends and develop meaningful connectionswith others quickly. However, with the opposite sex, things can get veryclose very fast and that can mean the other person often over-estimates yourfeelings for him/her – make sure you make it clear where others stand as youmay be accused of leading people on. A diverse range of people will comeinto your life and relate to you.
You have a fair degree of personal power this year and can be very effectiveat persuading and creating a lasting impression on people. This bodes well forwork interviews (so go for promotion) and also all careers in which you useyour personality and have to sell yourself on a daily basis. It goes withoutsaying that this is wonderful for performance-based careers, and also careerslike lawyer where you need to convince a jury or business where you have toshow passion in selling an idea or politics. You come across as purposefuland as having strength – people will put their confidence in you.
taurus in 2021

Taurus finance horoscope 2020The great thing about 2021 is you feel as if the power to shape your life hasreturned to you; even small things you do can make a big difference, andyour confidence can grow. Small changes will lead to bigger and boldersteps, and you can surprise yourself by going well beyond your comfortzones. In work, you can achieve positions with more authority and moreautonomy, and you may actually be able to implement some of your ideas.
You are able to get the reins into your hands with little opposition, and youcan present your case in a compelling way. While you come across as veryopen – there is more to you than meets the eye this year, you are not quite astransparent as you seem, and you are playing a smart game. This is a yearwhen you are strategic and crafty in the way you go about things – there iswillfulness and also a distinctly deft touch to your actions.
You can give your all and yet still keep something back in reserve. Otherscan sense your strength and will come to you for advice, guidance or just topour their heart out. You can be a voice for those without a voice – you mayspeak up for them. In a negative sense, you invite people to put you on apedestal or perhaps you put yourself there in your mind – this complicatesyour relationships. You draw others to you and yet do not want to be knownintimately, although you still wish to make emotional demands – youremotional connections are complex and dynamic and not always constructivefor you or the other. You tend to want to know everything about others and to analyse them psychologically, yet you hold back and create mixed signalsabout yourself.
This year you can be clever with the way you spend and arrange your money– there are plenty of bargains and discounts to be had when investing ormaking big purchases. You may enjoy attending trade fairs, auctions ortravelling to countries abroad to get better deals. You can also make moneyon the currency exchanges and commodities markets.
You are skilled at debate this year and will do well in situations where youhave to think fast – your short-term memory is very active and sharp as isyour ability to pick up new skills. You are better than usual at picking uplanguages. This is an excellent year for those of you learning a new physicalskill from sports (i.e., golf, tennis, fencing, dance) to mechanical skills, i.e.,engineering.
Taurus like to see things in black and white, and their opinions are oftenhighly entrenched – this year, your opinions will be subject to change and yetyour new ideas and opinions can fast become just as vehement and set. Youare not always objective about information – you will tend to have a strongemotional attachment to ideas and will make decisions based on emotionrather than rationality. When you have made your mind up, nothing willchange it, and you will dig your heels in, falling out with anyone who tries toconvince you otherwise.Taurus Finance Horoscope 2021
Relationships with siblings can be difficult, and jealous feelings can impedecommunication and the ability to get on. There can be periods of separationfrom extended family. Sometimes an unspoken obligation to a sibling cancause resentment. It is important to deal with all your emotionsconstructively as at times you can allow negative emotions to spiral out ofcontrol leading to an angry outburst or spiked sarcastic remarks that damagerelationships.Is 2020 good for taurus
You see beyond the obvious, and yet you will often have to keep yourinsights to yourself as others may not be ready for what you have to say – donot burst the bubbles of other people.
You have the capacity for detailed and intensive work, and you have a keeneye for what is crucial or make or break. This is a good year for research anddata analysis.
You are likely to take the initiative in love – so single Taurus will make the first move and get the love life moving again. A great year for dating andhaving a variety of new love experiences. For Taurus, it may be more aboutexperiencing other people than actually settling down in love. Taurus inrelationships will want to spark things up again and reintroduce an element ofsurprise – you can be rather short-tempered and impatient when a loved oneis more controlled and conservative. This is not the most sympathetic year interms of Taurus in love – they will not have much patience with partners whoare going through issues; they will encourage them to snap out of it, and ifthey do not, they will probably go off and have fun with them.
As long as you and your partner are up for fun and new activities, this can bea very exciting year – but Taurus are not long-suffering in love and do nothave time for excessive neediness.
2021 is highly amorous and energetic in love

Health Horoscope For Taurus 2021

Taurus finance horoscope 2021 forecast

Taurus Finance Horoscope 2020

, and this brings energy to thesex life and enhances the success of new relationships.
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