Astrologer's Advice: Change is the only constant in life and you may need to remind yourself of this every now and then Taurus, the 2nd Sign of the Zodiac, you are Sensual, Dependable & Faithful Learn more about your Personality Ruling Planet Influences. Taurus, the Bull, is the second Zodiac sign in the horoscope. Taurus belongs to the element earth and the fixed quality. The Taurus Zodiac sign is that of the settler, who cultivates the earth and ensures everyone’s livelihood. The peasant of old, the worker who carries society on his shoulders. Taurus horoscope today will help you to know more about Taurus zodiac sign. Taurus Born People and their Physical Appearance Here, we will understand the physical appearance of Taurus born people through Taurus daily horoscope. Likewise, Taurus born people also possess different looks and expressions for the outer side of the world. Taurus is Latin for 'bull' and may refer to: Taurus (constellation), one of the constellations of the zodiac; Taurus (mythology), one of two Greek mythological characters named Taurus; Taurus (astrology), the astrological sign; Bos taurus, a species of cattle; Taurus cattle, a breed of cattle. Horoscope Today, March 25, 2021: Aquarius, Virgo, Taurus, and other signs — check astrological prediction Horoscope Today, March 25, 2021: Aquarius, what appears to be upsetting now is the behaviour or attitudes of people who are lacking in feeling.

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Metrozone horoscope libra. Taurus is Latin for 'bull' and may refer to:

  • Taurus (constellation), one of the constellations of the zodiac
  • Taurus (mythology), one of two Greek mythological characters named Taurus
  • Taurus (astrology), the astrological sign
  • Bos taurus, a species of cattle
  • Taurus cattle, a breed of cattle


  • Taurus Mountains, a range in modern-day Turkey
  • Montes Taurus, a mountainous region on the Moon


  • Tarrus Riley, reggae singer who initially worked as a deejay under the name Taurus


  • Titus Statilius Taurus, the name of a line of four Roman senators
  • Titus Statilius Taurus Corvinus, Roman consul in 45
  • Taurus Volusianus, Roman consul in 261
  • Taurus (consul 361), Roman consul in 361
  • Taurus (consul 428), Roman consul in 428, nephew of the previous
  • Taurus Seleucus Cyrus, better known as Cyrus of Panopolis, Roman consul in 441 and writer


Taurus Astrological Symbol

  • Taurus (comics), a Marvel Comics villain

Film and TV[edit]

  • Taurus (film), a 2001 Russian film
  • Taurus (G.I. Joe), a character in the G.I. Joe universe
  • Taurus, a.k.a. Ox, a character in the Mega Man Star Force TV series
  • Taurus Bulba, a villain in the animated television series Darkwing Duck


Taurus Astrological Sign
  • Moog Taurus, a synthesizer
  • TV-2 (band) (Taurus version 2), a Danish band
  • Taurus (group), a girl band
  • 'Taurus Here', 2005 debut single by Taurus
  • 'Taurus' (instrumental), a 1968 rock instrumental by Spirit
  • Taurus I, Five Miles Out (Taurus II) and Taurus III, a trilogy of musical pieces by Mike Oldfield in the 1980s



  • Taurus space launch vehicle, the former name of the American Minotaur-C launch vehicle
  • Taurus KEPD 350, a cruise missile
  • HMS Taurus, two ships of the Royal Navy
  • USNS Taurus (T-AK-273), a vehicle landing ship
  • USS Taurus(AF-25), a cargo ship in World War II
  • USS Taurus (PHM-3), a hydrofoil formerly operated by the United States Navy
  • Bristol Taurus, a 14-cylinder two-row radial aircraft engine
  • Taurus Armoured Recovery Vehicle, a Canadian ARV based on the Leopard 1 tank
  • XSSM-N-4 Taurus, a proposed cruise-missile conversion of the North American AJ Savage bomber


  • Ford Taurus, a full-size sedan (previously mid-size from 1986 to 2007) produced by the Ford Motor Company from 1986 to 2019
  • Ford Taurus (China) a full-size sedan produced by Changan Ford since 2016
  • South Devon Railway locomotive Taurus, a 0-6-0ST steam locomotive
  • The Taurus Express (Toros Ekspresi), a Turkish passenger train
  • Pipistrel Taurus, a two-seat, self launching ultralight sailplane
  • ST Taurus, a tug in service with Panfido Rim., Italy 1949–1984
  • Taurus (locomotive), a widely known name for the EuroSprinter 64 U+ locomotive


  • Taurus (manufacturer), a Brazilian gun manufacturer
  • Taurus Impact Systems, a business software producer and the precursor to Bullfrog Productions
  • TAURUS (share trading), an unsuccessful IT project at the London Stock Exchange

Taurus Astrological Sign Traits


Taurus Horoscope Zodiac

  • Operation Taurus, a planned prosecution against Irish politician Martin McGuinness

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  • Taro (river) (Latin: Tarus)
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