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April 2021

Dear Reader,

April will be a good, cheerful, and productive month until we get to the monster full moon in Scorpio on April 26. I know I am writing this on April 1, April Fool’s Day, and I wish I were pranking you. This full moon will be no joke.

I am concerned about this full moon because Uranus, the planet of all things unexpected, will directly oppose the full moon in Scorpio on April 26. Uranus will be conjunct the Sun in Taurus, and Venus and Mercury will be in Taurus as well, making those planets unstable, too.

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Your chart is lit up like Times Square, dear Cancer, with emphasis on home and family, professional advancement, and a chance to make good money. Get all your most important activities and decisions done in the first three weeks, for they will be your best weeks in April.

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As you enter April, you just had come through a fairly happy full moon in Libra that lit your fourth house of home and family. Full moons bring decisions, actions, and news to a full point. You may have moved, finished a renovation, had special furniture delivered, or had the painters finish up, as some examples. Or your focus may have been on your parent or other family member. You may have had a family dinner to celebrate an anniversary or new baby, for example.

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The full moon at the end of last month, March 28, was special because it formed a rare golden triangle in the heavens, linking the full moon in Libra, your home sector, Mars in Gemini, your twelfth house of confidential matters or work done alone in solitude, and both bodies sent deeply harmonious vibrations to Saturn in Aquarius, your eighth house of other people’s money (including mortgages, loans, division of property in a divorce, commissions, royalties, and other such income that comes to you outside of salary). You may have received very good news about money, such as you are due a raise, tax refund, stimulus check, or other good news that added to your sense of security. Whatever happened at March’s end likely made you happy, and your family was a big focus.

Your career is going so well (or soon will), so keep following your strategy. Although Mars is the ruler of your prestigious solar TENTH house of professional advancement, Mars will remain in your TWELFTH house of plans and work crafted in solitude until April 23. During those weeks, keep listening to your intuition, for it will be exceptionally sharp in the first three weeks of April. Screen out others’ opinions, and instead, follow the small voice within you—it will lead you to where you want to be.

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